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Flash Fic, October 22, 2021

Another continuation (and there might be one or two more in the coming months)

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“Go fish.”

Chris stared at Zach like he’d never seen him before. Zach sighed and put down the cards.

“You asked if I had any sevens, I don’t, I said pound pavement, that’s the way the game works, Pine.”

Chris yawned then, so big and loud that his eyes watered and his jaw popped. “Sorry. I, uh, I lost track of the game.”

“Because it’s time for little boys to go to bed.”



Chris averted his gaze and Zach wondered what that was about. But he didn’t say anything, so Zach stood, grabbed Chris’ arm and hauled him to his feet.

“Come on. Off to bed with you.”

Zach knew where Chris’ room was, so he pulled the younger man through the house and to the bedroom. There were items there that belonged to her, but Zach decided not to focus on that.

They were always at cross purposes, weren’t they? Jonathan, Olivia, Iris, Miles, and now…yeah, her. The one he’d seemed to be with the longest. Though still not as long as Miles, if it came to that.

A fool for love was still a fool.

He gently pushed Chris down onto the mattress.

“I’ll bet you can manage to get yourself undressed.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed. Out came that tongue to trace over his lips and Zach fisted his hands. “Only…”

“Only what, Pine?”

“Can you stay here with me tonight?”

Zach laughed. “What? Why would I?”

“Uh.” Chris was blushing now.

“You’re not still thinking of that spider, yeah? Come on. It’s not going to come in here and eat you.”

“It might have had babies.”

“Maybe.” Zach smirked.

“And, uh, the slashers.”

“What about them?”

“We watched a lot of slasher films, Zach. I’m kinda freaked out.”

He sighed again. Ran his fingers through his hair. It felt greasy and he should have a shower, but he felt far too lazy and apatetic to bother.

“You’re a grown man, Chris.”

“I know, but—”

“This isn’t a good idea,” he said in a low voice. But those blue eyes rose to his and they almost looked watery like Chris would cry if he refused. And he just wasn’t. Even if it was the mother of all bad ideas.


“Okay,” he replied. “Fine. Let me go get my stuff and we’ll go to bed together. To sleep, Christopher. Nothing else.”

“All right.”

Zach left the room and went to get his small bag. He took maybe extra long and it paid off because when he returned, Chris had taken off his clothes and put on low slung pajama pants and a thread-barren T-shirt.

He didn’t say anything when Zach returned, just stood there looking at the empty bed, so Zach went into the bathroom, got into his shorts and tank, and brushed his teeth.

“Do you have to go?”

Zach was surprised by the question when he came out of the bathroom.


“You know, back to New York.”

“Yeah, I do. It’s home.”

“LA’s home too, isn’t it?”

“Sometimes yeah and sometimes no. Right now, home is more New York for me. California’s…complicated.” Zach shrugged. “Anyway, you’re living the good life here. What are you worried about?”

Chris shook his head. “I’m not worried. I just miss you. A lot.”

Zach decided not to address that. “Get in bed, Christopher.”

And he did, too. Zach turned off the overheard light and then walked over to the side of the bed he supposed she normally occupied. For some perverse reason he wanted to smear his scent and greasyish hair all over her pillow.

Zach was here, Bitch

She wasn’t really one, except because of the obvious reasons.

He got in bed and turned off the lamp next to the bed.

“Next time your friends suggest slasher movies, maybe say no?”

A few heartbeats of silence.


Zach said nothing for a while and then he heard heavier breathing and knew Chris had fallen asleep. He was glad. Because they couldn’t go there. Not again. Not now as it was between them if they were to remain friends. And that was what Zach wanted. Not to lose Chris. Even if all it ever was, was this.

He almost got back out of the bed and went to the guest room, but no. He said he’d stay and he was a man of his word.

Took him a long time to fall asleep though. But there were no spiders or slashers. He’d slayed them.   

Flash Fic, September 08, 2021

This is a continuation of the August 18th flash where Jim had marks on his neck.

“Who are you smiling at?” Bones demanded.

Jim let the smile slip from his face and turned his gaze back to Bones. “No one.”

“Oh sure. I’ve seen that smile. It’s your secret we’re going to sleep together later face.”

He laughed. “You’re crazy.”

“This is the same person who gave you the marks all over your neck.” Bones narrowed his eyes and looked around the cafeteria. “I don’t see him.”


“See who, doctor?”

Jim Jumped as Spock appeared at their table. “Uh. Hi Professor.”

“Cadet,” Spock murmured.

“Idiots,” Bones said much louder.

Jim rolled his eyes. “Would you like to join us?”

Spock nodded and sat directly beside Jim.

Bones grimaced. “How’s that logical philosophy going, Spock?”

“Logical philosophy?”

