Now that he was faced with returning to Jim’s apartment for dinner, Spock regretted accepting the invitation to dine with the Human.

It wasn’t at all that Spock didn’t like Jim. In fact, he did. Which was precisely the problem.

Spock was infatuated with Jim. He was gorgeous and interesting. He was exactly the sort of “type” Spock would be interested in on a normal basis. But his situation was anything but normal.

Spock had wished to work at the Science Institute for the simple reason it would afford him the use of the Institute’s extensive science knowledge. Extensive for the primitive period Spock found himself in anyway. His hope was that there would be some way to discover a way for him to return to his own timeline.   

And if he reached that hope successfully, anything Spock found here in the present would need to be “ditched”, including any friendships forged.

Spock’s ship had somehow crossed into this primitive time in the 21st Century and crashed. The ship was unsalvageable, but he had hidden the pieces in the warehouse he’d taken shelter in that he had later been forced to vacate. He’d buried those pieces underground in that area in case there would be something he required to return.

Still the plain truth of it was that Spock did want to spend time with Jim. He was the only one so far he’d forged any kind of friendship with and Spock was a bit lonely. So, after getting things settled in his apartment and removing the knit cap and setting it on a nearby table, Spock left his apartment for Jim’s.

The door opened only seconds after he tapped on it and Jim, smiling so brightly his little rabbit front teeth showed, stepped aside to let Spock in.

Jim had changed out of the suit he’d been wearing into what was called sweatpants and a gray tank top with the words California Dreaming written across the chest.      

“Something to drink? I don’t have Sake, but I have some beer or wine. Iced tea and soda too.”

“Iced tea would be ideal.”

Jim nodded. “I’m a strictly unsweetened guy but I have sweetener if you want. I keep it on hand when friends come over. I have Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda, and like regular sugar.”:

“I prefer unsweetened as well.”

Jim took a glass out of cabinet, filled it with ice from the freezer, and then poured tea from a pitcher.

“The food smells good,” Spock said as he took the tea from Jim. And it did. Spock hadn’t eaten much all day and he realized he was hungry.

“It’s a pretty simple stir fry but I think you’ll like it.”

“You are not a vegetarian, are you?”

“Nah. And I bought some shrimp to cook up on the side for me that I’ll toss into my portion. But I knew you would only want the vegetables.”

“Did you anticipate inviting me for dinner?” Spock asked.

To Spock’s surprise, Jim blushed a bit and then laughed.

“You found me out.”

“Found you out?”

“Yeah, I mean, I did want to invite you. Truth is, I really like you and wanted to ask you out. I even went to the restaurant where you said you worked. Congrats on getting that Science Institute job by the way.”

Spock felt a bit nonplused. But the longer he remained silent the more uncomfortable Jim looked.

“Uh, did I say something wrong? Not interested in guys?”

“I am,” Spock admitted.

“Not interested in me?”

Spock blinked. “You have looked in the mirror, have you not?”

Jim laughed. “Uh yeah, but—”

“I am very interested in you,” Spock said bluntly.

“Yeah? That’s a relief.”

“It is a bit…complicated.”

“You’re married? In a relationship?”

“No. Nothing like that. My time here in the city might be short.”

Jim deflated some, but he nodded. He was still smiling. “Okay. Well, we can just see where things take us. As a matter of fact, tomorrow after work I’m driving to Napa to see my family. I’ll be back Sunday evening.” Jim shifted a little and glanced away and then back at Spock. “You, uh, you could come with me.”       

The guys will be back Monday!