I’m very pleased to have finished You’re in My Veins. Like most stories involving my boys, I probably could have gone on forever, or at least a few years. But I felt I had come to a place where I at least could end it.

That leaves only The Experiment left for my current WIPS for the Professor-Cadet series which is now up to like 21 stories. I am sure I will think of more because honestly those stories, set in the Academy, are my wheelhouse. I love the idea of getting them together at this point.

Not sure if I will get the next part of OMS ready for Friday but I will try.

Next up on updates is Where My Demons Hide. I left it at a very dark place and that’s going to continue but next chapter is going to be very much Spock/Kirk centered. I’ve started it, in fact started it not long after finishing the last chapter, but it’s not ready by any means, nor will it be until next week.

I have an idea for a one-shot too that I hope to start in the not too distant future but I am determined that it will be a one-shot and not go on forever and ever. LOL

Hard to believe next week is the 4th of July already. As I think I mentioned, on the evening of the 3rd we go to M’s cousin who lives in a city that does their fireworks on the 3rd. Weird, but true, and they have done that for years and years. Back in the old days it was free to get into the park near where they let them off and so we often attended with a group of friends. We’d bring blankets and KFC. It was fun. So many years ago now, really, that one of my friends who we used to go with passed away over ten years ago now, so yeah, long time we used to do that. They never put on the best show ever, but it was good. And free at a time where my own city was not (they are now). Then they began to charge and oddly enough it got busier than when it was free. It became such a hassle to get in there and get out that we all sort of mutually decided not to go.

Then M’s cousin started renting a place in the hills of the city and she had the perfect view of the fireworks the city lets off without all the hassle of the crowds. We could cook our own food, drink, play with the doggy she has. All in all a way better experience. We’ve been doing it there ever since.

On the 4th, we will have a bbq at the sister’s house in our own city. Sometimes we walk down to the park that they have the fireworks at and sometimes we watch from her house. Not sure what we will do this year. But the show is one of the best you’ve ever seen. A few years back they had a disaster involving exploding fireworks (no one was killed or maimed or anything) but they had to cancel as we were all sitting there waiting. It was something because as we were walking back to her house the news helicopters were everywhere.

Anyway, I’m blathering. It’s probably my favorite part of summer. Once that passes I am always eager for my favorite time to arrive, Autumn and the holidays! Alas, summer continues merrily burning on! HA

Last week I was talked into seeing Solo. It was okay. Better than I expected and pretty decent if I pretended he had nothing to do with Harrison Ford’s character, ha ha. I liked it better than Rogue One which I hated. This week we will be seeing Ocean’s 8.

Finally finished reading Needful Things. One of Stephen King’s long novels. It’s really sad how the people turn on each other and murder each other in a mob frenzy. I was glad to see some of my favorites in the story actually survived but some of the deaths and some of what went on, just terrible. You’d like to think people are better than that, but in today’s modern times, I can’t think that anymore.

That will be all until next week (unless OMS is updated Friday). Take care everyone and please be careful out there.