One of the things I like to do with my stories is challenge myself. I started writing a couple of mpreg stories to see what the big deal is, for example. But even then the stories had to be different, which is why you got The Hardest Part and now Who’s the Daddy.

In 2016 I challenged myself to take place in the Old Married Spirk Challenge, writing both an TOS, Every Hour Has Come to This and an AOS entry, A Satisfactory Life.

This year, I am taking on the biggest challenge yet, taking part in the T’hy’la Big Bang challenge.  I saw the sign up and challenge information online yesterday and after a bit of discussion with a close friend, I decided to do it. While I can’t talk about the story I will be writing for it, I believe I am able to say that I am taking part in it. I think posting isn’t until June, though there are a number of deadlines before that. I probably won’t say much more than this on it, but I do hope I am not biting off more than I can chew.