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Flash Fic, November 09, 2020

A little dose of Vanik…

“Where is Jim?”

Spock looked up from the terminal at his desk to see Vanik standing before him. “When did you get here?”

“A moment ago.”

“I have told you before that you do not have permission to just let yourself in.”

Vanik straightened. “Acknowledged. But I had concerns.”

Spock leaned back. “Concerns?”

“Where is Jim? He has been missing for a few days and does not respond to my attempts to contact him.” Vanik paused. “I have two theories.”

Spock arched a brow. “Do continue.”

“Either he has, as humans would say, ‘dumped you’, and is ignoring me due to our personal connection.”

Spock was torn between amusement and outrage over the notion that Jim had ‘dumped’ him. Amusement won out.


“You have committed a grievous act of violence against him and you have buried the body somewhere.”

This time Spock rolled his eyes. “I did not murder Jim.”

“Then it is true. He has dumped you.”

“No, it is not true. Jim went to Riverside.”


“Indeed. To visit with his mother and brother over the Terran festival of giving thanks. Neither Jim nor his mother have had contact with George Samuel Kirk for many years so this was a big deal for them.”

Vanik looked pensive. “And why did you fail to accompany him on such a momentous occasion?”

“I was not invited.”

“You were not invited?” Vanik exclaimed. “But I thought your romance with Jim was progressing appropriately.”

“And it is. This is a time when it is important for them to bond as a family.”

“But are you not Jim’s family?”

Spock shook his head. “Not as yet. Our relationship is satisfactory and we are mutually invested in the continuous nature of it. I was perfectly fine with Jim going to Riverside for this trip. As for not contacting you, I assume that he is either busy or communication is not ideal there.”

“And have you heard from him?”

Spock had not and said so. “But I had not anticipated hearing from him. The trip is brief and he will be back on Sunday.”

“That does not bode well.”

“How so?”

Vanik shrugged. “At this point, had you been providing the emotional support Jim surely needs as a human, he would have asked you to accompany him. That he did not…”

“Do you not have something to attend to other than harassing me regarding my relationship with Jim which is most certainly not your business.”

“Yes, unfortunately I do. I must go to class.”

Vanik left then, but Spock was dismayed to realize that he made Spock begin to doubt his relationship with Jim. He had thought nothing of Jim going to Iowa by himself.

He had been convinced that everything was good between them. Should he have pressed Jim for an invite? Insisted on going with him? Was he failing to emotionally support his lover?

Spock hadn’t even bothered to check that Jim made it all right. Was that wrong of him? He had assumed…

He tapped out a message.

Jim, my apologies for not checking in with you prior to now. Did you make it safely? And it there anything you need from me?

There was, of course, no immediate response, and so Spock returned to working on his coursework.

He was searching out something to eat when he finally heard from Jim.

Yeah, I’m here. No trouble at all getting here. Mom and I are fine. Things are a little more tense with Sam. Hey, tell that nephew of yours I said hi. I’ve been meaning to respond, but with the family drama…

Understood. Vanik did express concern for your welfare. I will advise him. Jim?


Would it be…permissible for me to board a shuttle to Riverside to join you?

When no immediate response was forthcoming, Spock began to hastily type a message taking it back.

What time can you get here? I’ll pick you up from the shuttle bay?

I will leave immediately. I will text you my arrival information.

K. See you soon.

Spock made his arrangements, closed out of everything and packed a small bag.  Before he left, he sent a message to his nephew.

Jim sends his regards. I am joining him.

Then Spock added…

Thank you.   

Flash Fic, November 22, 2019 (Fall Guys)

Dear Nyota

Things are going extremely well. The captain and I are becoming increasingly comfortable with each other and quite close.

He shows signs of being weaker than normal, due to his extended recovery time, but we have become completely involved with each other (pause to blush), and I am aware you will know what I mean by this. It is…gratifying.

Recently, Jim announced that we would partake in the tradition of being thankful. In ancient history, Humans in this locale took part in the feast-gathering holiday known as ‘Thanksgiving’. The captain wishes to participate.

Therefore, we went to the grocery store to purchase the necessary provisions.

“That is an eight pound turkey,” Spock said as he watched Jim place the frozen headless bird into their cart.

Jim grinned. “Yep.”

“Since you are the only one consuming the turkey is that not a lot of meat for one individual?”

“This is the smallest I could find. Don’t worry, I like leftovers. Turkey sandwiches, turkey omelet, turkey soup, Turkey Tetrazzini.” Jim patted Spock’s arm. “I got it covered. Now…cranberry sauce.”

