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Flash Fic, November 25, 2022

Inspired by Chris Evans being “Sexiest Man” recently. I thought this idea would be fun and I hope you do too!

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Sexiest Man on Earth

That’s what the headline read. For a second Jim thought he must be getting punked. But as he glanced up from his PADD to the puffed up display his brother was doing Jim realized that it was legit.

“Are you kidding me?”

Sam grinned. “Pretty cool, right?”

Jim snorted. “Cool isn’t the word I’d use.”

“What word would you use?”

“Gag inducing.”

“That’s two words,” Spock murmured helpfully from beside him.

Jim shot his husband a look. “Right you are, babe.”

Sam was undaunted. “You’re just jealous.”

“How the hell did they choose you anyway? You pay for it?”


That was his mother. She was in the kitchen working on her apple pie for the Thanksgiving dinner they were all at the farmhouse to have.  

Jim and Spock had arrived a short time ago. Sam had arrived the day before, apparently, and had been waiting for Jim to arrive to announce his news.

“Well come on, Mom. Sam the sexiest man on Earth.” Jim rolled his eyes. “He’s not even the sexiest man in this house.”

“Ha ha. Aren’t you funny?” Sam retorted. “You want some wine?”

“I think I’d better get drunk. Sure.”


“No, thank you.”

Sam shrugged. “For your information they approached me in my laboratory.  Said I had been nominated.”

“Who’d nominate you?”

“Jim! Be nice to your brother,” his mother said. “Sam is a beautiful boy. Just like you. You’re both handsome men.”

“You know,” Sam said. “You’re the hero of the universe. Known for saving millions—”

“Billions,” Spock said.

Jim smiled at him.     

“Do you really begrudge me this one little honor?” He handed Jim the glass of wine.

Jim blew out a breath. “Yeah, okay, whatever.”

“Gracious as ever, Jimmy.” Sam’s communicator blipped. “That’ll be my wife. She’s on her way.”

He stepped into the hallway and then another room.

Jim grimaced. “Do you think he’s sexy, Spock?”

“He is not unpleasant to look at.”


Spock nodded. “Of course there is a however.”

“Of course.”

“He has merely been named sexiest man on Earth. You will recall you aren’t even normally on Earth. Not for any length of time.”

Jim smiled. “That’s true.”

Spock inclined his head. “I submit that you are the sexiest man in the universe.”

“Okay, you are so getting lucky.”

“Being your husband, I am already quite fortunate.”

Winona snorted from the kitchen. “You two may be the sexiest men, but Spock wins husband of the year.”

Jim laughs. “I will drink to that!”

Flash Fic, November 23, 2022

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Winona frowned when Jim came down the hallway from where the San Francisco shuttle let off in Riverside. No one walked beside him and no one followed after him.

Still as he opened his arms as he got closer to her, his smile didn’t slip.

“Hey Mom.”

She hugged him tight. Tears sprang to her eyes.

“Hey, why are you crying?” he asked gently.

“It’s been too long since I’ve seen you in person. Even longer since you’ve been home.” She linked her arm with his. “You have a bag to pick up?”


They walked to baggage collection together.

“Of course I got all your favorites. Turkey and stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Stuff to make gravy. Pies. Rolls.”

He laughed. “Sounds great.”

She bit her lip. “I, uh, I thought…I got some vegetarian food too. Because. Well, wasn’t Spock coming with you?”

Jim bent down to retrieve his bag, then straightened to give her a smile. “We had a fight.”

“Oh no.”

He nodded. “He’s a big pain in my ass lug head.”

“Now Jim.”

“Well. He is.” His communicator beeped and he took it out of the leather jacket he wore. “Speaking of lug heads.”

Despite his words, Winona knew Jim loved Spock. Sometimes that’s all he talked about. From her limited experience with Spock, she figured he felt the same.


Jim’s smile was much more genuine and triumphant. “His shuttle arrives in twenty minutes.”

She returned his smile. “Guess we’d better get a coffee while we wait, huh?”

Jim laughed again and hugged her. “Yeah.”

A happy Jim was her jam, and so…it would all be grand.

The best Thanksgiving in years. She was giddy.  

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends. M and I host Thanksgiving at our house and all told there will be six of us. May yours be filled with great food and gratitude.

