So yesterday we had some stops to make after work. We needed half and half for our coffee. (random observation, I discovered when talking to someone in Europe that they don’t know what this is there, bizarre). We both drink it with half and half. Years ago I used to drink it with Carnation plain creamer. (off on my first tangent), but one day I taste it and there was a weirdness to it. So I looked at the container and they said “new taste”. I wrote to them and complained. Apparently I was not the only one. They vowed to change it back. It was too late. I had moved on. First to mocha mix (no idea why it was called this because it was just non-dairy creamer) and then eventually to half and half when I decided mocha mix was nasty.


Smart and Final (don’t know where they are at in connection to the rest of the country, but we have  them, they call themselves the faster, smaller food warehouse) has the best price for creamer. $1.69 per quart. The grocery store we go to charges $5.99 for a half gallon unless you can get some mega deal. Anyway, we both drink it.


Which brings me to (tangent 2), M is on this kick where he doesn’t want to use animal products. It’s been to varying degrees of success. He declared one day he would be trying to drink his coffee black. Neither of us uses sugar or other sweeteners. I said okay. I gave him his morning travel mug of coffee black. That evening after we came from work he said, nope. He would not be giving up half and half in his coffee after all. HA

Anyway, we are in the parking lot and we wait for this lady in a red car to pull out and she does. And she’s sitting there for a second gathering her bearings I guess, who knows, and all of a sudden this mini-van comes barreling out of his space, backing up at high speed. There is no way he will miss her. She just sits there looking at him. M is blowing his horn at the moron to stop but he just keeps going, right into her. Put a huge dent in her car and scraped up his own. OMG. PEOPLE.

It’s hot. It’s super hot. We  are having a big time heat wave for this time of year. (Tangent 3) One of the local Catholic Churches, St. Rose, does a yearly summer carnival the second week in July. I swear if I were a member of that church I would be suggesting, Spring. Yes, a lovely Spring Carnival in March. Who in their right mind would go today when it is supposed to be well over 100. I hear all the “Oh but it’s a dry heat.” Go turn on your oven. Go on, I’ll wait. Let it preheat. Now crawl in. Yeah, that’s how it feels (don’t really do this, duh).


Next weekend I am off to Vegas and yes they are a miserable place in the summer. Their low at 11 last night was 108. But you expect that in Vegas and you are mostly indoors anyway.


My own real picture of Vegas by the way.

This, trust me, is miserable.

Today is going to be a lazy lazy lazy day. Movies, games, hot dogs. No socializing. Sounds splendid.