“Over there.” Spock pointed to a display of cans.

“No, no. Not those. Yuck. I want actual cranberries. Let’s go to produce.”

Spock followed after Jim as he wheeled their cart to the produce section. Besides the turkey in the cart, Jim had already placed a package of cubed cornbread, and packages of powdered gravy mix Jim planned to doctor with some of the cooked turkey juices.

“Aha!” Jim stopped the cart at a display of numerous bags of fresh cranberries. “Now we’re talking.” He added two bags to their cart.

“Do you know how to make those?” Spock asked with no little skepticism.

“Of course I do. You add sugar and cook them in a pan. Besides, I can follow a recipe, babe.” He moved on to potatoes. “You’ll eat mashed, right? Without the gravy?”

“I will.”

“Great. And we’ll get you some acorn squash and green beans too.”

“That is satisfactory.”

“I’ll make a pumpkin pie too. Completely vegetarian, no worries.”

“I am not,” Spock assured him.

Jim picked up a few other things, checked out, and they made their way back home just as the sky opened up and started to rain.

“Ha!” Jim declared triumphantly. “We made it. Barely, but it counts.”

Spock turned toward the window as it started to downpour.  “It does indeed count.”

“Now, let’s get this stuff put away so we can snuggle under the covers upstairs.”

“And perhaps a little more than snuggling.”

Jim laughed. “Yeah, okay. You found me out. Way more than snuggling.

Our time here is peaceful and uneventful for the most part. I believe if we spent more than the allotted time here, Jim would become extremely bored. Even now I see at time that he stares off into nothingness, often with a wistful look on his face.

Having experienced so much uncertainly and danger on missions that have risked all our lives, I find this extended version of shore leave quite appreciated.

My final bit of news is that I have made the discovery that Jim and I share an ancient revered bond. We are Telsu. T’hy’la.

It all makes a lot of what I have experienced and felt make more sense.

It is fitting that this is the time of year to be thankful, because I can only be filled with gratitude for Jim and for your urging of me to advise him how I felt. For that and your endless love, support and kindness, I thank you.

I have informed him I am writing to you, so he sends his best, and advised he looks forward to the reunion of our family on the Enterprise.

I am likewise pleased that your relationship with Mr. Scott is progressing at a satisfactory pace.

I must go now, as he has asked for my assistance with the pumpkin pie.

With great affection,


Thanksgiving 2018

thanksgiv-dayToday is Thanksgiving. This day is wrapped up in so many memories, most of them good, though not all.

My dad had a massive stroke in  1991 the day before Thanksgiving. We spent most of that holiday season visiting him in the hospital. He didn’t even make it to the next Thanksgiving, having died that next July.

I remember one year there were many areas on fire on Thanksgiving because we had terrible winds. That Thanksgiving night watching all the news coverage, it was horrible. You’d think you’d get used to it, but you don’t. When I was in high school we had terrible fires around Halloween.

Last year’s Thanksgiving. I was sick for three months, not going to lie. It was bad. I could not get rid of it and I had this terrible whooping sounding cough. We went to a restaurant for our meal instead of M making it and as we were walking into the restaurant, M fell. Didn’t get hurt, but, well, you know. The food wasn’t that great and I was just miserably sick. And it was about 95 degrees out.

This year, it’s supposed to be 66. Big difference. We are having it at our home, homemade by my own personal chef (ha), and I am not sick.

Here is what I am grateful for:

My health, M’s Health, my family, my mother around for another Thanksgiving, my friends, my readers, my readers who have become friends, the country I live in, for all its problems is still pretty damn great, Luna, my job, because yeah, we need jobs, my healthcare insurance, the ability I have to write stories that people care about and want to read, my house, still standing.

I am sure there are other things I have forgotten. But those are the ones on my mind.


What are you thankful for?



Flash Fic Friday (Celebrate Me Home), November 24, 2017


Please, celebrate me home,
Give me a number,
Please, celebrate me home
Play me one more song,
That I’ll always remember,
And I can recall,
Whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home.

“Where are we going?” Bones asked as he followed Jim down the dirt road.

Jim glanced Bones’ way and smiled at his bundled up friend. The woolen cap on his head made him look especially endearing. It was bitterly cold, sure, but Bones had bundled up like they were on Delta Vega. Not that Jim cared to remember that experience.

“To the market for a last few things for Thanksgiving.”

“Spock didn’t want to come?”

