This pair is the Mirror Spock and Mirror Kirk from several chapters of Going Boldly. I had the urge to revisit them and show them together.


Jim turned from his terminal just as Spock stepped inside his quarters.

“You did not attend the holiday party.”

He shrugged. “I got busy. Was comming with Mom for a long time.”

“The holiday party you had a part in organizing.” Spock sat on the edge of the desk. “Is there a problem with your mother?”

“No. Just the holiday stuff. She’s on Deneva with my brother and his family.”

“Your brother?” Spock arched a brow. “You do not mention him. Is he someone with whom you do not keep in touch?”

Jim smiled. “You could say that. He left home when I was a kid. That changed my life forever and not for the good. He can rot for all I care.”

Spock just stared at him, his brown eyes becoming more intense. “Is he someone I will need to take care of?”

Jim raised his eyebrows. “Take care of?” He frowned, then shook his head. “No, Spock. You cannot dispatch all my enemies.”

“I can, ashayam,” Spock assured him. “To do so would be my greatest honor. Name the location of your tormenters and they will cease to exist.”

“Er, yeah. Sam’s just a dick, he’s not a tormenter. Not anymore.”

“Past tormentor—”

“Spock, no. I thought you’d be at the party longer. With Uhura.”

“Nyota is still there enjoying herself.”

“I hope you didn’t leave the party to check on me, Spock. It’s not necessary.”

“You are my t’hy’la. My place is by your side.”

“If you were enjoying yourself—” Jim stopped and laughed. “Oh. Sorry. I forgot Vulcans don’t enjoy.”

“Not without their mates.” Spock fingered his beard as he looked at Jim. “There is still so much you hold back from me, Adun.”

“Spock.” He shook his head.

“I know you have your reasons for keeping so many things secret. You are very powerful, for one who is psi-null, in blocking large portions of your thoughts and memories.” Spock reached for Jim’s hand and held on to it. “You still do not trust that I am no threat to you. I worship you. My devotion to you is absolute, ashayam.”

Jim looked down at their entwined hands. “Do you remember when you went to the other universe after the other Jim?”

Spock frowned. “I thought you no longer thought about that time. That you had forgiven me my trespasses.”

“I have forgiven you,” Jim agreed, his gaze rising to Spock. “But no longer think about it? That is not possible.”

“Jim.” The Vulcan fidgeted, looking suddenly quite vulnerable.

“I love you,” he assured Spock.  He brought Spock’s hand to his lips and kissed the fingers there, earning him a shiver. “I do. I think I did even before you betrayed me by going after the other Jim Kirk.”

“I was a fool. I loved you, but you seemed completely unattainable.”

“I was then,” Jim admitted. “I wanted nothing to do with you or anyone. I was convinced you would murder me given the chance.”

“Perhaps then I would have. I would give my life a hundred times over for you. You are my life.”

Jim smiled and kissed Spock’s hand once more. “You are my holiday miracle.”

Spock’s brows furrowed. “We did not get together during the holidays.”

Jim laughed. “I know, babe. The thing is, when you left our universe to go find some pale, ridiculous imitation of me—”

“He was not ridiculous. He was precious and did not—”

“Watch yourself, Vulcan.” His eyes narrowed.

“He can never compare to you, my Adun.”

“I was…furious. Hurt. Betrayed. And I wanted you dead.”


Jim got up from his desk chair and straddled Spock’s legs, putting his arms around his Vulcan. “Not anymore, babe. Not anymore.”

Spock kissed him, deep and hard and hungry. “I will destroy anyone that comes near you.”

“I just…I trust you. I wouldn’t be here with you, if I didn’t. But you’re the only one I trust. Probably the only one I can ever trust. And I hope that you really do love me.”

“Beyond belief,” Spock whispered. He pulled Jim close, burying his face in Jim’s chest. “That you even give me the time of day—”

“Shh. No talk like that. It’s the holidays. Why don’t we both quit working and have some fun?”

Spock leaned back to meet his gaze. “You want to go to the party?”

“Do I look crazy? Don’t answer that. I avoided that revelry on purpose. You know that. I could have spoken to Mom another time. Parties give me the—”

“Willies. Yes, I am aware of your odd Terran phrases.” Spock pulled him closer. “And I know why. I will dispatch—”

“Spock.” Jim gave him a look. “By fun, I meant take me to bed and fuck me over and over until I can’t stand up and I can’t sit in the captain’s chair tomorrow.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “That does not seem particularly unusual.”

Jim smacked him upside the head. “Don’t be smug, Vulcan.”

“That should be ‘don’t be smug, husband.”

“Don’t be smug, Vulcan husband. Satisfied?”

Spock straightened, scooped him up and carried him toward their bed. “No, but I will see that we both are.”

“Did I give you permission to carry me?”

“Negative, my worshipped one.”

Jim sighed as Spock carefully placed him on the bed. “I shall have to punish you later.”

Spock arched a brow. “I look forward to any punishment you can dole out, my T’hy’la.”

“Yes, I am your T’hy’la and don’t you fucking forget it.” He leaned up, so Spock could finish removing his clothes. “Show me. Show me how much you love and want me.”

“I will show you repeatedly.”

Jim smirked. “Merry Christmas. Come.” He dragged Spock to him. “I want to unwrap my present.”