Today’s prompt was a broken chair and a kiss. I went Mirror for this.



“What the hell did you do to my chair?” Jim demanded, as he stared at the lieutenant who just vacated the captain’s chair. It was now Jim’s shift time and he had arrived to find the right arm of the chair completely cracked.

“N-Nothing, sir,” the lieutenant said, turning a dark shade of red.

Nothing? That wasn’t that way when I left it!”

“I-I know, sir, but it just sort of happened.” He took a step back from Jim as though he thought Jim might strike him. Ridiculous. Of course. Well. He had thought of it briefly.

“Just sort of happened?” Jim pointed to the arm. “How does that just sort of happen?” He narrowed his eyes, assessing the man. “If you were doing things in my chair while on duty I’ll—”

“No! God no! No, Captain.” He was shaking his head frantically now. “I swear, sir.”

Jim’s jaw tightened as he flicked a quick glance at Spock, who predictably arched his brow in response.  “Very well. You’re relieved of duty.”

The lieutenant’s eyes widened and his mouth hung open. ”Relieved? But why?”

Jim struggled for patience. “Your shift is over, Biggins.”

“Oh.” He nodded, pulling at his collar. “Y-Yes. Thank you, Captain. I’ll just-I’ll just be on my way.”

Jim watched him go, even as Biggins spared one last glance at Jim as he departed, biting his lip as he did so. Jim shook his head. He glanced down at his broken chair with a grimace.

“I will order a repair crew to take care of it, Captain,” Spock spoke up from beside him.

“Thanks, Spock.” Jim sighed and took his seat, leaning away from the broken arm. “Am I that scary?”


“That kid. He acted like I scared the crap out of him.” Not that Jim thought that was a bad thing, necessarily.

Spock quirked a brow. “He is not afraid of you in that way.”

“Then what the hell was that?”

“Captain, if I may,” Uhura said, coming over from her post. She exchanged a quick look with Spock. “Biggins has a crush on you.”

Jim laughed.

“It’s not a joke, Captain,” Uhura insisted.

“Why would he have a crush on me?”

She snorted and came forward to pat his face. “Really? You can’t think of any reason?” She rolled her eyes. “You’re the captain, so an authority figure, you’re Captain Perfect Hair, so there’s that—”

“You have really blue eyes,” Sulu said from his station even though Jim hadn’t even known he was listening.

“And that rakish scar by your eye,” Chekov added, almost leering.

“And then there is your posterior.”

Jim turned so fast to look at Spock he almost fell out of his chair. “What did you say?”

“I think he said—” Chekov began to say.

“That will be all, Ensign,” Spock said coolly.

Chekov winced.

Uhura smiled. “The point is, Captain, trust me, Biggins is nervous around you because he has a crush. So maybe you could be a little nicer to him? Just a thought?” She winked at him and then glanced in Spock’s direction. She winced. “Not too nice of course.”

Jim shook his head and frowned as she moved back to her station. He turned to look at Spock, but realized his first officer had returned to his station as well.

With a shrug, Jim began his shift by asking for a status report.


Hours later, Jim came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist after his shower and glanced over to where Spock sat at the desk working on his terminal. “You totally said something about my ass on the bridge.”

Up went the eyebrow. “Would I say something about it on the bridge of all places?”

“Normally I would say no, but I heard you.” Jim chewed his lip. “I think so anyway.” He went over to the desk and sat in Spock’s lap. If they towel didn’t totally cover his ass, oh well. “You weren’t jealous because Uhura said Biggins has a crush on me, were you?”

Spock’s arms tightened around Jim. “There is no need. Everyone knows exactly who you belong to.”

“Only because you can’t keep your hands to yourself even in front of others.”

“You enjoyed everyone watching us,” Spock reminded him.

Jim shivered. He leaned in for a kiss. That was meant to be just light and playful, but quickly began to turn into something else entirely.

“I did, perhaps, order him to the booth,” Spock said casually.

Jim pulled back and looked into his first officer’s eyes. “The booth? For having a crush on his captain?” He cupped Spock’s bearded jaw.

“Mmm. He openly fantasizes about you. And I want everyone to be fully cognizant of what it means to cross me.”

“My scary Vulcan.” He glanced at the screen. “Whatever you’re doing can wait until you’ve finished fucking me.”

“Since we are about to begin shore leave I will not be finished fucking you for days.”

Jim shrugged. “How unfortunate for your reports.”

Spock’s fingers squeezed Jim’s ass. “And now it is time to show you just exactly who you belong to.”

“Biggins?” Jim teased.

Spock growled and lifted Jim onto the desk, his hand swatting Jim’s ass.

“Ouch! Ow. Okay, okay. You. I belong to you.”

“Do not forget it.”

And Spock made sure that Jim’s sore ass wouldn’t let him.