“Well.” Jim shrugged. “He hates the cold. You know that. And anyway he’s video conferencing with Nyota.”

Bones shot him a look. “So it wasn’t because he figured I’d open up more to you if he wasn’t around?”

“Will you?”

“Hmm.” Bones scuffed his boot against the brown. “How’s that going really? Spock, the bond.”

“Like heaven.” Jim smiled.


He nodded. “I can’t say I didn’t have my doubts when first got together.”

Bones snorted. “Don’t I know it?”

Jim shoved him a little. “But he really does love me as much as he says he does.”

“Will wonders never cease.”


“You actually admit the great Captain Kirk can be wrong. It’s about time you figured it out.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Former Captain Kirk. And I would think after three years with this bond, I would figure it out.”

“You were worried though. When it was going to be just the two of you. He’d decide you weren’t as great as he thought you were.”

Jim blushed. “Well. I guess he still thinks I’m great.”

Bones nudged him with a shoulder. “You are great. And hell, I know Spock thinks so. I can tell by the way he screams your name.”

He laughed. “Bones.”

“I never pegged him for a screamer.”

“Oh trust me. And damn he’s insatiable.”

“He matches you well then.”

Jim shook his head. “So.”

Bones sighed. “So.”

“Are you—”

“Yes, I’m okay, Jim. I promise.”

He blew out a breath. “I hate her.”

“Nah, don’t. Some things just don’t work out. Not for everyone. Not everyone gets the fairytale like you and the hobgoblin.”

Jim grimaced as the main part of the town came into view. “Did she cheat on you?”


“I hate her.”

“Jim. She’s not a bad person. We just…it didn’t work out. She wasn’t who I thought she was. And I guess I wasn’t who she thought I was.”

Jim made a face. She was still a bitch and he still hated her, but he’d keep his mouth shut for Bones. He gestured to the little street that would take them to the small neighborhood market.

“What are we getting anyway?”

“Eggnog to go with the brandy I bought when I found out you were coming. And some more vegetables for my husband.”

“You love calling him that, don’t you?”

“I love that he is my husband, yeah.” He stopped at the door. “God, Bones, sometimes I think I’m so damn lucky it scares the shit out of me.”

“Because you’re a dummy,” Bones cracked. “You have nothing to worry about. Spock is devoted to you.” They walked into the store. “Does he drink eggnog?”

“Nope. More for us.”

“Just ease up on it. That stuff’s bad for you.”

“Yes, doctor. And the brandy isn’t?”

“Well…that’s medicinal.”

“Of course it is.” Jim stopped and gave a startled Bones a hug. “I love you.”

“Come on, Jim, we’re in public.”

Jim laughed and shoved him away. “I swear. Let’s get this stuff and go back where my hugs are appreciated.”


“Brr.” Jim stomped on the welcome mat outside the front door of his house. “It’s fucking cold.”

“Well, whose dumb idea was it to walk anyway?” Bones grumbled as he opened the door and stepped inside. “And it’s started raining. I’m surprised it’s not snowing.”

“It will be soon enough.” Jim took his wet and muddy boots off and left them just inside the door as he stripped out of his jacket and scarf. “Spock? Honey, you here?”

“Yes, Ashaya.”

Jim followed Spock’s voice into the kitchen. He held out a steaming cup of coffee for Jim.

“All right, that’s it,” Jim said as he scooped it up. “I’m marrying you.”

“If you marry everyone who gives you coffee I am in trouble,” Spock replied. He handed a cup to Bones, too. “I anticipated you two would need heated refreshment.”

“This tastes great, Spock.” Bones drank greedily from the coffee. “I’m freezing and wet too.”

Jim gave him an apologetic look. “Sorry, Bones. I’ll put this stuff away. Why don’t you go take yourself a shower? I’ll put on the turkey and everything.”

“Are you sure? You don’t need my help?”

“Nope, I have my handsome Vulcan helper with me.”

“Just don’t get up to any hanky panky over the turkey.”

Spock arched his brow.

Bones rolled his eyes and headed up stairs.

Jim pushed himself against Spock. “Ignore him. We can totally get up to hanky panky.”

Spock scooted his hands under Jim’s shirt but his gaze looked hesitant and frankly…worried.

Jim pulled back to study him more closely. “Hey, what’s wrong? We don’t have to have sex. I was kidding.”

“No, Ashaya. I am always pleased to indulge us both.”

“What is it then? Something wrong with Nyota?” The slight blush to his cheeks told Jim it definitely had something to do with her. “Come on, spit it out.”

