Down in the street, in front of their apartment, Spock’s gaze searched for his husband. He did not see Jim anywhere.

Normally when given the choice, Jim would go right. But if Jim left the apartment to go to the place he liked to get food from for breakfast, that was left.

Spock went left and made it half a block when he saw Jim, his beautiful, wonderful, sweet husband, wearing brown slacks that were really too big for him now, a brown plaid flannel shirt, and a brown cardigan sweater. He was looking around the crowded area looking frightened and uncertain.

He hurried to him, not wanting to waste any time reaching him.


Jim turned in relief at the sound of Spock’s voice. His eyes began to fill with tears. “Spock! Spock. I-I got lost.”

Spock enveloped him into his arms, holding him close against him, breathing him in. “It is all right, darling. I am here now.”

“I-I went to get breakfast. I can’t find the place. Is it gone? Did it move?”

He was shaking and Spock almost gave into a very emotional display of his own.

“No, kanbu.” He framed Jim’s face and kissed him. “Do not fret so. I am here and it is all right.”

Jim nodded.

“If you still want to pick up breakfast, I will take you there.”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Spock smiled gently. “I was very surprised.”

Jim smiled back and slid his hands over to Spock’s holding them. “I should have just woke you up and had you come with me.”

“Indeed. Next time you will.” He kept Jim’s hand in his as they made their way to the breakfast place that had breakfast to go.