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WDPLUF (An Old Story, a New Beginning)

Earlier this year for personal reasons I will not go into, I deleted a story from AO3 called Keep Forgetting.

I have decided to rewrite this story significantly and post it here. When it is finished, I will be making a PDF copy with artwork, probably, to give to anyone who wants the full copy. I anticipate posting a chapter once a week (Thursdays) here until finished. I do not know if it will ever get posted on AO3, so I warn you now, this is probably the place to come to read it.

I have changed the title since I don’t believe ‘Keep Forgetting’ works for the new version of this story. Some of the things I am changing are Jim’s and Spock’s ages. They both have been aged up by quite a bit. Spock will be almost 21 and Jim about 18 or so. Spock, like his Mother, will be teaching in this version, rather than being a student himself. Some elements will be the same, but you will have to see as I am re-writing it as I go.

This is very clearly an alternate universe/version.

Where Do People Like Us Float

Chapter 1: The Meet

As a young Vulcan, Spock had certain chores he was expected to do to assist his parents. In this case, specifically his mother, who was actually Human.

His assigned chore on that night was to take out the garbage, including the parts that could be recycled.

According to legend, family legend only, his mother, Amanda Grayson, had met his father, Sarek, when Sarek had been visiting Earth, where she was from. Sarek was a number of years older than Amanda when they met, and in fact had already had a son with a previous wife, that one Vulcan. They were not to talk about that though. Any of it. Father’s previous wife was gone and his son…well. Spock was not sure.

Since Vulcans had longer life spans than Humans did, their age difference did not seem to matter overly much.

Mother advised Spock that she had dated Father for three months. She had been surprised when he had asked her out during their first meeting at a park. Though they had little in common, initially, they had, according to Mother, “hit it off”, and three months later, Father asked her to be his wife and accept the ways of Vulcan and to move there with him. Mother said yes. And eventually, after some scientific assistance, Spock had been born.

That was twenty-three years ago now. And Spock, himself, had reached the age of twenty. And would be twenty-one in the not too distant future.

Presently, he and his mother, were on the planet Eltron II, which had a very similar atmosphere and surface to Earth. Father, being a diplomat of some importance, the Vulcan ambassador to Earth, and some other duties both Mother and Father kept from Spock, was away. Spock had taken a temporary teaching position on Eltron II because there was a pressing need and though his ultimate intention for his future was not to teach children, Mother had convinced him. Mother had also taken a teaching position as she had done quite a bit of teaching while on Earth. She had agreed to their temporary residence on Eltron II for two years. Once he had completed his teaching assignment, Spock’s intent was to apply to and attend the Vulcan Science Academy. He had no doubts at all that he would be accepted.

As Spock turned away from the recycling mechanism, he heard the tiny cry of “mew”.  He narrowed his eyes, trying to see in the darkness. Though he had very good eyesight, he did could not see particularly well in pitch black. Their house was outside the main city where the school Mother and he would teach, once the summer passed. The view of the stars was quite impressive but there were few neighbors and not many lights.

“Who is there?” he asked.

Predictably he got no response. He went to turn back to go into the house when the tiny cry sounded again, this time sounding closer to “meow.”

Spock stepped away from the trash and recycler area further into the yard and past his mother’s garden.

It was then that he saw a blond Human boy, perhaps seventeen or eighteen, crouched down next to a very small orange ball of fur. Spock suspected it was a kitten.


The boy started, glancing quickly up at Spock, blue eyes wide. And they were bluer than any eyes Spock had ever seen. It was true Spock had a greater experience with Vulcans who all had brown eyes. But even at this distance the large blue eyes startled him.

“Uh, sorry. I, um, followed the kitten.”

“It is quite all right.” Spock came forward and knelt next to the boy and the kitten. “What is his name?”

“I think it’s a girl. But she doesn’t have a name. She’s not actually mine.”

“Who does she belong to?” Spock asked as the kitten rubbed up against his hand, purring.

“No one. She’s a stray. Her mama got killed. I feed her sometimes.” He lowered his gaze. “I’d take her in, but we can’t have any pets.”

To Spock’s surprise, the kitten crawled up his leg.

The boy laughed. “She likes you. Maybe you could take her?”

“I do not know. I would have to check with my mother before assuming the care of a living being.”

“You’re a Vulcan, right?”

Spock nodded. “I am Spock.”

“Oh.” The boy licked his lips. “Hi. Um, Jim. I’m Jim Kirk.”

“Hello Jim.”

Jim smiled just a little. “Hello Spock. Are you here with your mom then?”

“Yes, we are to be teachers at the school when it begins. And you?”

“I’m here with my mom and stepfather. They both work at the institute in the city. Mom’s an engineer and my stepdad is a chemist.” Jim shrugged his rather bony shoulders. He seemed very thin and just a little frail. “I’m, uh, I’m recovering.”