“I may-I may have invited Nyota to come here for Christmas.”

Jim stared at him. “What? Without asking me?”

“You-yourself invited Leonard without checking with me.”

“I did.” Jim nodded. “So, this is what? Revenge inviting?”

A tiny furrow appeared between his eyes. “No. Jim, I—”

He burst out laughing. “I’m totally kidding.”


“Honey, it’s fine that you asked her. When is she coming?”

Spock blinked at him. “Next week. She has agreed to spend December with us. She had nowhere else to go and she seemed…sad.”


“I apologize if—”

“No problem, Spock. We have room. It’s fine.”

“You do not have an issue with Nyota staying with us?” Spock looked skeptical. Vulcan skeptical. But skeptical.

Jim smiled and kissed his husband. “That was the old me. The new me knows you are totally and completely mine.”

Spock him close. “Yes, you have me wrapped around your finger.”

“But I guess this sort of does make us even. I invited Bones and you invited Nyota. We need to communicate better.”

“Indeed. And if you and the doctor intend to eat that turkey today, you had better get it in the oven.”

“Okay. Yeah.” Jim sighed. “I hope you have extra, by the way.”


Jim smirked. “Earplugs.” He winked. “She’s going to need them.”


“Wine, Bones?”


Jim brought two glasses and a wine bottle to the table set with a small roasted turkey, that had been sliced by Jim. There were bowls of stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, acorn squash, yams, and risotto with broccoli. And later, the apple pie Spock had made, all the while declaring there was far too much food for the three of them.

When Jim pointed out that was tradition, Spock had mumbled something about his “illogical mate”.

“Wine, honey?”

Spock shrugged a little. “A small amount. In keeping with the celebration.”

Jim poured all three of them wine and they sat down at the table. Jim between his Spock and Bones. He held onto both their hands for a moment.

“I’ve never been a man of prayer or anything. I certainly won’t start now. But the tradition of Thanksgiving was to prepare a feast and share how thankful you were for what you have. Throughout that year and in life, I think. And yeah, sometimes life deals you a lot of crap, and it’s hard to find something to be thankful for.” He squeezed Bones’ hand. “But you once said to me to ‘Here’s to good hair and perfect eyesight’. I guess what I’m saying is there’s always a silver lining.”

Bones snorted. “And your lining is getting more silver all the time.”

Jim laughed. “Shut up. We’ve come a long way since then. So I guess what I’m trying to say—”

“I did wonder.”

“Can it, McCoy. What I’m thankful for is my beautiful, wonderful bondmate and husband.” Jim brought Spock’s fingers to his mouth and kissed them. “And Bones. The best brother anybody could ever ask for in a million years. And a damn good doctor too.”

“A damn good doctor,” Bones agreed.

Jim held his glass if wine up. “To family.”

Bones clinked his glass to his and then Spock’s. “To family.”

They all drank.

Jim put his glass down, released their hands and then rubbed his together excitedly. “Hand me that turkey leg.”

Happy Thanksgiving




Ramblings of the Week, November 20, 2017

Hello Friends

This is a super short week for me work wise. As I am only working today! WOO HOO. Got the rest of the week off. I wanted the whole week but with my cruise taking up forty hours of my PTO it just wasn’t doable. Next year!

Happily the rest of the week is mine. I can’t wait until Friday when I can begin to decorate for Christmas. Sunday the 26th is our annual decorate the family’s house for them. I’m bringing wine! But we are getting an early start that day at 8AM.

I drove in this morning, of course, so at least I don’t have to wait to go home for someone else!

Tomorrow night we will finally be seeing Thor.

So, my friend, Appreciative One wrote a story on AO3, that was her fantasy as she was growing up where she was an officer on the Enterprise who ended up stranded with Spock on a remote planet, and they mated, had a baby, and lived happily ever after.

This was her fantasy until she realized there was Spirk. After writing her fantasy and having me express repeatedly how bad I felt for Jim, she decided to fix it with a story from Jim’s point of view. This story is called Life is But a Dream. I thought I was “helping” her write it but after the first two chapters which we did indeed co-write, she asked me to write the rest of the story, where I found a way for Jim and Spock to be together. After all they are T’hy’la.

So I am doing my best. Trying to get it done this week too because I already have a lot to write as it is. It’s The Original Series and is incredibly sad and angsty and has M/F elements, so you are warned if you check it out.

I’ll also be working on the third chapter of Celebrate Me Home.  I won’t deny it will feel good to work on that story with a very happy and in love Kirk and Spock after the angst of the other one.

