I was as vague as I could be here so as not to be too explicit on HERE, but it’s still Definitely NSFW

The Moment has arrived though for Totally Modern Jim

The best thing to do was to steer Jim to Spock’s bedroom where there were no windows to let in light and Spock only had a small lamp on a side table. That would likely mean Jim couldn’t see any color differences.

He opened his eyes and straightened from the wall. He turned off the burner for the water to boil the pasta and made sure everything else was off for now. They could eat later. They would need their strength.

Spock was alerted the moment Jim approached his door again. He did not hear the Human, but he was very much aware of everything concerning Jim, and he didn’t stop to analyze why.

Jim tapped lightly on Spock’s door, but then came in. He grinned at Spock as he held up a strip of foil condom packages and a bottle of lubricant.

Spock found his own lips curving in response. He held out his hand for Jim to take it and was pleased when Jim’s warm hand fit perfectly into his. He led him toward his bedroom, taking the condoms from him as he did so.

Jim moved to switch on the lamp, but Spock stopped him, a hand on Jim’s wrist.

“No lights.” He tried not to make it sound harsh or panicked. He heard Jim’s huff of breath and realized he had managed it.

“Okay, sure. I know some people have hang ups. I just know how beautiful naked you have to be.”

Spock pulled him close and slipped Jim’s short off. “Some other time.”


They returned to kissing then as they helped each other out of their clothes, then fell onto Spock’s bed, mouths fuses, limbs entangled. Jim felt soft and hard everywhere, somehow, no matter how illogical that was.

Spock had never been so aroused, so desperate to be inside someone before.

Jim reached to put a condom on Spock. “Wow, you’re really leaking a lot of stuff.”

“I-I apologize,” Spock said, shyly.

“Oh, babe, I’m not complaining, I’m marveling.” Jim kissed him again, so hard, and passionately Spock nearly came from it.

Condom in place, Jim positioned himself on the bed beneath Spock, handing the lubricant to apply, which he did.

When they were finally joined, Spock didn’t think he’d ever felt anything like it, ever felt so connected with anyone. He knew his heart hammered in his side, and when Jim’s hands caressed him everywhere, a part of him feared Jim would notice the pulsing of his side, and be repulsed by the alien making love to him.

But that never happened. It was glorious in every way. Jim begging him breathlessly, Spock driving in, again and again, their heavy breathing, messy kisses. It was all so shockingly perfect.

Later, Spock collapsed on Jim and the Human’s arms wrapped tight around him, holding him there, though Spock imagined he was really quite heavy.

He did not know what to say in the aftermath of such a life changing event. How he could ever have anyone else after having Jim.

“You all right, Spock?” Jim whispered, his mouth close to Spock’s ear, making him shiver.

“Yes,” Spock replied, turning his head so he could kiss Jim once more. “Yes.”