Story with the most hits:  40,836 Lessons of Love

Story with the most kudos: 1826 Lesson’s of Love

Story with the most bookmarks (including private bookmarks): 508 In Another Life (second most Kudos at 1809)

Story with the most comments: 1863 Not in Love

Most popular stories from 2013 (my first year) :

Unrequited, The Bond Between Them, Illogical Infatuation, Visiting Spock or  How Jim Got Mini-Pon Farr, and Secret Santa.

First story posted on AO3 by me: The Bond Between Them

Longest Story posted: 114,901 Going Boldly

Shortest Story posted: 247 Wistful 

Most popular story of 2017 so far (began in 2016): My Devotion