Baby Spock

So I started a new story, Nine Lives, which will no doubt fill those who think I shouldn’t write anything new with the proper outrage. But I wanted to have something a little fun to write for myself, though there will be elements of angst. It’s still me. Honestly it’s another idea that sort of became more than I intended when I first thought about it while lying awake at night.

I still intend to update All I Ever Wanted this week. Not sure if I will get to Unbonded until next week. I also hope to finish my ongoing 100 words story PDQ.

On the personal front I bought a new coffeemaker. There was nothing wrong with my Keuring, honestly, but this one is a Hamilton Beach coffeemaker that can brew a carafe of coffee or a k-cup, both. I loved that idea. I’ve been eyeing it for a bit and finally broke down and got it from QVC because I could spread the payments out between 3 months. I just received it last night. Now I can make pots of coffees for us or for guests or whatever or just a single couple if it’s only me. Plus I’ll probably use less k-cups, which are bad for the environment.

Went and saw A Quiet Place last night. Pretty damn disturbing to be honest. I don’t know which of you has heard about this movie but it is intense and not good for the faint of heart. I heard there is going to be a sequel and I think I may have to skip that.

The last few days have been cool here and yesterday, on May 01, we had some rain. It was shocking. Funny thing is it’s supposed to be 85 Friday. Thus is the enigma of California.

Speaking of Friday I have a follow-up Doctor’s appointment I do not want to go to. Sigh. And he wants me to have some tests. Ordinary tests for those my age but still. I hate tests and doctors. I haven’t made any of those appointments yet so I will have to lie a bit Friday and say I did and then I will make them later.

Don’t even ask me when I last went to the dentist. You don’t want to know! LOL.