Hands suddenly covered Spock’s eyes so he could no longer see the book he had been reading.

“Guess who?”

Spock covered the hands with his own, removed them from covering his vision, and turned. “Jim!”

Jim laughed. “Good guess. Well, especially since you were looking right at me.” He thrust Spock’s book aside. Spock suddenly had a lap full of Jim. “Hiya, sweetheart.”

Spock put his arms around Jim. “I thought you were not returning from the conference for two more days.”

“I got bored, so I left early.” Jim glanced around their yard where Spock sat in a Adirondack chair. “You’re not too cold out here?”

“I have my blanket. And I was thinking of returning inside.”

Jim snuggled close to him. “I’ll warm you up.”

Spock accepted the snuggling. “I had intended to make you dinner when you were back in two days for our…”

“Our?” Jim prompted.

“Anniversary,” Spock admitted, blushing.

Jim scrunched up his face. “Our…but we bonded in December. And we got married in January.”

Spock sighed, blushing more. “The anniversary of when I first realized I was in love with you.”

“Oh.” Jim stared at him.

“Ridiculous, I know. Never mind. It was a stupid notion.”

“Oh, honey! No.” Jim put his hands on Spock’s face. “I love that. I love you. I was just…taken aback. Because you are never particularly romantic.” Jim leaned in and kissed him. “And that’s just…wow.”

Spock smiled slightly when Jim pulled away. “I haven’t cooked you dinner yet. It might be terrible.”

“Eh. We can make it together.” Jim got off Spock’s lap and reached down to pull Spock up. “Let’s go inside. I can’t wait to show you just how much I missed you.”