From time to time, I will share a post here with a past work and what inspired it. Tonight’s is a whole series,

Pre-Reform Vulcan. I recently saw someone posting a similar idea which reminded me of one of my most popular series. It’s a fun idea so I can see why others love to work with it too.

It began with Stranded

I was inspired by the wonderful artwork here by Mylochka. Her artwork of ZQ’s Pre-Reform Spock was amazing.

I had such a great response to Stranded, I continued with

Stranded: The Sequel

This story involved Starfleet Jim and Starfleet Spock having some roleplay fun and I really wanted Spock to want to understand what Jim had seen in a more unrefined version of himself

And finally

The Vulcan Who Fell to Earth

I felt bad for Pre-Reform Spock who so desperately loved Jim and he deserved his own Jim. He got the very adorable Earth Jim with some help from Starfleet Jim and Spock (his help was reluctant)

Mylochka created this wonderful art based on my story