“How long have you been on Eltron II?” Spock surveyed the boy closer. Besides being very thin, he was very pale, though also very attractive, at least to Spock.

“Only a couple of weeks. I came from somewhere else first.”


“That too,” Jim said softly.  His eyes went vacant for a moment. Then he smiled a little. “Mom was in Starfleet, but she left and took the job here. We’re supposed to be ‘starting over’.” Jim moved his fingers in an odd way that Spock thought was supposed to be quotation marks.

Spock wanted to ask starting over from what, but suspected that was the sort of information one did not ask on the first meeting.

There was a loud banging noise coming from the direction Jim came from that caused the kitten to scurry under Spock’s shirt, digging his claws into Spock’s flesh, and Jim to jump ten feet.

“James Tiberius Kirk!” a man shouted. “Get your ass home! And leave that damn cat alone.”

Jim bit his lip. “I have to go. It was nice to meet you, Spock.”

He rose from the ground and sped away into the darkness, leaving Spock with the kitten still clawing into him.

Spock carefully removed it from under his shirt and stared at the little creature, who tried to swat at his nose.

“I suppose it will do no harm to ask Mother if we may keep you.” Spock rose, cradling the tiny thing and brought it into the house to show Mother.

Mother was cleaning their dinner dishes when Spock came inside with the kitten. She turned to him with a smile as she dried her hands on a towel.

“What have you got, Spock?”

“A boy who lives nearby brought a kitten over who has no home. He is unable to care for her. I wondered if I would be able to keep her.”

Mother approached the tiny orange ball Spock held in his hands. “Oh, she is a tiny thing. I’d forgotten the colonists brought domestic animals with them from Earth. But to abandon one who has kittens? I’ll never understand people.” She rubbed the chin of the purring kitten.

“Then may we keep her?”

Mother smiled. “I don’t see why not. But she’ll need to be cared for carefully, Spock. She’ll need food and a litter box. We’ll have to clean up after her. And we should have her checked out in the city by a veterinarian.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Very well.  Tomorrow we’ll go and get what we need for her. What will you name her?”

“I do not know.”

Mother took the squirming kitten from Spock’s hands and held her up in front of her. “She looks like a Butterscotch to me.”

Spock nodded. “That is acceptable.”

“A boy you said?”

“Yes. Perhaps slightly younger than me. It is hard to tell his age for he appears to be…ill.” Which Spock found unsettling for some reason. “A Human boy.”

“A friend?”

“I am uncertain. Perhaps.” In truth, Spock didn’t make many friends. Back on Vulcan he had a somewhat adversarial relationship with his peers. They did not like his Human half. In his limited interactions with other species, they did not like his Vulcan half. Since Spock could change neither, he was uncertain what he was supposed to do about it.

“Well, you certainly have a new friend in Butterscotch, Spock.” She handed him the kitten, which he took to his room and placed her on the bed while he took out his PADD to write in the journal he had decided to keep when he arrived on Eltron II.

Today I met a Human named Jim.

And I obtained a pet. Her name is Butterscotch.

Fun Facts About My Stories (I think so anyway)

Story with the most hits:  40,836 Lessons of Love

Story with the most kudos: 1826 Lesson’s of Love

Story with the most bookmarks (including private bookmarks): 508 In Another Life (second most Kudos at 1809)

Story with the most comments: 1863 Not in Love

Most popular stories from 2013 (my first year) :

Unrequited, The Bond Between Them, Illogical Infatuation, Visiting Spock or  How Jim Got Mini-Pon Farr, and Secret Santa.

First story posted on AO3 by me: The Bond Between Them

Longest Story posted: 114,901 Going Boldly

Shortest Story posted: 247 Wistful 

Most popular story of 2017 so far (began in 2016): My Devotion

Ramblings of the Week, February 13, 2017


I think I am finally on the mend from my illness. I manage to sleep through the night without waking up with an absurd amount of coughing. I wouldn’t call myself 100%, probably more like 80% but it’s so much better.

I posted the first chapter of my Cinderella Spirk story, When I Fall in Love. I had thought of having this story be the one for the T’hy’la Big Bang and I discovered as I sat down to write it that it just wasn’t going to work for that. The minimum word count for that is 10,000 and I think I intend to keep my entry to about that. So never fear, I am sure I will come up with something for that.

The reaction to my short Valentine’s story, The Rose, has been mostly positive on AO3 (I did have one person think that Jim was cruel to Bones, but you know life isn’t always roses and wine and everything fine).

I am currently working on the next chapter of Young and Beautiful. I don’t actually think it was next in my spreadsheet, but I just felt like working on it.

