At least he’s growing hair back! The stupid beard, though, too LOL

Weekend was pretty chill. I spent most of it not doing anything, really, and that was fine with me. I did do a few chores like laundry that can’t really be put off.

The next two weekends include required social functions so it was nice to have this lull.

I looked at the calendar today and realized it’s only six weeks until my Yellowstone trip. I’ll be incommunicado for the most part from June 11-June 18. We fly out the morning of June 11 and fly home the evening of June 18. I bought the flights a week or so ago and damn they were expensive. You gotta connect too in other cities. On the way we connect through Denver and on the way back we connect through Salt Lake. The airport nearest our destination is Bozeman. Anyway, I know it will be here before I know it.

Over the weekend I chose to delete a work in progress on AO3. The plain truth was I didn’t feel like working on it at present and since it hasn’t garnered much attention, including from the individual who asked me to write it, I decided to delete it. I’ve saved a copy of it in case I ever get back to it, but there are no guarantees. It’s never a good feeling to delete something that some readers may have enjoyed and been following, but bottom line, I needed to do this for myself.

This week I will be updating Dating a Vulcan  and Young and Beautiful . I am not sure about anything else since I have decided to slow down on my updating whenever I can. I have other obligations after all. I might get the next chapter of What Happened to Spock done but there are no guarantees.

As usual we seemed to have skipped over Spring and gone straight to Summer. It’s hot here already. There are rumors that next week may not be as hot but I don’t believe it. May is typically warm here.

I’ve watched numerous episodes of a murder mystery series that originated in Great Britain many years ago now.  Midsummer Murders. The first six seasons are my favorite because I absolutely adore the incredibly adorable Sergeant from those seasons that assists the Chief Inspector. My friend, Kris, is right there with me. Anyway, I recently decided to re-watch his episodes because I honestly think he’s one of my favorite characters ever and he’s cute besides, so, lol, anyway. He had my favorite line of the week.

In an episode about an old folk’s home, he, Troy, is talking with his boss, the chief inspector, Barnaby.

Troy: Who would want to be 89?

Barnaby: Someone who’s 88.