The next day, Tuesday, Spock went to work at the Science Institute. Thus far he had not had much luck with figuring out how to return to his own timeline. Though the equipment there was useful, it was not as advanced as what Spock had back home, and even on his crashed ship. At some point if he could not create something useful, he was going to have to dig up parts of the buried ship.

When he returned home, Spock briefly went to Jim’s door. He hadn’t heard from Jim all day, and of course he had not. He’d forgotten to exchange cell phone numbers with Jim before he’d left Spock’s apartment last night.

He’d been forced to get this timeline’s version of a communication device in order to function, therefore, he may as well use it to keep in touch with Jim.

It seemed as though Jim was not yet home and he had a vague recollection that Jim once mentioned Tuesdays and Thursdays as his “late days”. He went back to his own apartment and let himself in.

Around seven-thirty, he heard Jim arriving home, but Spock did not immediately leap up and go out into the hallway. Appearing to be a stalker would just freak out the Human.

And yet as Spock’s time was limited, he was anxious to see Jim as often as he could. There was something about the Human that drew Spock like an insect to a flame.

Jim was uncommonly gorgeous but there was more to it. Or Spock thought so. And the way to find out was to spend as much time as he could with Jim while the opportunity presented itself.

He waited half an hour, however, before finally getting up and going over to see Jim.

It took only a moment or so for Jim to open the door.

He smiled at Spock. “Oh, hey. Come on in.”

Spock did. He could smell something cooking.

“I’m making myself a simple tuna casserole,” Jim explained. “I hate Tuesdays. Classes run late.”

“I recall. I realized today that we had not exchanged cell phone numbers. Had we done so I could have perhaps had food waiting for you.”

“Oh you wouldn’t have to do that, but yes, we should.” Jim gave Spock his information and Spock reciprocated. “There. All set now. How was your day?”

“Boring mostly. And yours?”

“Kind of the same. Long as I said. I usually gobble down some food while I’m sitting watching television on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You want to do that with me?”

The alternative would be to return to his lonely apartment.

“I have eaten, but I would not object to watching television on the couch with you.”

“Great.” And he got that dazzling smile that did funny things to his side.

That’s what they did. Jim put on an old movie, he said it was from 1934 and was called It Happened One Night. In all honesty, Spock didn’t pay much attention. About one third of the way in, Jim had fallen asleep and leaned against Spock. Spock ended up putting his arm around Jim and pulling him close. So while the movie played and Spock watched it a little, he was much more interested in the feel of the man in his arms, all the while wondering how he could ever leave Jim behind.

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