The minute the words were out of his mouth, Jim wanted to take them back. He knew they were idiotic. They barely knew each other and it was just way too early for “meet the family”. He wasn’t even sure anything they’d done so far even counted as an actual date. And he’d put Spock on the spot to have to come up with a polite way to decline. Jim would be doing that himself if the shoe was on the other foot.

“Forget I said that,” Jim said, forcing a smile. “I know that was crazy and way too soon. Sorry.”

He could see signs of relief in Spock’s expression though he was trying to fight them. “It is only that—”

“No.” Jim laughed. “I know. We just met a few days ago. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain. Some other time, maybe, but for now, I’m good.”

“When you return, perhaps, on Monday evening, I would like to have you over to my apartment for dinner,” Spock offered.

It was a nice Segway into getting out of the way too awkward gaffe Jim just did.

“That sounds great.”

Spock nodded. “I hope all goes well with your family.”

“Thanks. My dad is doing better already. Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll serve dinner?”

 The evening turned out to be very nice once they got over Jim sticking his foot in his mouth with the stupid invitation. Dinner was delicious if he did say so himself and they spent the meal talking about each other’s work.

When it was over, Spock helped with the dishes, and then excused himself to go home.

All in all slow progress, progress, yes, but slow. Jim was pretty impatient sometimes so it was hard to force himself not even to try a kiss with Spock, but he had held back, figuring even that might be a bit too fast for this strange guy. Because yes Spock was different somehow then anyone Jim had ever met. But he liked him.