I didn’t get to see Halloween today. I got a new laptop and Fedex wouldn’t deliver it without a signature so I ended up staying home. But M went to work. The two main freeways near us conspired so that there was no way for us to make a 5 O’Clock movie. He called me at 5:00 still in the city we both work from, some 30 miles away from home. Ah. well. I will try again next week!

I am in a serious funk. I did write a little more on my OMS story today but nothing else and no matter what I looked at I just felt nothing. I did get Where Do People Like us Float updated so you can expect that on Thursday morning. But otherwise…nothing. I feel bad, but not bad enough to force it I guess.

Friday and Saturday are filled up with that friend we are helping, so I am greatly looking forward to Sunday when I can finally relax.

We just had to pay a whopping property tax bill and everything is so damn expensive. Plus I am so sick of politics and our president and so many other things. It’s just so fucking depressing.

So anyway, please forgive me for not updating anything. I’ll keep trying.