So Saturday went off to the two-year-old’s birthday party at Shakey’s. Traffic was horrendous because of an accident so even though we left more than two hours early we were about five minutes late! We did get to meet my three month old grand niece, too. What a sweetheart. Another group of family members were an hour late because of the traffic and we only had the space reserved for an hour and a half. Oops.

Despite the ridiculous speed of the weekend, I did manage to get You’re in My Veins updated. Right after that, of course, AO3 had a meltdown and was down for a while. Sigh. Oh well.

On the agenda this week is Young and Beautiful, All I Ever Wanted, and Unbonded. That’s definitely enough.

I will have new updates to 100 words coming up on the weekend. I am working toward the conclusion of that soon and then after that I don’t know what I will have for the blog. We shall see.