Above is where I wish I was today. In Germany. I’ve been there. At that castle. It’s gorgeous. Wish I was there this very second.

I’m tired. My emotional/mental state is seriously dragging right now.

I posted Who’s the Daddy and the response has been pretty good but now I have people telling me I don’t punish Spock enough and others arguing basically that Jim deserves to be treated badly because he slept with three people in 48 hours. It’s exhausted me and drained me and made me regret even posting it or anything right now, to be honest. Clearly I am not in the mood.

My family member is out of the hospital and recovering reasonably well. I will be seeing her this evening.

Is it just me or when you see the pictures from that interview Chris did with W Magazine the only reaction I could give was “Gee, I wish you’d wash your damn hair”. Sorry, greasy hair does nothing for me, even on Chris Pine.

So the other day we are watching the Karl Urban/Rock movie, Doom, for like the 10th time and there’s this strip of something lying on the tile floor on the way to our downstairs bathroom. Milo is going to the bathroom with the door open like always and goes, “What’s that on the floor?” I think it’s just like a strip of material or ribbon or something because the cats play with that stuff all the time. So I reached down to pick it up…and it’s a worm! Ugh. I screamed. Yes, I did. Which impressed the cats because they went running like Godzilla was coming through the front door or something. But it was slimy and wriggling like worms do. So I dropped it, picked up a tissue and killed it. Afterward, I was told I should have saved it and tossed it back outside. Keep in mind Milo has a bug jar he uses to traps spiders and the like to save their lives by returning them to the wild. I said next time he can pick up the worm.

What has this got to do with Doom? Not much. Other than that movie has some pretty gruesome things going on in it, like the tongue by itself just lashing around the lab. Yeah, Karl doesn’t always pick stellar movies to star in, let’s just say. But during a creepy movie to see a creepy worm, well, just gross.

My stomach has been bugging me for about three days now and I can honestly say I am sick of it.