Once more we spend time with Jim and Spock from the Who Does Spock Wake Up With series of flashes (last seen around Halloween)

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Jim is nervous bringing Spock to meet his mom. There’s nothing wrong with his mom and nothing wrong with Spock, for that matter, but he’s never taken that kind of step before and it feels big.

There’s a short break from the Academy that allows them to make the trip to Riverside by Shuttle. Since it coincides with what used to be Thanksgiving where Iowa is, Mom has decided to have a feast like they did before to show gratitude for what they have.

Jim reminds her several times Spock is a vegetarian but even though he is sure he must be annoying about it by now, Mom dutifully accepts the reminders and tells him not to worry.

He’s not left Spock out either. He’s told his boyfriend many times not to expect much, they live in a simple farmhouse outside of Riverside, there’s nothing fancy, and it might be cold.

“Yes, so you have said,” Spock says again, as they finally board the shuttle.

Jim’s palms are sweaty and he feels a little queasy and he knows it’s all ridiculous. Mom will love Spock and Spock will be nice to his mom. He has nothing to worry about.

Except he loves Spock. He does. And as he’s sitting on the shuttle making their way to his mom’s idea of an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, Jim wonders if he’s ever said those words to Spock. Spock’s a touch telepath, yes, and Spock is always touching him, so surely he knows, but maybe Spock wants the words. He replays all their interactions in his head, mostly to distract himself.

Then he recalls that yes he has and he lets out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God.”


“I…I was trying to remember if I had said I love you. You know out loud.”

“You have.”

Jim smiles. “Yes.”

“And I returned that declaration.”

His smile widens. “I remember.”

Spock takes Jim’s hand. It is under a table on the shuttle that is placed in front of them so they can enjoy beverages should they wish to, so the sight of their clasped hands is mostly hidden from anyone nosey enough to pay attention. Jim doesn’t think anyone is.

“Everything will be well, Jim. There is no need for such nerves.”

“Yeah. I’ve just. It’s a lot.”

“Wait until you meet my father.”

Jim laughs because Spock says it so dry he thinks Spock is trying to lighten things up with a joke. Spock’s lips are curved upward a tiny bit. And Jim has met some of Spock’s stodgy Vulcan friends.

“Is the point of the upcoming feast to show what one is grateful for?”


Spock squeezes Jim’s hand. “I am most grateful to be with you and to have you invite me to meet your mother.”

Emotion overwhelms Jim’s ability to speak, but he leans in and gives Spock a very quick, chaste kiss.

He’s not less nervous, not really, but he feels good, and knows Spock is right. Everything will be well.