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For the month of March

I’m doing something a bit different for March, which on Monday you will see what that is.

And you will get flashes M-F for March rather than Guess the Fic and Throwback Thursdays.

Stay safe

September 23, 2019 Rambles

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So you aren’t getting or haven’t gotten yet anyway, until now, my usual what’s coming up for the week post. And that’s because…well nothing.

I’m still working on the TOS flash for November 6th and then I have the follow-ups to that and they are getting a little more complicated because of reasons and it’s taking up all of my creative energy right now.

What that means is, even though Transfer Request is next to be updated at AO3, I just don’t know when that’s going to happen.

Besides the November TOS flashes, I will soon have to get back to my Jim/Prime Holiday story and then the 25 days of Christmas for December, so needless to say the stories on AO3 are going to take a small hit. I will try to continue to update at least one a week. But I can’t promise more right now.

But coming up this Wednesday here, is my conclusion to Clueless Spock and then my final song flash, Dancing on My Own. Yes, I am revealing the song. So there’s definitely stuff to look forward to, I think.

Weird week for me too because we are massively packing for the move this weekend. I will be leaving work a bit early Friday as they want us out.

Finally, this Saturday I will be doing the cheesecake. I am so looking forward to it. Got all the ingredients and it should be a nice weekend for it. Very fall like for us.

Unfortunately, tomorrow they are predicting our infamous Santa Ana Winds and 98 degrees. That should be the end of it for a bit, I hope. Crossing my fingers and toes. But that’s also our famous FIRE WEATHER.

When I was a kid, I’ll not forget, there one year where the fires were quite bad in my area all the way through October. The sky was orange it was so filled with smoke. That year my parents were supposed to go to a Halloween Party at the Elks Lodge (my dad was an officer there and bingo caller) but the fire got so close to the Lodge and the famous Hopetown (look it up, quite famous because many old time westerns were filmed there) that they canceled everything. So while yeah we do get warmer weather then we used to, fires have been an issue for me in California my whole life.

Stuff to Come

Throw back to 2009 Star Trek as it’s been ten years

Hello friends

I am still working on flashes, including one for Memorial Day, which will be posted on that Monday. In addition I want to finish all of Junes.

Next up to update is The Swap, so as soon as I can get to it, I’ll give it a shot.

I have the first chapter of a new fiction that is, untitled, based on JJ’s idea. I don’t know when I will be posting it but…um…soon.

This weekend is, of course, Mother’s Day, here in the US. We are taking the 92 year old mother to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, a favorite place for all of us. Merry making will be had. That’s at 3:30 on Sunday.

That’s about it, though. Oh. Once The Swap is updated, the next one will be My Heart’s a Virgin.

April 25, 2019 Ramblings

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Another update from me on here.

The next fic to be updates is Nine Lives. That’s the last one from March.

Expect a Flash tomorrow. I forget what it is, but I am sure it will be good! ha. Oh wait! I remember now. This Jim continues from the teaching Spock poker flash.

I have everything scheduled for May and will soon begin to schedule some for June (including one that continues from May 17)

Coming up NEXT week will be updates for The Mysterious One and My Devotion. I look forward to both of those and hope you do too.

I am also going to try next week to add a 4th chapter to The Thought of You Is Consuming Me (Regency Pinto) for the Pinto de Mayo launch. Cross your fingers!

In other news I may have made a grave error in joining the cookie of the month club! HA HA. I may be eating too many cookies. Bad me!

Ramblings January 03, 2019

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Hello My Friends (don’t you wish you were there at that place above)

I wish you Happy New Year once more.

Things are okay. Mother fell yesterday and had to go to the ER but she didn’t break anything, which is indeed very fortunate. She did give herself a painful, sprained knee so sister has her work cut out for her.

Tomorrow, you will finally get to read my Pinto fic as it will debut here on the blog Friday morning. I think you will enjoy it.

Saturday, we will be going to Sister’s house to finally take down her Christmas decorations. Like most of us, she looks forward to having them up, but then can’t wait to have them back down again once the holidays have passed.

Next Friday (the 11th I think it is) you can expect more from the Jim and Spock from my Christmas Flash on here. You will notice that so far they remain a blog exclusive so if you want to read about them, for now anyway, it will have to be here.

I have been updating The Experiment on AO3 and may continue to do so until it is concluded. We will see.

Next week begins the posting of fics for the T’hy’la Bang. I don’t have a specific day, but you can expect the posting of Wonderful Life sometime then.

That’s it for now!

Flash Fics for the Rest of 2018

I’ve now written and scheduled all my flash fics/one-shots for the rest of 2018. Basically they will be published here on Fridays and then in My One-Shot Collection on AO3 on the weekends. I’ll be continuing the Flash Fics in 2019 so if there’s something you’d be interested in seeing in 2019 please let me know in the comments (no guarantees though). I will be doing a Pinto one already, probably in January, as requested.

Here’s what’s coming this year:

Friday, November 30 – Home, a Holiday spent on New Vulcan

Friday, December 07 – Stuck With Me, Jim is dying on a planet, what can Spock do to save him?

