A continuation of the Flash on April 6, 2020

Jim, the human boy, was skittish, and Spock supposed he could not blame him, considering what Spock had learned had happened to him. And to the others.

Not that there were a lot of survivors that had been brought to Vulcan. And most that were, were young like Jim.

This human boy jumped at everything, which cause Spock to feel sorry for him. He had obviously been through a lot.

“Come, Jim. It is only a little farther.”

Jim’s steps faltered. “Where?”

“My home. As I said, you can bathe and eat and become warm again.”

Jim shivered though it was not cold. “Not sure I will ever be warm.”

“You will be safe there,” Spock promised.

“Your house?”

“Yes, Jim.”

“And I get to stay there?” he asked shyly.


Jim took a step forward, then stopped again. “You sure?”

Spock nodded. “My father has a habit of fostering children. There is already an older human female in our household. My mother is human. Do not worry, you will be welcome.”

But still Jim hesitated so Spock reached out his hand in a gesture probably most Vulcans would not do. But Spock was not most.

Jim blinked and put his hand in Spock’s and Spock led him to the house and inside.