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Tonight our power will be turned off and isn’t supposed to come back on until about 4AM. Sigh. I guess it will definitely be dark for sleeping.

Looks like Disneyland on Sunday is happening as we have scheduled the time for leaving and everything. I suppose I will still be skeptical until I walk through the gate! HA.

Tomorrow will be another Flash Fic Friday. So you have that to look forward to.

You all know I finished Where My Demons Hide. It’s a relief to have it over. That leaves me with only 11 current WIPs. I say “only” because I have had at one time or another more than 15.

My plan right now is not to post any more WIPs. If I have something finished, like the Christmas story, I will post it, but once those WIPs are completed, I won’t be posting any more. It’s very possible I won’t be writing any more fan fics at all once those are done. I think I’m getting close to saying all I have to say about Kirk and Spock. I am definitely repeating stories and ideas.

That may or may not be what you want to hear, but that’s where I am coming from.

The thing is I do have other ideas, like the one that goes with ‘Dancing on My Own’, but I am not sure at this point that I am ever going to write it.

Writing has always been my therapy. Anyway, that’s something you can hopefully look forward to in 2019, the conclusion of those 11 stories. My strategy might change on how I work on them. It might be that I will just pick a story and write on it until its done, and then so on with each story, we shall see.

December has begun its busy busy business. I have something planned for every weekend this month and many things during the week. Hopefully I will maintain my sanity as well as my physical health.

I’m tweaking one story for the Flash that I think needs more added and I am also working on the T’hy’la story. That’s it for this year, I think. Too busy and overwhelmed for much of anything else. I’d like to enjoy my holidays. I still have several movies to watch too.

You’ll notice I am using the free photos from WordPress for my blog lately, lol. Too lazy to upload new ones of my own, etc.