thanksgiv-dayToday is Thanksgiving. This day is wrapped up in so many memories, most of them good, though not all.

My dad had a massive stroke in  1991 the day before Thanksgiving. We spent most of that holiday season visiting him in the hospital. He didn’t even make it to the next Thanksgiving, having died that next July.

I remember one year there were many areas on fire on Thanksgiving because we had terrible winds. That Thanksgiving night watching all the news coverage, it was horrible. You’d think you’d get used to it, but you don’t. When I was in high school we had terrible fires around Halloween.

Last year’s Thanksgiving. I was sick for three months, not going to lie. It was bad. I could not get rid of it and I had this terrible whooping sounding cough. We went to a restaurant for our meal instead of M making it and as we were walking into the restaurant, M fell. Didn’t get hurt, but, well, you know. The food wasn’t that great and I was just miserably sick. And it was about 95 degrees out.

This year, it’s supposed to be 66. Big difference. We are having it at our home, homemade by my own personal chef (ha), and I am not sick.

Here is what I am grateful for:

My health, M’s Health, my family, my mother around for another Thanksgiving, my friends, my readers, my readers who have become friends, the country I live in, for all its problems is still pretty damn great, Luna, my job, because yeah, we need jobs, my healthcare insurance, the ability I have to write stories that people care about and want to read, my house, still standing.

I am sure there are other things I have forgotten. But those are the ones on my mind.


What are you thankful for?