“Uh-huh. That class Jim’s taking with you.”

Spock eyed Jim, who merely smiled. “He is a perfect student.”

“Oh, I’ll just bet,” Bones said with a snort. “He’s definitely getting good marks…ouch! Damn it, Jim. Now my shin is killing me.”

“Hypo yourself.”

“Why don’t you go—” Bones stopped himself and sighed. “Oh forget it. I’ve lost my appetite. Enjoy your…uh…lunch.”

Jim watched his friend skedaddle. He shook his head.

“I owe you an apology, Jim.”

Jim smiled quizzically at Spock. “Yeah?”

“About the doctor. You are correct. He is quite…odd.”

He laughed again. “Yeah, you got that right. And I don’t have a class the rest of the afternoon. What about you?”

“I too am finished for the day.”

Jim’s smile widened. “Then why are we still here instead of on the way to your apartment?”

“That is an excellent question. Let us rectify that.”

Jim winked and they rose from their seats, heading out of the cafeteria and off to their logical philosophy course for that extra credit Jim definitely needed.

Christmas in July, Post 11

This is the companion piece to Post 10

“I wasn’t aware you were that fond of the Terran holiday season, Captain.”

The words startle Jim out of reverie, both because of the actual content and because Spock is calling him captain again.

He’s asked Spock to come with him to Riverside between their five-year missions, because everything has changed between them. Jim never thought it would, but it has, which makes him happier than he thought he could ever be.

Spock asks him this because Jim is currently staring into a picture window of a store in the city proper. It is a Christmas display with Santa and his reindeer and a few other scenes. They are walking back from having dinner at a little restaurant. It’s snowing lightly but it’s nothing to Jim, though he notes that Spock seems a bit cold. He’s probably lingered here longer than he should for Spock’s sake.

He meets Spock’s gaze and smiles. “Sometimes yes and sometimes no.”

“Do you wish to go into the store to purchase celebratory items?”

They haven’t been a thing for long. Just a few months. The first month was just a lot of kissing and frottage and not much else. It was everything now. Literally everything to Jim. There would be no going back from Spock, so if he ever changed his mind, Jim would be alone.

“If you don’t mind?”

It might be fun, Jim thought. A few silly things.

“I do not.”

Jim knows Spock must be cold for he takes Jim’s arm, like a sweetheart would do, and leads him into the store. He never imagined Spock would be openly affectionate, but he is. Small things like this.

Jim chooses an old-fashioned Santa Clause figurine, a sleigh and reindeer to go with it, and some snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. He is surprised when Spock ultimately suggests they get a tree on display in the store, ornaments and lights included. Somehow, they get the whole thing back to the farmhouse without dislodging a single decoration.  

Spock sets up the tree by the fireplace and Jim sets out everything else.

As they stand back together, Jim’s arm around Spock, Spock asks, “What was your favorite Christmas?”

Jim tenses at first because the one he is thinking of, well, he never told anyone about, not even Bones. He’s not sure Spock will understand, but now that he’s being asked, he doesn’t want to lie either.

Jim clears his throat, aware Spock is watching him quite closely.

“It was the Christmas right after Nero,” he says softly. “I had just been given the ship, but in all honesty, I’d never felt so lonely.”

“I’m sorry, Jim.”

He nods. “I hadn’t a single thing to do. Bones went off with a date. You and Uhura were still together, and I thought I wouldn’t see you again, anyway, and so I went to see…” He takes a big breath. “Ambassador Spock.”

“My counterpart?”

He asks the question almost on a whisper and to Jim’s relief, there’s no judgment in his tone, at least not yet.

“Yeah. I was thinking about the meld he’d done with me on Delta Vega and about what some of the things I’d seen there meant, and so I went to his hotel.”

“I did not realize.”

Jim smiles and shakes his head. “No one does. I never told anyone, I don’t think he did either. Anyway, we got all kinds of holiday food and ate and talked, and then he melded with me after I asked.”

“It was my understanding you felt that first meld with him was unpleasant.”

Jim turns in Spock’s arms. Mostly because Spock turns him, arms wrapped firmly around Jim’s waist now and he appreciates the support.

“Kind of, but my curiosity was stronger.”

“What did you see, ashaya?”

Jim loves it when Spock calls him endearments. They mean so much more coming from him than anyone.

“Their relationship. They were lovers, then mates, husbands.”

Spock nods. “I did not realize it back then, but after the objects presented to me after his passing, I surmised that it was quite likely.”

“Yes. Well, after we melded on Christmas Eve, we experienced our own level of intimacy.”

Spock stares at him, but Jim still sees no judgment. “You were lovers?”

“Yes. Just for that night and on Christmas. The day after he left to establish the Vulcan colony. We kept in touch…for a while. But never met in person again.” Jim feels a lump in his throat. “When he passed, I hadn’t been in touch for more than a year. Nor had he, I guess. I think that Christmas we were both what we each needed.”

