My prompt this week was Jim figures out Spock has a bit of a Turbolift Kink


Now that the time had come, Jim was maybe getting cold feet. It had seemed like a good idea. But now that he thought about it, maybe not so much. It had all started with Uhura.

“You busy?” he asked her as he came upon her sitting by herself in the mess.

“Not really.” She gestured to the chair across from her. “Sit down.”

He handed her a cup of tea and sat down with her coffee.

“What’s up?”

“Any secret to wooing Spock?” Jim asked without bothering with more small talk.

“Like what?” She rolled her eyes. “Other than flashing that smile of yours that melts him into a pile of goo?”

Jim felt himself blush. “Does not. I just want to do something he’s into. Something that might excite him.”

Uhura smiled. “The turbolift.” 

She had gone on to tell Jim that Spock had a turbolift fetish. He so did not want to think about Spock and Uhura getting it on in the turbolift as part of this fetish.

But now he had it all planned out that they’d be in the turbolift and it would break down and—


Jim jumped. “Oh, hey Spock.”

Spock got onto the turbolift and the doors closed. For some reason he thought of that time he’d ridden on a turbolift before when he’d asked Spock if they made a good command team.

Jim folded his arms in front of his chest and didn’t look at his first officer.

Spock reached over and stopped the turbolift.


That was not part of the plan.

“You are tense.”

“Well.” He licked his dry lips. “We probably ought to restart this.” He went to reach for the lever but Spock stopped him.

“What is wrong?” Spock demanded.

“Nothing. Just…” And then suddenly Spock was up in his space, backing him against the bulkhead. Jim sucked in a breath. “It’s-it’s true.”

“What is?” Spock tilted his head in confusion but he did not pull away. If anything he got closer. His lips mere inches from Jim’s.

“You-you do?”


“Kiss me.”

“Is that an order?”


Spock gripped his jaw in his hand and pressed his lips to Jim’s in a kiss far too erotic for the turbolift. Jim moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Spock’s neck.

The boatswain’s whistle whined.

“Scott to Captain Kirk.”

“Uh.” He sighed against Spock. “Kirk here.”

“The turbolift seems to be already stopped, Captain. Did you still want me to—?”

“Never mind that, Scotty. Kirk out.”

Spock arched a brow.

“That. Well. Anyway. I guess it’s true.”

“What is, Captain?”

Jim realized he still had his arms firmly wrapped around Spock’s neck. And Spock didn’t really seem to mind.

“You have a turbolift kink.”

“A turbolift…kink?”

“Yeah. Uhura said—”Jim took in Spock’s clearly puzzled expression. “Hell. Joke’s on me, huh? Son of a bitch.”

“Am I to understand Nyota implied I like to get…intimate…in the turbolift?”

“Yeah.” His jaw tightened. “Guess not.”

“I would prefer we adjourn to you quarters for intimacy.”

“Yeah. Okay but—”


Jim blinked. “What?”

“I mean…now.”

Spock squeezed Jim’s crotch, tearing a needy whine from him. Then he reached to the side of Jim and re-started the turbolift.

Less than twenty seconds later it came to a grinding halt.

“Oh, shit.” Kirk hit the comm. “Scotty, I thought I told you to forget it.”

“Sorry, Captain. Not my doing. Powers off in all the lifts. Working on it.”

“Damn.” Jim ran his fingers through his hair, and then glanced at Spock who was watching him with a shiver inducing intensity. “Uh. Keep me posted. Kirk out. Spock?”

He found himself pushed against the bulkhead as Spock once more squeezed Jim’s dick.

Spock leaned over and whispered in Jim’s ear. “Perhaps I have a kink after all.”