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When Jim opened his eyes his bedroom was light and he was bundled up in enough covers to keep a snowman warm. And he was no snowman. He thrust the covers off, panting at being too hot.

The thing was he didn’t even remember going to bed and he certainly wouldn’t have slept in his clothes.

And then he remembered how he’d spent last night.


It must have been Spock who’d put him to bed.

The apartment was very quiet which probably meant Spock was long gone. And what had he expected? Spock to stay to watch over him while he slept? Ha. Hardly.

Still he knew a moment of disappointment that his seemingly magical night with Spock was over. But…he reminded himself, Spock did speak of the future. When talking about tea, but still, it counted.

Jim got out of bed and went directly to into the bathroom, and then after relieving himself, he got into the shower.

He was walking out of his bedroom, rubbing his hair dry with a towel when there was a knock on his door.

Jim immediately hoped it was Spock. Why Spock would come first thing in the morning, he didn’t know, but he just really hoped it was.

He kind of ran to the door.

Spock stood there, all right, wearing this incredibly sexy charcoal gray sweater and black slacks. And carrying a bag that smelled like fresh baked bread.

Jim decided he’d died and gone to heaven after all.


“Good morning, Jim.” Spock’s gaze dropped from Jim’s face to his bare chest. He blinked rapidly. “You have no shirt.”

“Oh.” Jim laughed. “Yeah. Just got out of the shower. But at least I’m wearing pants, right? Come in.”

Spock did, looking vaguely dazed and a tad greener than usual.

“You okay?”

“I…yes.” He rattled the bag. “I have brought croissants for breakfast. I had thought to make breakfast, but I am afraid that I must confess something.”

Jim smiled encouragingly. “Yeah?”

“I do not enjoy cooking.”

He laughed again and noticed that Spock’s cheeks became greener. He just hoped it didn’t mean Spock was getting sick. “That’s cool. Croissants will work perfect. I just need to make coffee.”

Jim went into the kitchen with Spock right on his heels. He looked at his coffeemaker. “Oh. It’s ready.” He looked at Spock. “Did you set it up for me?”

Spock nodded but didn’t say anything.

“I think I’m in love,” Jim said, jokingly as he pressed the on button. “I’ll go put on a shirt and then I can make you tea.”

“I will make it.”

“Even better.” Jim grinned. “Thank you. This is awesome. Be right back.” He went toward his bedroom and the realized Spock was following him. He stopped and turned. “I’ll be right back. Really. Just have to put on a shirt.”

Spock nodded and then took a step forward, then stopped and straightened. “Yes. Yes. I will wait. Make tea.”

Jim patted his arm. “Good idea.”

And then he went into his room to look for a shirt.


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