So, anyway, as you no doubt know by now, I considered deleting The Sight as I have lost my inspiration for it. I was going to just delete it without word but at the last minute decided to ask about it. I was kind of surprised I had a more positive reaction to the story and more people wanting me to keep it to get to again some day then I had anticipated. So, for now, it stays.

I was able to get the update for Nine Lives done. Next I need to write the last chapter for my Professor Spock conclusion so that I can have it done in plenty of time to post it on Halloween. That’s what I intend to do next.

I think after that I will be updating My Devotion but not sure when I will get to it. This is a pretty busy week. Tomorrow we are seeing the new Halloween (got my tickets already). Thursday is our WW and Saturday we are helping a friend with her festival appearance in Ventura. That’s pretty much an all day thing as it goes until 5. Our friend is going to a Halloween party after that but we are going to dinner after ourselves.

I also need to finish my OMS story for November. I have quite a bit done on it now and I can post it any time in November. I also need to finish the Christmas story. And as I indicated in comments, I have signed up for the T’hy’la Bang which posts in January. I think I have an idea but it would involve a lot of sex so we shall see.

I think that’s it for this week.