I have been playing this silly game on my phone and right now they have a special game going where you can get a special pink fish for Valentine’s Day. Well, as most of those games do, they want you to spend money on their “free game” and last night I went a little nuts (it happens) and spent $50 on extras for the game just to get through the extra game to get the special pink fish. After I got her I just went, what the hell did I just do? I confessed my sins to my SO who was aghast to say the least. Ugh LOL.



One of the things I like to do with my stories is challenge myself. I started writing a couple of mpreg stories to see what the big deal is, for example. But even then the stories had to be different, which is why you got The Hardest Part and now Who’s the Daddy.

In 2016 I challenged myself to take place in the Old Married Spirk Challenge, writing both an TOS, Every Hour Has Come to This and an AOS entry, A Satisfactory Life.

This year, I am taking on the biggest challenge yet, taking part in the T’hy’la Big Bang challenge.  I saw the sign up and challenge information online yesterday and after a bit of discussion with a close friend, I decided to do it. While I can’t talk about the story I will be writing for it, I believe I am able to say that I am taking part in it. I think posting isn’t until June, though there are a number of deadlines before that. I probably won’t say much more than this on it, but I do hope I am not biting off more than I can chew.

Weekly Ramblings, January 23,2017


Nah I’m not coming at you from my vacation. I did this ahead of time and have scheduled it to post now.

I still have two fics that are wallowing in December dates when they were last updated and those are Anything and Young and Beautiful.

Anything is, of course, my story where in one Spock’s universe his bondmate, James Kirk, has died. Devastated by grief, Spock manages to invade the Kelvin universe where he has switched places with the Spock from that universe under the belief that Spock doesn’t want his Jim, so he will not care if he goes to a universe where Jim is dead.He takes his Bones along for the ride. The next chapter will involve what has happened to Kelvin Spock and Bones in the strange, unrecognizable place they find themselves in.

Young and Beautiful is the lustful romance between young James Kirk, just after the incident with Nero, and Ambassador Spock, who has taken up residence on New Vulcan. No doubt about it, Jim is hot to trot for our studious older Vulcan.

These will be the stories I will be updating next. Then I will likely get back to my Tarsus story, When it Began.

I haven’t started my fairytale Cinderella yet. I’d like to get some other stories finished before I tackle that. I still intend to do the winter story at some point as well. Right now I am a little overwhelmed by the amount of stories I have going.

In other news, I’ve been sick all week and it has been quite the struggle too. Everyone I know has been sick this week so it’s made things doubly and triply difficult. I’m going off on my trip anyway and won’t be back until Tuesday night.

This weeks picture is the world famous gif that everyone talks about. Take a look at that look on ZQ’s face and tell me that they haven’t.

That’s it for this week. Have a good one.


Random Observations from My Currently Tortured Mind


Above is where I wish I was today. In Germany. I’ve been there. At that castle. It’s gorgeous. Wish I was there this very second.

I’m tired. My emotional/mental state is seriously dragging right now.

I posted Who’s the Daddy and the response has been pretty good but now I have people telling me I don’t punish Spock enough and others arguing basically that Jim deserves to be treated badly because he slept with three people in 48 hours. It’s exhausted me and drained me and made me regret even posting it or anything right now, to be honest. Clearly I am not in the mood.

My family member is out of the hospital and recovering reasonably well. I will be seeing her this evening.

Is it just me or when you see the pictures from that interview Chris did with W Magazine the only reaction I could give was “Gee, I wish you’d wash your damn hair”. Sorry, greasy hair does nothing for me, even on Chris Pine.

So the other day we are watching the Karl Urban/Rock movie, Doom, for like the 10th time and there’s this strip of something lying on the tile floor on the way to our downstairs bathroom. Milo is going to the bathroom with the door open like always and goes, “What’s that on the floor?” I think it’s just like a strip of material or ribbon or something because the cats play with that stuff all the time. So I reached down to pick it up…and it’s a worm! Ugh. I screamed. Yes, I did. Which impressed the cats because they went running like Godzilla was coming through the front door or something. But it was slimy and wriggling like worms do. So I dropped it, picked up a tissue and killed it. Afterward, I was told I should have saved it and tossed it back outside. Keep in mind Milo has a bug jar he uses to traps spiders and the like to save their lives by returning them to the wild. I said next time he can pick up the worm.

What has this got to do with Doom? Not much. Other than that movie has some pretty gruesome things going on in it, like the tongue by itself just lashing around the lab. Yeah, Karl doesn’t always pick stellar movies to star in, let’s just say. But during a creepy movie to see a creepy worm, well, just gross.

My stomach has been bugging me for about three days now and I can honestly say I am sick of it.

Ramblings of the Week, 01/09/2017


Can’t say I’m digging the pants, but the rest I totally dig


So here I am at another week. Full work week, too. It’s nice having at least one day off a week. The good news is my job gives us MLK off so I have a three day weekend coming up.

