This fic was posted in the fall of 2015

Spock was not at all pleased by the attention his captain was getting from the females of Risa. And many of the males for that matter. They had been openly ogling Jim and some had even offered themselves for Jim’s pleasure.

“Perhaps rather than hovering here in the welcoming center we should make our way to our place of residence while we are here,” Spock said, leaning down slightly to speak into Jim’s ear. He was most satisfied when Jim shivered.

Jim turned slightly toward him. “I agree. I’m tired of them trying to get into your pants.”

Spock blinked. “My pants, Captain? I believe you are mistaken and they have been after you.”

Jim laughed. “You’re super cute, you know that? Whoever they were after, let’s go to our hotel.”

“What time are we to meet for the Thanksgiving celebration?” Spock asked as they left the welcome center and hailed transportation to their rain forest hotel.

“Everything is set for two. We have plenty of time to get settled in before we have to make our way to the restaurant hall where it’s been arranged.”

AN: This is the last guess the fic. Thanks for indulging me in this and the Throwback Thursdays which have also ended.

December marks the month that you will get my still unnamed Christmas story. In January, my updates will return to some normalcy. I may go back to only Flash Fiction Fridays or the MWF variety. I got a request to continue the guess the fic posts so those along with the throwbacks will return in January.