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“Mm. This is really good.” Jim took a long, savoring sip of the coffee Spock had brewed. He looked at the beans Spock had purchased, that he’d clearly ground himself for Jim’s pleasure. “Good choice for the coffee too.”

“I am pleased you approve.” Spock was at the stove, finishing up their previously neglected dinner.

Jim felt amazing. Better than he had in a long time. Apparently as the saying went, he needed to get laid. And wow was he ever. He had to reign it in just a bit not to get too enthusiastic to scare Spock off. But yeah, maybe, he was a little bit in love. Or had a big time crush, whatever.

“I approve of everything, believe me.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “If you would like to sit at the dining table, I am almost ready to bring over dinner.”

“Sure thing.”

Jim went and sat, waiting for Spock.

Eventually Spock brought over two plates of steaming hot rigatoni pasta with marinara sauce. It smelled great and Jim realized he really was starving. Spock had made garlic bread too.

“Good thing I kissed you before this,” Jim joked after biting into one of those thick slices of garlic bread called Texas Toast.

For a few minutes they ate in silence, but it didn’t feel awkward to Jim. There was a comfortableness to it he hadn’t felt with anyone in a long time.

“I’m glad we were on the same page,” he heard himself say after a while.


“Yeah. You know. Our interest in each other. I didn’t want to get it wrong.”

Spock nodded. “You did not get it wrong.”

Jim smiled.


Jim’s smile slipped.

“I was reluctant to become involved in any sort of relationship with you,” Spock said.

“Oh. Uh. Something I did or said?” Jim could only imagine considering the whole thing with the ears.

“Negative. The truth is…I am in San Francisco only temporarily. I will be leaving soon.”