Happy 39th 08/26/2019

As some of you know, our garage was broken into on Friday while we were at work. The garage is separate from our townhome, fortunately, but they did take a few things, including an unopened portable AC, as well as breaking our garage door opener mechanism. We’d been delaying getting one of those new sliding metal garage doors and openers that most of our complex had, with us having the original wooden door, but looks like we are no longer able to delay that. It was a cost thing, but God or the burglar, made that decision for us. So this week we are dealing with getting estimates, HOA approval etc. We had a very nice police officer out Friday night, but he admitted there was little they could really do since there are no cameras and all that. I suspect that someone targeted the AC because nothing else of value was really taken. It was a break in, grab and go kind of thing. But definitely makes you disappointed in your fellow human beings.

In other news, we are still celebrating M’s birthday. We had a get together at a friend’s on Saturday and Sunday night it’s a dinner with the family at a nice restaurant. M’s birthday is actually Tuesday but it’s easier to celebrate on a weekend. Plus when we get home from work Tuesday, one of the garage door people will be by to give us an estimate on everything.

Coming up for updates this week should be The Fling, Stranded 3 and The Mysterious One. I love the flash coming on Friday very much. And I have a new flash series coming on Wednesday too.

This coming weekend in front of us is Labor Day, of course. We are going to the Hollywood Bowl Saturday the 31st for the John Williams Music thing. Should be fun. Then is the three day weekend! And September. Busy times, my friends.

Tomorrow is Chris Pine’s birthday, so I am including a fan video someone made a few years back. Fun!