Nah I’m not coming at you from my vacation. I did this ahead of time and have scheduled it to post now.

I still have two fics that are wallowing in December dates when they were last updated and those are Anything and Young and Beautiful.

Anything is, of course, my story where in one Spock’s universe his bondmate, James Kirk, has died. Devastated by grief, Spock manages to invade the Kelvin universe where he has switched places with the Spock from that universe under the belief that Spock doesn’t want his Jim, so he will not care if he goes to a universe where Jim is dead.He takes his Bones along for the ride. The next chapter will involve what has happened to Kelvin Spock and Bones in the strange, unrecognizable place they find themselves in.

Young and Beautiful is the lustful romance between young James Kirk, just after the incident with Nero, and Ambassador Spock, who has taken up residence on New Vulcan. No doubt about it, Jim is hot to trot for our studious older Vulcan.

These will be the stories I will be updating next. Then I will likely get back to my Tarsus story, When it Began.

I haven’t started my fairytale Cinderella yet. I’d like to get some other stories finished before I tackle that. I still intend to do the winter story at some point as well. Right now I am a little overwhelmed by the amount of stories I have going.

In other news, I’ve been sick all week and it has been quite the struggle too. Everyone I know has been sick this week so it’s made things doubly and triply difficult. I’m going off on my trip anyway and won’t be back until Tuesday night.

This weeks picture is the world famous gif that everyone talks about. Take a look at that look on ZQ’s face and tell me that they haven’t.

That’s it for this week. Have a good one.