Spock raised his hand and cupped Jim’s cheek gently. “I am gratified that you could give each other solace, even if it was for a short time. I am aware of my own insensitivities toward your deeper feelings for far too long.”

Jim smiles and leans in to kiss him. “That wasn’t your fault, Spock. You were with someone else. Anyway, I have you now.”

“You very much do,” Spock agrees. “The depth of my love for you takes my breath away, T’hy’la.”

Jim’s smile widens and he turns his face to gaze at the lighted tree. “Anyway, you asked what my favorite Christmas was. And that was it.” He looked back at Spock’s face, gazed into his beautiful dark eyes. “I think this Christmas might be my new favorite.”

As Spock goes to kiss him, he murmurs, “I will ensure it.”

Flash Fic, November 23, 2020

We will see these two cuties again in 2021. The “so far” only roommates!

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It was nearly time for the winter break at the Academy and Spock’s roommate, Jim, had not said anything about what his plans were for the break.

Spock was, of course, merely curious. Whatever Jim decided to do would have no direct effect on him. And yet, one evening as the date quickly approached, Spock decided to ask.

It was a Friday and Spock anticipated Jim would likely go out to party as most cadets do. Jim didn’t do it that often, Spock noticed, but he did it certainly more than Spock.

Jim was dressed quite casually, nonetheless, wearing a pair of faded and ratty looking jeans, a burgundy tank top, and nothing on his feet. He was putzing, as he called it, around the kitchen.

“Jim, are you planning on vacating the dorm during the winter break?” Spock asked.

Jim was spraying whipped cream out of a can directly into his mouth when Spock asked. He took a moment to swallow, lick the cream from his lips, and then set the can on the counter.

“Nah. I’m not going anywhere.”


Jim shrugged. “As you know, my mom’s on her ship. She’s pretty much the only family I have these days since my bro took off when I was just a kid. No need for me to go back to Iowa to an empty house. I figure I’ll just stick around here.” Jim smiled. “How about you? You going to Vulcan?”

Spock inclined his head. “I thought to stay here also. I had considered spending the break on Vulcan, but since my parents were just here and I visited with them, I have decided to forgo a visit at this point.”

“Oh. Cool.”

Spock hesitated. “Unless you wished to spend the break alone here.”

Jim laughed. “Why would I care about that? We’re living together in this dorm now. The break doesn’t make any difference. Hey, we can keep each other company.”

“Indeed.” Spock found himself somewhat pleased at this prospect. “Are you headed out tonight?”

“Nope. Gonna stay in. Get a pizza and watch old time Christmas movies on the couch.”

“That sounds…interesting.”

“I don’t know about that.” Jim grinned and then took out his communication device, presumably to order his pizza.

Spock wanted to ask to join Jim, but words failed him. He had hoped Jim might say something rather casually like, ‘want to watch with me’, but he didn’t. And Spock was far too shy to insert himself into Jim’s plans.

Yet he was surprised to hear Jim’s pizza order.

“Two cheese pizzas. One with vegan cheese please. Yep. Okay.”

Jim smiled at Spock. “Be here in about forty minutes.

“Jim, you ordered one with vegan cheese.”

“Sure. Aren’t you going to want some?”

Spock blinked. Did not answer at first.

“You aren’t going to join me?”

“I…am. Yes.”

Jim’s smile brightened. “Then vegan cheese. Trust me. You won’t regret it. It’ll be fun.”

Spock cared not at all for the holiday movies, but he was pretty sure Jim was correct. He would not regret it.  

Flash Fic May 01, 2020

A continuation of the Flash on April 6, 2020

Jim, the human boy, was skittish, and Spock supposed he could not blame him, considering what Spock had learned had happened to him. And to the others.

Not that there were a lot of survivors that had been brought to Vulcan. And most that were, were young like Jim.

This human boy jumped at everything, which cause Spock to feel sorry for him. He had obviously been through a lot.

“Come, Jim. It is only a little farther.”

Jim’s steps faltered. “Where?”

“My home. As I said, you can bathe and eat and become warm again.”

Jim shivered though it was not cold. “Not sure I will ever be warm.”

“You will be safe there,” Spock promised.

“Your house?”

“Yes, Jim.”

“And I get to stay there?” he asked shyly.


Jim took a step forward, then stopped again. “You sure?”

Spock nodded. “My father has a habit of fostering children. There is already an older human female in our household. My mother is human. Do not worry, you will be welcome.”

But still Jim hesitated so Spock reached out his hand in a gesture probably most Vulcans would not do. But Spock was not most.

Jim blinked and put his hand in Spock’s and Spock led him to the house and inside.

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