Anything else? I don’t know.

I did put up the first chapter of my Regency Pinto tale last week. That one will be fun to work on as I go along.

Since it’s Thanksgiving Week I have specific movies I will be indulging in before the big day. Home for the Holidays which is about a very dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving. I can’t even tell you how much I love Charles Durning and Robert Downey Jr in this movie. Two of my favorite performances ever. Charles Durning was a character actor, chubby with white hair as far as back as I can remember. I’ve loved him in many things but there’s just such a poignant charm about him in this movie. And Robert Downey Jr as the gay brother. I just love love love him.

The other is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A silly, silly movie with John Candy and Steve Martin, and yet there’s also such a sweet poignancy about it as Candy tries to get Martin home for Thanksgiving.

Oh and there’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, too.

That’s about it for me. For my US friends (and I think that’s most of you) Happy Thanksgiving.


Flash Fic Friday, November 03,217

This week’s prompt was “Amnesia” which I came up with myself, lol. And this begins a little series I am doing for the month of November. So Fridays will be 3, 10, 17 and 24. Those days will all be the same Spock and Jim. And I am going a bit OMS but not too too far into the future.

When he opened his eyes all he saw was a sliver of brown. He opened his eyes wider and the brown became eyes, deep rich chocolate eyes that morphed into a very attractive man with pale skin, sharp manicured eyebrows, and pointed ears.

He smiled. “You an elf?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The ears,” he mumbled sleepily. He licked his dry lips. “Water.”

A cup was held up to his mouth and his head held gently as it was tipped forward to allow him to drink.

“What happened?”

“You collapsed in the cornfield. I discovered you there. I suspect that you overheated in the sun. I have brought your body temperature down by removing your clothing and immersing you in cool water.”

He realized then he lay not in a bed but in a tub of water. He blinked rapidly. “Did you-you took off my clothes?”

“Of course, considering—”

“Who are you?”

The man stopped, tilted his head. “What?”

“You must be pretty familiar with me to take off my clothes.”

“I am…your husband.”

“My husband? I think I would remember having a sexy elf as my husband.”

“Obviously the excessive heat has tampered with your brain. I am Spock.”

“Spock, huh? Okay. Well it’s kind of cold in here now, Spock. Could I maybe get out of the tub?”

“At once,” said Spock.

Spock stood up and reached down and scooped him up out of the tub and into his arms effortlessly.

He licked his lips. “What’s my name?”

“You have forgotten your own name?” Spock looked vaguely skeptical.

“That’s the way it normally works.”

“Does it?”


“Jim. Your name is Jim.”

“Jim,” he tried out the name. “Yeah, that sounds right.”

That earned him a raised eyebrow as the one called Spock carried him from the bathroom and toward a bedroom down at the end of the hall.

The bed was already unmade, the covers having been pulled aside.

“It looks like you were prepared for me,” Jim said as he was laid down on the mattress. He supposed he ought to feel embarrassed being naked and wet in front of this elf guy.

“Yes, as I explained I am your husband.”

Jim smiled, unable to resist. “If you’re an elf, what does that make me? Santa?”

Spock stared at him. “That is illogical. And I am a Vulcan.”

“A Vulcan? What is that?”

Spock pursed his lips. “Jim, do we really have to continue this?”

“Not having any fun huh?”

“Role playing is not my forte,” Spock reminded him. “Can you not say you remember me now and the amnesia is finished?”

Jim chuckled as he pulled Spock into bed with him. “Okay, okay. But it was hot to have you carry me into the house from the cornfields.”

“I can do that anytime without the need for subterfuge.” Spock pressed his lips to Jim. “And now we can move on to the better part of your game.”

“Mm.” Jim stuck his tongue into Spock’s mouth. “How much time do we have before Bones arrives for his visit?”

“Four point five hours.”

“Oh great. We can do it two or three times by then.”

Spock nodded and pushed him deep into the mattress.

The doorbell downstairs rang.

“Seriously? He’s early!”

Spock got off Jim and began to toss Jim’s clothes at him. “I do wonder why you invited him.”

“He’s lonely after—”

“Yes,” Spock said softly. He helped Jim finish dressing as the doorbell rang again. “He is impatient.”

“That’s his middle name.”

“I thought it was Horatio.”

Jim sighed then laughed as he put his arms around Spock’s neck. “I love you.”

“As I love you. Let us go before he breaks down our door.”

Jim grabbed Spock’s arm and went down to prepare for their guest.

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