Flash Fic, November 26, 2021

As I have indicated, I really wanted to explore all forms of jealousy. Here’s another.


Jim buried his head under his pillow.


“I don’t wanna go to work.”

A long pause.

“No doubt, but as you are captain and due on the bridge, I am afraid there isn’t much choice.”

Jim turned on his back, squished the pillow to his face and groaned. “Damn.”

“I have your coffee.”

He lowered the pillow and glared up at Spock.

“Why are you dressed in your meditation robes?” he demanded.

“Yesterday was the ship’s celebration of the thankful festival.”

“Thanksgiving,” Jim muttered.

“I manned the bridge while you indulged in several indulgences.” Spock paused as Jim sat up and handed him his coffee. “I am currently off shift. I intend to meditate, then shower, and break my fast.”

Jim clutched the coffee. “I am so fucking jealous right now you have no idea.”

Spock hesitated. “If you require it, I will take your shift.”

Jim closed his eyes. “No, sweetheart. Of course not. I’m just being a baby.”

“What does being an infant have to do with it?”

“Just my behavior sucks.  You were good enough to watch the bridge while I ate too much, made merry too much, and definitely drank too much. My stomach may never recover from all the turkey I ate.  Ugh I have the devil of a headache.”

Spock nodded. “I do have Leonard’s hangover remedy to give you for that.”

“Yeah, thanks. In a second. Everything all right with the ship?”

“No issues, Captain.”

Jim smiled. “Thanks, Commander.”

“In all seriousness, Jim, I can take your shift if you are too uncomfortable.”

Jim swung his legs out of bed and stood. “Absolutely not. I’m going. You take your time as you’re entitled too. But I’m still a bit jealous.”

“Given what I heard about the celebration, I imagine there will be others in the same condition as you on the bridge today.”

“Mm.” Jim took the tablets Spock offered him, put them in his mouth and swallowed. “There may have been some drunken Christmas Carols.” He rubbed his neck. “And uh, pictures or videos, maybe, of me and Uhura singing Santa Baby with her on my lap.”

Spock arched a brow. “It’s a little early for Christmas songs, is it not?”

Jim gave him a quick kiss. “That’s why I love you, honey. Your only comment after hearing that was that it’s too early for Christmas songs. And right you are.” He stretched and yawned. “I wonder if there’s any leftover turkey.”      

Spock stared at him.


“You just said your stomach ached from eating too much turkey.”

“Yeah, so?”

Spock muttered, “Illogical. Enjoy your shift, Jim.”

Jim kissed him again and went to take his shower.

Flash Fic, November 24, 2021

Jim closed the oven door with satisfaction and then almost wiped his hands on his Kiss the Cook turkey apron. Aborting that action, he went to the kitchen sink to wash his hands. He was aware Bones was leaning a hip against a nearby counter, smirking, as he sipped his black coffee.

“I’m jealous, you know.”

“About time you admitted I have a cuter ass than you,” Jim said. “After all these years.”

“Hardy har har. I concede you probably do, but that’s not what I’m jealous of.”

Jim dried off his hands. “No?”

“Nope. I’m jealous of your mad skills at cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Don’t know anyone who’s better at it.”

Jim chuckled. “Well, thanks, Bones. That means a lot coming from you.”

“I’m serious.”

“I know, that’s why it means a lot.” He patted his stomach. “I know how to eat. Dinner will still be a few hours, so you can go relax in the living room. Get yourself a drink. There’s wine for sure and probably whiskey.”

“Okay.” Bones smiled faintly. “Jim, about Spock—”

Jim’s smile slipped and he waved his hand. “Forget about that. It’s nothing.”

“You sure?”

“Sure I’m sure. I’ll be in with my own glass of wine in a second.”

Bones left Jim to the kitchen and Jim sighed, glancing out the window. It was then that he saw the flakes of snow coming down. It made him smile and shake his head.

Yeah, he had a lot to be grateful for, and so he was feeling good about the upcoming meal.

“It’s snowing,” he called.

“What?” Bones exclaimed. “Damn.”

He heard Bones go to the front door and open it.

“Hey Jim?”


“There’s a frozen Vulcan out here.”


Jim hurried from the kitchen and to the front door. Sure enough, Spock stood there, one of his knitted beanie hats on his head. It and the rest of the Vulcan was covered in snow.

