For a long time, Spock continued to sit on the couch with Jim sleeping against his shoulder.

It ended up being a rather unexpected way to spend his evening. He had intended to spend a quiet evening alone in his apartment reading a new astrophysics research paper.

But then he’d come across the mess that was Jim Kirk.

If only he had not been such an appealing mess. Spock probably should not have involved himself. While Jim was not in any of Spock’s classes, he was still a cadet and there was potential for conflict.

But as he watched Jim sleep, Spock found he did not care about that as much as he probably should have.

It wasn’t that he thought no one should be alone for the holidays. Terran holidays held no interest for Spock. He himself had thought to be alone during the break period until his mother had asked him to come home to Vulcan. But even then it was not with the intention to celebrate anything. He had, when he had decided he would go to Vulcan, spending the bulk of his time in meditating solitude. Constantly being barraged by Human emotions took a toll on him and he had looked to the break to ease that toll.

That was no longer an option. Not for Spock.

He could not leave Jim alone, holidays or not, winter break or not, and so, as he’d told his mother, he would not be going to Vulcan. Perhaps in the spring. And if it was not too optimistic, perhaps he would be bringing Jim with him.

For now, Spock decided Jim needed to go to bed. He shifted a little so that Jim was no longer leaning so heavily on his and got up from the couch. Then he reached down and scooped the human up into his arms.

He stirred for just a moment before settling back, continue to sleep as Spock carried him toward what appeared to be the bedrooms of Jim’s apartment. It was set up similarly to Spock’s own, although in Spock’s the second bedroom was his meditation room. Here he was unsure which room belonged to Jim, at least at first glance. But as he lingered in the doorway of the room on the right he decided it did not fit Jim and was likely Leonard McCoy’s.

As soon as he entered the left room, with the unmade bed, Spock knew this was it. It smelled like Jim, which was a pleasing scent indeed.

He carefully placed Jim on the bed. He was fully dressed in jeans and a shirt and Spock actually did consider removing his clothing, but decided they were not yet to the point where that would be appropriate and he pulled up the sheet and blanket to cover the sleeping cadet.

Spock left the bedroom and set about cleaning the apartment. It was not atrociously dirty but it needed work and Spock appeared to have energy to burn. He got rid of all the trash, cleaned the kitchen, straightened the living room.

He even set up the coffeemaker so that in the morning all Jim would have to do was press the button.

At the end of it all, he went to check on Jim, who still lay cocooned amongst the covers, looking very sweet and unexpectedly innocent. Spock once more felt a tug in his side.

Leaving Jim to sleep, Spock slipped out of Jim’s apartment to return to his own. In the morning, he would return to make Jim breakfast, but for now, there was nothing more to be done.