So I have today off work, which is always a good thing.

Had a nice weekend. Was alone for most of Saturday, but spent it writing, watching stuff, and playing games. Sunday was a family thing so I was gone most of the day. It wasn’t an emphasis on Easter as we aren’t really religious people but cousins were visiting from another state so we have a get together.

Today I am just chilling though I did get an angst filled chapter of When it Began up.

I got my artist for my T’hy’la Bang story over the weekend. I am excited to see what the artist comes up with. I’ve seen her work and she’s great, though she mostly does TOS. I can’t wait to see the art work she comes up with but she does have until the end of May and of course I can’t share it with anyone anyway! Posting of my story and her artwork won’t be until the last two weeks of June.

This week I will be working on When I Fall in Love, my Cinderella story, and For the First Time in My Life I was Happy.