Spock opened his mouth to speak but Jim flung himself into the Vulcan’s arms and thoroughly kissed him.

Bones cleared his throat. Jim pulled back and grinned at Spock. “Welcome home.”

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans

Flash Fic, November 22, 2021

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“Unfortunately, I have already made prior plans for that period of time,” Spock replied.

His newly established boyfriend, Jim Kirk, had asked Spock if he’d care to come to Riverside, Iowa for the short Thanksgiving break they were receiving from Starfleet Academy. Jim planned to take a shuttle to Riverside Tuesday afternoon and then return Sunday afternoon to San Francisco.

He’d explained to Spock that it would be him, his mother, and Jim’s brother, Sam, and his new wife, Aurelan. His mother had a new man she wanted them all to meet as well.

 Jim smiled at Spock’s response. There seemed nothing unusual in that smile.

“Oh, okay. No problem.” He paused. “Should I be jealous?”

Spock stared. “Jealous? Of what, Jim?”

Jim laughed then. “That you have plans with someone else.” He laughed again. “I’m only kidding, Spock.” He patted Spock’s arm just like he often patted McCoy’s arm, who at that moment was watching their interaction with narrowed eyes. “I gotta go. Got a class in three minutes and on the other side of the campus.”

“You will be late,” Spock predicted.

“Guess I’d better run then. Bye.”

And Jim was gone. Spock was left with a now glaring Leonard McCoy.

“Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”

Spock had no idea what had earned him that question and he opened his mouth to reply.

“That was rhetorical,” McCoy snapped. “Just what do you have planned that’s more important than Jim?”

Spock frowned. “The importance of my plans has little to do with Jim. It is a science symposium I planned participation in many months ago that takes place in Colorado.”

“Uh-huh. You don’t get it. Jim invited you to meet his family. That’s hugely significant. He has…issues. Family issues, personal ones. This is the first time his whole family has gotten together in, well, maybe never before this. He wanted you to be there. Everyone’s going to have a significant other there except Jim. Can you imagine how that makes him feel?”

“No,” Spock admitted. “Since my attending a symposium is no reflection on my feelings or lack thereof for Jim. To conflate them is illogical.”

McCoy pinched the bridge of his nose. “All I’m saying here, Spock, is you are on extremely thin ice, and you really ought to rethink your rejection of Jim’s invitation.”

“As it was merely a rejection of his invitation and not of him, I cannot agree that it is a cause for concern. My plans for this coming week have already been set for months and Jim seemed all right with that.”

“Yes, he seemed all right, I’ll agree.”


“Look, you figure it out, Spock. Or don’t. But in the next day or so, Jim is going to distance himself from you and you’re going to wonder why and don’t say I didn’t warn you. And I have to go too. I don’t have a class, but I am meeting someone. If I don’t talk to you again, have a good symposium.”

Spock watched the doctor walk away and with a shake of his head, Spock dismissed his words. He and Jim were fine.


Sorry, Spock. I have a bunch of stuff to do and can’t make it tonight.

Spock read the message from Jim in regard to their evening plans. Spock was disappointed as he had been looking forward to spending time with Jim prior to their differing plans over the next few days.

There was, of course, tomorrow night, which would be the night before their Tuesday departure.

Understood. Tomorrow evening then? I will make dinner at my apartment, and we can retire early if that is your desire.

Spock got busy doing other things and didn’t see Jim’s response for a while.

Can’t make it tomorrow either. Really busy. Sorry. See you after the break.

And that set alarm bells off in Spock’s head. Since they’d gotten together, Jim was never too busy for Spock and vice versa. Any moment of spare time they spent together and in fact, Spock was close to asking Jim to share his apartment.

Spock had not spoken in person to Jim since Spock had advised he could not make the trip to Riverside.

Jim is going to distance himself from you and you’re going to wonder why.

Those words played in Spock’s head now. He re-read Jim’s two messages a few times before typing out,

Jim, is something amiss?

No, why?

And Spock, prior to his “warning” from McCoy would have just accepted Jim’s answer on face value. But now Spock conjured up in his memory that smile Jim had given him when he’d said, “Oh, Okay.”

