adult beverage breakfast celebration
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I’m not very enthusiastic today. I fully admit. I have no explanation for my attitude but it is there.

That Glorious Song of Old is ready to post any time I feel like posting it.  I feel like it is a bit early, unless I do spread out the posting of it. Part of me would like to do that because I tend to build up more of a readership if I don’t post it all at once.  What does everyone think? Should I post the prologue by itself and then follow with the first chapter a few days later?”

Decorated the sister’s house yesterday. She decided to go “Christmas Light” so not as many decorations went up. She paid us though so that was very cool.

Had a couple of Baileys and coffees while I was there but they didn’t settle well with me and it gave me a stomachache later.

My Devotion is next in updating but since I am working on the T’hy’la story it has to be on hold for the time being.

It’s cold here at work today so I am having to wear my coat in the office. It’s supposed to rain here on Wednesday and Thursday. Our electric company, Edison, has decided to shut our power off Thursday night overnight to work on some equipment in the area. It’s supposed to go off at 9 and not come back on until 4AM Friday morning, so swell.

Milo’s cousin who supposedly works for Disney is supposed to be getting us in this coming Sunday to Disneyland. We are skeptical because she tends to make up stories. We shall see if it happens! HA.

I have finished every last bit of Christmas shopping and even did a lot of wrapping this past weekend. I got a few things watched too, so it’s been nice. The nicest part is not being sick this year! I am very much hoping it stays that way. Last year I was so sick I ended up having seizures. I also broke a bottle and gave my hand a very nasty cut. It’s a scar now. For months afterward the scar tissue hurt, but surprisingly, it doesn’t anymore. So far, everything has been better this year, so I am crossing my fingers and toes.