“I think I should have gotten more decorations,” Jim said, as he stood back to survey their handiwork. “It looks a little bare.”

“I prefer a minimalistic appearance.”

Jim fingered his jaw. “Well it’s a good thing, because it has that for sure.” Several branches lacked any ornaments or lights. And he even kind of thought about going out to get more or even the next day, but when he recalled the tree was basically for him at this point, and nobody else, it seemed kind of stupid and foolish to bother with more.

In fact when this tree came down in a few days, he was probably going to trash the decorations along with the tree. It would make things a lot easier.

In the meantime the twinkling white lights and red and gold decorations, what there were, looked pretty nice.

But he sort of was sorry they were done because Spock had also finished his tea and the pizza was gone. And that all meant there was really no reason for Spock to hang around his apartment anymore and Jim had already seen him glancing toward the door a couple of times.

If he’d had the ingredients to make cookies, Jim was pretty sure he would have desperately asked Spock to stay for that. He didn’t particularly want to be alone. But he also, more than anything, didn’t want Spock to leave. Short of kidnapping him, what could he do?

“So, um, anyway, I think what I want to do now is just turn off all the other lights and sit on the couch and look at the tree all lit up and pretty.” Jim smiled. He knew it sounded lame. Probably was. But he wanted to do that anyway.

Spock nodded and opened his mouth, Jim figured to say he would be on his way, but instead, Spock said, “You sit down and I will get all the lights and join you in a moment.”

He almost stared at Spock like he was nuts, but then thought better of that because it might not come off very well, so instead he hurried over to the couch and plopped down, very soon realizing that Spock intended to make himself another cup of tea.

“Would you like something, Jim? Coffee or—”

“No, I’m good. But I can make your tea.”

“Sit. I will be right back.”

And when Spock returned, tea in hand, he made sure all the lights were off except the tree and he sat down on the sofa very close to Jim.

In fact so close that if it had been anyone else, Jim probably would have scooted away. It was all he could do not to scoot closer.

The holiday music he had put on earlier played softly in the background and the glow from the white lights of the tree seemed warm and inviting. As was the Vulcan body next to his.

Before long he found that he was leaning in even closer and maybe even nodding off and every time Jim realized it, he tried to jar himself awake, because Spock certainly didn’t ask to be a pillow when he came upon Jim. But it became harder and harder to resist just sinking his head against that strong, broad shoulder.

His eyes drifted closed and he felt Spock wrap his arm around him and pull him closer and Jim did not resist.