Now that Spock thought about it, his words were much more. “Oh. Okay.” Two separate words. Not “Oh, okay.” Which the more he thought about it, there was a definite difference, subtle though it might be.

Spock brought up the site for the symposium and found his reservation.


  Spock could see the look of surprise on Jim’s face when Jim arrived at his shuttle gate to find Spock standing there, waiting for him, bag in hand.

“Spock? What are you doing here?”

“I am here to accompany you to have Thanksgiving with your family.”


“My plans changed.”

“They did or did you change them?”

“Does it matter?”

Jim shook his head. “Except you didn’t have to do that, Spock. You had something else to do. No big deal.”

Spock exhaled slowly. “I found that I decided it was a…big deal. You are concerned with seeing your family over these next few days, are you not?”

“Well. Yeah. I haven’t seen Sam in…I don’t know how long. Years. I was surprised he was coming. And bringing his wife. And Mom. Anyway, I was okay with you not coming. I can’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to deal with me and my family.”

“Spending time with you is not “dealing” with you, Jim. In fact, perhaps, when we arrive you can announce that you are now living with me.”

Jim laughed. “I am?”

“I want you to.”

Jim smiled and leaned in close to kiss Spock softly, and though Spock did not care for public displays, he found this time, he did not mind.

“I can’t believe you’re here. Thank you. Let’s go.”

Spock turned to go through the gate with Jim.

“Oh and Jim?”

“You have nothing to be jealous about.”

Jim gave him a quizzical look. “Yeah?”

“You will always come first.”  

Flash Fic, November 27, 2020

I hadn’t always been eager for the arrival of my son, to be honest. We’d had a tumultuous relationship for many years.

Nobody could argue I hadn’t handled things well after his birth as the Kelvin died and my son’s father right along with it. Not even me.

I was long haunted by the final sound of his voice just before it winked out forever.

At first I had drowned my sorrows in a lot of drink, something I came to realize Jim did as well. It was tough for me to raise two boys on my own, one who would never know his father, and the other one full of a burning, bitter resentment at not only the loss of the father he barely knew, but at being left behind while his father and I were on the Kelvin. Left with grandparents that had long forgotten what it was like to deal with a young curious boy.

I suspected that leaving George Samuel with George’s parents had been wise as I wasn’t sure if he’d had survived the Kelvin. Many of our friends had not. While it was true George’s actions had saved some eight hundred lives, he couldn’t save all of them, no one could. The Kelvin’s captain had been among the casualties.

And it was the tormented grief of a widow left behind with those boys that caused me to drink and make the terrible choice of Frank.

Frank who’d driven George Samuel away for good, as neither myself nor Jim ever found out what happened to him once he hitchhiked out of Riverside one particularly difficult day.

Both of us tried, sometimes together, sometimes apart, to learn my older son’s fate, but never with success. That grief stays with me always. And my own inadequacy.

I know there are those who judge me lacking as a mother, but certainly never as much as I judge myself.

Frank who’d sent my youngest son away to a colony called Tarsus IV that nearly destroyed him and likely changed him forever.

And it was those actions that finally opened my eyes to how awful Frank truly was.

When Frank left, or I made him leave, I got my son back. Damaged yes. And a stranger. We were both strangers to each other.

I had quit Starfleet at last, lucky with the drinking, I suppose, that they hadn’t dishonorably discharged me, and taken on the task of raising my son, as I certainly always should have done.

But it wasn’t at easy between us at first. When he was just a teenager I had to bail him out of jail for a horrific fight he’d gotten into. He would never tell me exactly what started it, but there were others that told me things were said about him and his family, things he had been unable to tolerate.

He was eighteen before I stopped the drinking. He’d had to clean me up after one particular nasty binge, and the next morning he had looked at me with blue eyes so like my own, and they were hard like ice.

“I won’t ever do that again.”

He meant it.

And I decided right then, I would never give him a reason he’d have to.

We became close then, I told him about his dad, and we bonded in a way we hadn’t before.

We became estranged again when he came home one night, bruised and battered, after getting in a fight with some Starfleet thugs in a downtown bar.

After I was done fussing over him and his injuries, declaring angrily I intended to contact those in charge to file charges, Jim told me he was enlisting the next morning at Christopher Pike’s urging.