In other news, perhaps unwisely, I began writing and posting my “Who’s the Daddy” story. I didn’t really need another work in progress, but it’s hard to control my urges sometimes. I know it causes me to neglect some other stories, but for the most part I do always finish my stories.

No real words of wisdom this week. Just plugging along in this thing called life.

Upcoming Stories

As you may or may not know I have a series on AO3 that is Star Trek fairytales. Currently this includes the now legendary, Slave as well as Trading Places, a sort of take on Prince and the Pauper, and the very sad, tragic, Every Four Years, my leap year short.

Look for the next story in the fairytale series coming to an A03 post near you. The next one will be Cinderella, staring our own Jim Kirk as Cinderella, and the Vulcany prince looking for his true love at the ball.


Here’s my sweet peasant


And the Vulcany prince (just imagine ears)


Perfection, right?

When? In the future is all I can say.

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (Maybe)

  • I’d never read Tolkien in school though many of my peers had. My first experience with it was when I saw Lord of the Rings. I fell in love with Hobbits, Elves, Humans, and Dwarves and ended up going to see the trilogy more than once. I own all three films. I actually read the books after I saw the movies and slogged through them. It was difficult but I found it a rewarding experience. I never did read The Hobbit nor have I seen the Hobbit films. I tried to watch part of the first one on Television and grew quickly disinterested.
  • I had never read the Harry Potter books prior to seeing the first movie. I loved the movies though. I preferred Richard Harris as Dumbledore, but alas he had to go and die. I thought he was a fabulous actor in everything he did and to me he was a more sympathetic and whimsical Dumbledore. I own all of the movies from this series too. I bought the books but in all honesty I found them nearly impossible to read.
  • I’ve always loved Star Trek. I can’t say I initially shipped Kirk and Spock but I certainly did later and well before the reboot movies. I’ve loved and watched all versions of Star Trek except I still haven’t seen Voyager or Enterprise. My plan is to someday. Like most, I hated the movie Generations for what it did to Kirk (And Spock, really, because of the whole Antonia nonsense).
  • I was ecstatic when the first Star Trek reboot movie came out and I loved it. Seeing it multiple times. When I first saw it, though I agreed Jim was cute, I didn’t go crazy for him. It wasn’t until I owned the movie on DVD that my obsession with Chris began. I also began taking note of Zach. Once I did that, my fanfiction “career” began. I never ever liked the Spock/Uhura pairing because I already shipped Kirk and Spock from TOS.
  • I’ve probably seen every episode of Ironside, Colombo, McMillan & Wife, and Murder She Wrote
  • I had a gigantic crush on Rutger Hauer in Ladyhawke. He was so badass with his armor and giant sword and turning into a wolf. Such a romantic, tragic tale. But it annoyed the crap out of me that she only ever called his hero, Etienne Navarre by his last name.
  • I liked the first three Star Wars movies well enough but I still wonder what the fuss is about
  • I own Halloween and Halloween 2
  • I didn’t learn to drive until I was in my 30s
  • I loved the show The Wonder Years
  • I loved the mystery and weirdness of Twin Peaks until they made it about demon possession
  • I drink cream with a little coffee (this is referred to by me as the Coffee of Love)
  • I like beer and wine but I am not much of a mixed drink drinker
  • I love every kind of seafood but tilapia. I even eat it hardcore raw like sashimi
  • I’ve tried frogs legs (sorry Kermit), snails, and rabbit (didn’t like any of them)
  • I do not like ham but I love bacon and pork chops
  • I’ve needed glasses since the 9th grade
  • I’ve considered the FBI, acting, journalism, and historian as careers in the past
  • I prefer Stephen King over Dean Koontz but have widely read both
  • My favorite move used to be The Godfather. I still like it a lot but it’s been taken over a long time ago.
  • I took German in high school
  • Eeyore once pinched my butt
  • I used to voraciously read books on the mob (Lucky Luciano, Myer Lansky, Bugsy Segal)
  • I freaking love the first 6 seasons of Midsomer Murders
  • I loved the first two seasons of American Horror Story (Zach was in both, coincidence? I think not), but haven’t been able to stomach the gore and horror of any other seasons
  • I actually liked the movie Agent 47: Hitman with Zach and own it. He looked hot in it
  • I think the first two Spiderman’s with Toby Maguire were the best superhero movies ever made. Next comes the first Avengers.
  • I love the main theme from Cider House Rules (it’s also the theme for the commercials for Michigan’s “Pure Michigan” tourist commercials narrated by Tim Allen)
  • I sometimes just sit and play Spirk videos for hours
  • I love role playing video games and was a huge fan of Final Fantasy

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