I’m not complaining.

Okay I am.

But lord work is crushing me right now.

I work for a mega corporation. Myself and my two co-workers have the heaviest burden in the company for what we do. There are only the three of us handling literally thousands of what our particular job consists of (yes I am being deliberately vague). And they are all time sensitive.

So what happens?

We take on more work.

Yes the powers that be, decided to give us the work from a couple of other states within the company’s empire. Adding to an already heavy burden.

Then I am taking off for a couple days next week which only makes me more anxious about the work.

And there’s no doubt my writing is suffering from it. My brain is fried. Make no mistake. I hope to have another chapter up tomorrow or at least before I leave.

What this means for you my friends. I may be short with you sometimes, but don’t cut off contact with me. Just have patience though since sometimes I might take a bit before I can respond. But do not feel bad that you are “bothering me”. Sometimes you are the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.