Friday, December 14 – Trashing the Tree, a Starfleet Academy meeting between Cadet Kirk and Professor Spock

Friday, December 21 – Mirror Christmas, a visit with Mirror Spock and Kirk from Going Boldly.

Friday, December 28 – Wonderful Life, Jim learns what would have happened if he’d never been born.

Hope you will enjoy! I can’t wait for you to read them.

Ramblings of the Week, October 22, 2018


So, anyway, as you no doubt know by now, I considered deleting The Sight as I have lost my inspiration for it. I was going to just delete it without word but at the last minute decided to ask about it. I was kind of surprised I had a more positive reaction to the story and more people wanting me to keep it to get to again some day then I had anticipated. So, for now, it stays.

I was able to get the update for Nine Lives done. Next I need to write the last chapter for my Professor Spock conclusion so that I can have it done in plenty of time to post it on Halloween. That’s what I intend to do next.

I think after that I will be updating My Devotion but not sure when I will get to it. This is a pretty busy week. Tomorrow we are seeing the new Halloween (got my tickets already). Thursday is our WW and Saturday we are helping a friend with her festival appearance in Ventura. That’s pretty much an all day thing as it goes until 5. Our friend is going to a Halloween party after that but we are going to dinner after ourselves.

I also need to finish my OMS story for November. I have quite a bit done on it now and I can post it any time in November. I also need to finish the Christmas story. And as I indicated in comments, I have signed up for the T’hy’la Bang which posts in January. I think I have an idea but it would involve a lot of sex so we shall see.

I think that’s it for this week.


End of the Week Ramblings, October 05, 2018


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I updated a lot this week and I feel pretty good about that. So I am giving myself permission to take it easy over the weekend. I’m still fighting a cold and I have an urge to get back into some Final Fantasy game playing. That’s what I intend to do this weekend. Not sure if I will write or not. Not saying I won’t but it’s okay with me if I do.

Next up when I do write is probably another chapter of The Mysterious One, Bitter Frost, and Hello Darkness My Old Friend.

Friday at work is my co-worker’s wedding shower. They are  having pizza so I will be avoiding that. I’ve lost close to 45 pounds now and won’t be putting that back on. Also on Thursday they announced the layoffs of 13 people in my department (Legal). Our big boss of litigation (my actual dept) is having a meeting for questions about those layoffs. It didn’t seem to have any impact on litigation but I know several of those leaving and one is a former boss of mine who was my favorite boss ever. He is about retirement age at 64ish and is an attorney so I think he will be okay but I am still sorry to see him go.

Fall weather for us has arrived. 70s during the day (sometimes high 70s) and 50s at night. I hope it stays that way (though I see something about 90 coming up on October 17th)

Musings and Stuff

Tomorrow’s update for The Love of a Lifetime has been written and scheduled. It’s going to take a slight turn for a bit, but no worries, the end game is still happiness for my boys. Suvoc makes his appearance at last.

I’m taking a couple of days break before posting on AO3 again so you won’t see an update on there from me today or tomorrow. If I finish the next part of My Heart’s a Virgin, you’ll see that posted Saturday morning.

I am writing, not only the next part of My Heart’s a Virgin, but also working on the Christmas story and possibly starting the Old Married Spock story. Neither have to be ready until November and December but I am not keen to wait until the last minute on either of these.

As I think I mentioned previously, my plan is to only post one Christmas Spirk story this year and it will be entirely focused on Jim and Spock. It should even be angst free. I want to do a warm-hearted, sexy little holiday short for them this year. They deserve it. Given my commitment to other stories going on, I don’t think I can fit more than the one story in this year.

Not really sure what can be expected from the OMS story except that I intend for it to be SHORT. A friend on tumblr mentioned she is doing one too but she expects hers to be over 25,000 words. You aren’t going to get that from me on an OMS TOS story. Sorry folks!

Technically after I get My Heart’s a Virgin finished my next update, spreadsheet-wise should be Young and Beautiful. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, because I’m not ready to work on anything else at this point yet anyway.

As you all know, the Hollywood Bowl is this Saturday night. The following weekend, the 18-19-20 is San Diego. After that I should be good for a while, though M’s birthday is the next weekend after that. I also asked for September 04 off so that I can have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day. I’m going to need it by then, I think.

I saw recently that someone who had been pretty prolific in posting on AO3 (and tumblr too I think) recently orphaned her account and left some stories abandoned. I have no idea what happened as I didn’t follow her on tumblr or read most of her stories (they were generally TOS, I believe) but I am sad for her and those who enjoyed her work, which seemed to be quite a few. Internet bullying can be really really hard on the more sensitive of us.  I also saw recently someone who I had written, “I Bleed When I Fall Down” for also left AOS and spoke of suicide.

These are sad days, my friends, so please, I ask that you take care of yourselves physically, mentally, emotionally. Do what you need to do to care for you. Step away, disappear, see the doctor, call a helpline, whatever it is, please do it. You are the important one and no one can be replaced.

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