We spent the better part of the night arguing about this decision. I’d been filled with a dread I could not shake that he would end up just like George. And maybe George Samuel. And Jim was all I had.

But Jim was the most stubborn of all of them combined and in the morning he had kissed my forehead, told me he loved me, and left anyway.

There were those who thought I should express pride in Jim’s decision. They simply did not understand what it was like to lose everyone you ever loved.

We didn’t speak for a while. Me because the second most stubborn person I knew after Jim was me. And Jim because he decided it was better not to worry me.

When he died after Khan, and yes I learned about it, and I visited him in a San Francisco Starfleet hospital, I think my point had been paid. I never expected him to be revived, but I had expected him to die.

But this time, I didn’t let go of him. I’d learned some lessons myself and become less stubborn. And though I still didn’t get to see him nearly enough, and he still didn’t tell me how many times he almost died, we kept in touch, and I loved him.

I’d been absolutely thrilled when he notified he was getting very rare shore leave on Earth and pretty much giddy when he revealed he intended to spend those days with me in Riverside at a farmhouse that was suffocatingly lonely most of the time.

He further thrilled me by notifying he was bringing with him, his new significant other, his first officer, Commander Spock. He had written me about the change in their relationship, but I had never met the Vulcan.

And they were coming in November, and it made me decide I had to have a feast. Not at all for a prodigal son, but for being thankful. Thankful for my beautiful, heroic, and alive son, who seemed to suddenly happy to be with Spock. And thankful for that Vulcan, who at last chose my son over everyone else.

Yes. I was eager.

So eager that I awaited their arrival at the shuttle bay, not waiting for them to come to the farmhouse.

Jim did not appear to be at all surprised when he saw me waiting. He nudged the tall, dark haired man with him.

“Told you,” he said with a grin.

And as they approached, I immediately approved of and liked Spock just by the indulgent affection he had in those dark eyes of his for my Jim. He won me over instantly.

Jim and I embraced for a very long time. It had been years since I got to hold my son, and I had missed him painfully. His hold of me was tight and comforting. I didn’t want to let go of him and I was frankly of the opinion I wouldn’t want him to leave to return to his beloved Enterprise either.

But finally, Jim pulled back, gentle and sweet, as he touched my cheek and smiled at me. He turned to Spock.

“Spock, Mom. Mom, Spock.” He laughed. “Obviously.”

“It is very much a pleasure,” Spock greeted me.

“Oh, it’s all mine, believe me. I can’t wait for us to all go back to the farmhouse.”

Jim gave me a smile. “Us too. But…oh wait. There’s one thing.”

I looked a question at him. “What?”

“Well.” He exchanged a look over my head with Spock. “A surprise.”

“A surprise? Oh, Jimmy, you know I don’t like surprises.”

He laughed. “You’ll like this one.”

And then suddenly as if appearing by thin air, a very tall, sandy haired man with familiar blue eyes appeared next to Jim and Spock.

My heart stopped, then quickened to a rapid pounding, my lungs seizing, as I knew him instantly, though I had not seen him since he was a boy.

My eyes filled with tears as he came toward me, arms outstretched. I flung myself at my older son, who squeezed me tight.

I looked over at Jim with blurry vision and mouthed “How?”

He shrugged. “Surprise.”

And I burst into tears completely lost for the day.

But it was okay. Amazing even.


Happy Thanksgiving 2020 America

If you are able to spend it with those you love and who love you, then you have much to be grateful for in 2020.

And I am grateful for your reading my fics this year and always. I cherish you.

Flash Fic, November 25, 2020

Once more we spend time with Jim and Spock from the Who Does Spock Wake Up With series of flashes (last seen around Halloween)

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Jim is nervous bringing Spock to meet his mom. There’s nothing wrong with his mom and nothing wrong with Spock, for that matter, but he’s never taken that kind of step before and it feels big.

There’s a short break from the Academy that allows them to make the trip to Riverside by Shuttle. Since it coincides with what used to be Thanksgiving where Iowa is, Mom has decided to have a feast like they did before to show gratitude for what they have.

Jim reminds her several times Spock is a vegetarian but even though he is sure he must be annoying about it by now, Mom dutifully accepts the reminders and tells him not to worry.

He’s not left Spock out either. He’s told his boyfriend many times not to expect much, they live in a simple farmhouse outside of Riverside, there’s nothing fancy, and it might be cold.

