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Upcoming Flash Months

I’ve decided to stick with themes for the rest of the months of the year. For example this month is Christmas in July.

For August it will be summer related flashes, with a few minor exceptions because I have already written them and scheduled them.

When I was growing up we always went back to school in September, not like kids do these days, so September will be Starfleet Academy flashes.

October will be Halloween/Harvet themed flashes, nothing too scary, I don’t think.

November will be Autumn and family gatherings, thankfulness.D

For December I was toying with what to do. Sure I could do the 25 Days thing again with songs but I was afraid I might be repeating some of the same stuff. So I began to think that instead of a different Spirk couple every day what if I do a chapter each day in December of one holiday romance story. And oddly enough just as I was getting ready to post this idea and ask if everyone was onboard with this, my friend J, who’d been talking about it with me, made this VERY suggestion to me. It’s like she read my mind!

Now I must admit to you now that I find most Hallmark movies a little corny for my tastes, but I will do my best to make a very Spirky type holiday romance for that month.

So there you have it! My plans.

For August, September, October and November I will be sticking with MWF flashes only (unless inspiration hits me and I do an extra)..

Exciting stuff my friends! Or I hope you think so.

So I am…

Thinking out loud. No not the song. Although now that I mention it, you never know when that will become a song fic.

Nine Lives is coming to an end soon. By mid to late summer, surely. And I’ve been promising for a while to continue the story I started in Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, part one of the T’hy’la Chronicles. So I am thinking when Nine Lives is complete, that’s where I’m headed. Likewise, it won’t be much longer for Cadet Ashayam and that leads me to my next story after, Best Friends, in the How I Met My T’hy’la series.

That’s where my thoughts are going. Not sure when I will get to them, but they are coming.

I have a million stories I could write, we all know that. The one from here where Spock marries Uhura and Jim is suddenly very much in Carol Marcus’ orbit again. A full story with Vanik, the match-making child.

First I have to finish the Bang story. Has to be basically finished by the end of this month and then posted in June. I will get my posting date next week I believe. I had been matched with an artist but that’s all I have now. I think I can tell you the title now (pish even if I can’t I’m going to) and it is “The Closer I Get to You”

The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all you got
Your love has captured me

Anyway there you have it. I’ll post more as I know it.

I have only one more flash to write for May. Will there be M,W and F flashes for June…stay tuned.

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Sunday Night Ramblings, September 15, 2019

Well, if I needed proof no one pays the slightest bit of attention to me on tumblr, I got it the other day when I attempted to tout my two song fics I posted here on there.

Crickets (yeah you get a cute animated one)

Ah, well live and learn.

I am excited for you all to read all my flashes coming up. I am thoroughly scheduled all the way through October now. I am soooo pleased with myself. I really am. Some of these flashes coming up are just great, if I do say so myself.

I have only the four Wednesday ones to write for November and then I will be finished for flashes all the way through then. I plan to have those done this coming week. My OMS story for November is complete too.

Once November’s are finished, I will take a break from writing flashes and not start the December ones until October.

AO3 updates for this week are Nine Lives and Cadet Ashayam. Sorry, that’s all I can manage right now.

Mylochkatee from tumblr has been going crazy with artwork today and she did a bunch for me. I have added some here for you to see but please check her out on AO3 and give her your kudos. They are well deserved. In particular check out the “Princes” one she did. Stunning.

In an Effort to Keep You Informed

Tomorrow, the next chapter of The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth (Stranded 3) will be going up.

Artwork Courtesy of MyLochKatee

Friday is one of my absolute favorite flashes I have written lately (maybe ever). Had so much fun with it.

Then comes up the long weekend. Hollywood Bowl is Saturday and family stuff and chilling and dealing with all the garage stuff. I am going to be working on getting November Friday Flashes settled. So don’t expect much in the way of updates over the weekend.

Next up in updates for next week are Didn’t We Almost Have it All and The Space in My Bed. Friday, September 06th begins the start of September’s Song Flashes. Wednesday will also have the continuation of the Wednesday flashes.

I had thoughts of taking a different walk around for my Walk With Me post for August, but I just didn’t get the chance. Life got in the way. I did do a post earlier in the month, so we’ll see what I can do with the walks in September.

Also in the month of September I will be experimenting with cheesecake recipes. (Plain New York Style this time)

In general what do I have to do writing-wise, I still need to finish my OMS story (don’t expect anything long folks) so it’s ready for November, and get cracking on that Christmas Jim/Prime story. I still haven’t decided if there will be other Christmas/Holiday related fare other than a few flashes. We’ll see if inspiration strikes. There may be a sequel in there somewhere for How to Survive the Winter Break With a Vulcan Instructor.

PS. My Devotion was updated

Ramblings August 25, 2019

Happy 39th 08/26/2019

As some of you know, our garage was broken into on Friday while we were at work. The garage is separate from our townhome, fortunately, but they did take a few things, including an unopened portable AC, as well as breaking our garage door opener mechanism. We’d been delaying getting one of those new sliding metal garage doors and openers that most of our complex had, with us having the original wooden door, but looks like we are no longer able to delay that. It was a cost thing, but God or the burglar, made that decision for us. So this week we are dealing with getting estimates, HOA approval etc. We had a very nice police officer out Friday night, but he admitted there was little they could really do since there are no cameras and all that. I suspect that someone targeted the AC because nothing else of value was really taken. It was a break in, grab and go kind of thing. But definitely makes you disappointed in your fellow human beings.

In other news, we are still celebrating M’s birthday. We had a get together at a friend’s on Saturday and Sunday night it’s a dinner with the family at a nice restaurant. M’s birthday is actually Tuesday but it’s easier to celebrate on a weekend. Plus when we get home from work Tuesday, one of the garage door people will be by to give us an estimate on everything.

Coming up for updates this week should be The Fling, Stranded 3 and The Mysterious One. I love the flash coming on Friday very much. And I have a new flash series coming on Wednesday too.

This coming weekend in front of us is Labor Day, of course. We are going to the Hollywood Bowl Saturday the 31st for the John Williams Music thing. Should be fun. Then is the three day weekend! And September. Busy times, my friends.

Tomorrow is Chris Pine’s birthday, so I am including a fan video someone made a few years back. Fun!

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