“Yes, so you have said,” Spock says again, as they finally board the shuttle.

Jim’s palms are sweaty and he feels a little queasy and he knows it’s all ridiculous. Mom will love Spock and Spock will be nice to his mom. He has nothing to worry about.

Except he loves Spock. He does. And as he’s sitting on the shuttle making their way to his mom’s idea of an old-fashioned Thanksgiving, Jim wonders if he’s ever said those words to Spock. Spock’s a touch telepath, yes, and Spock is always touching him, so surely he knows, but maybe Spock wants the words. He replays all their interactions in his head, mostly to distract himself.

Then he recalls that yes he has and he lets out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God.”


“I…I was trying to remember if I had said I love you. You know out loud.”

“You have.”

Jim smiles. “Yes.”

“And I returned that declaration.”

His smile widens. “I remember.”

Spock takes Jim’s hand. It is under a table on the shuttle that is placed in front of them so they can enjoy beverages should they wish to, so the sight of their clasped hands is mostly hidden from anyone nosey enough to pay attention. Jim doesn’t think anyone is.

“Everything will be well, Jim. There is no need for such nerves.”

“Yeah. I’ve just. It’s a lot.”

“Wait until you meet my father.”

Jim laughs because Spock says it so dry he thinks Spock is trying to lighten things up with a joke. Spock’s lips are curved upward a tiny bit. And Jim has met some of Spock’s stodgy Vulcan friends.

“Is the point of the upcoming feast to show what one is grateful for?”


Spock squeezes Jim’s hand. “I am most grateful to be with you and to have you invite me to meet your mother.”

Emotion overwhelms Jim’s ability to speak, but he leans in and gives Spock a very quick, chaste kiss.

He’s not less nervous, not really, but he feels good, and knows Spock is right. Everything will be well.

Flash Fic, November 22, 2020

Little something extra inspired by Shatner’s classic Deep Fried Turkey video.

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Jim looked up from the contraption he’d set up in their side yard. He was on his hands and knees, inspecting it. He was dressed in old beat up jeans and a yellow plaid flannel shirt. Over that he had a jacket, as, though it was only November, the chill in the air was quite pronounced.


“Perhaps we ought to pre-order our Thanksgiving meal from CJ’s.”

CJ’s was a restaurant in the city nearby that Jim quite liked. They had a sparing amount of vegetarian dishes also. They had been advertising their “Heat-N-Serve” meals since the beginning of the month.

Jim frowned. “CJ’s? Why?”

“You like CJ’s,” Spock reminded him, rather than directly answer.

“I do, yeah. But we can get CJ’s any time. This is special. I want to use this.”

Spock pursed his lips. “But…”

“Bones will appreciate it too.”

“Perhaps then you ought to wait for Doctor McCoy to arrive before you…”

Jim leaned back on his haunches a bit and glared up at Spock. “What are you getting at, Mister?”

“Last year, attempting to deep fry your turkey did not…go well.”

There had been a fire and burns. Both of Jim’s hands had to be bandaged. They were fortunate that was the only part of him burned.

“I’ve learned a lot since then. I won’t do that again.”

“You also like roasted turkey. We could put it in the oven. I can assist.”

“I want a delicious, juicy turkey.” Jim pouted a bit.

“And it will be, roasted in the oven,” Spock assured him. Not that he knew anything about eating turkey. Jim had already made a menu for them that included many vegetarian dishes. Far more than they could get at CJ’s, admittedly.

Jim sighed then. He struggled to his feet. He looked mournfully at the fryer he had obtained after the one from last year burned up. “But what’ll I do with this?”

“Return it?” Spock suggested gently.

“Return it? But…you don’t think I can handle it, do you?”

“I would rather not take the chance, Jim. It was very frightening last year.”

“Fine.” Jim sighed again. “Fine. I don’t want to freak you out.”

“I appreciate that. Come inside. I’ll fix us something warm to drink.”

Jim cast one last glance at the fryer, then went up the steps to follow Spock into the farmhouse.

“How does hot cocoa sound?”

Jim’s steps faltered. “Coco? Does that mean…”

Spock smiled slightly. “Yes. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Jim grinned. “Feeling better already.”

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