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I have to laugh at the above picture. I can’t even tell you when I last used a type writer. Some of you younger folks probably haven’t even seen one in person.

Fun fact, when I was in “Junior High” which I think is Middle School now, one of our required classes was “Typing” and yes on a type writer. There was also sewing and cooking. And both genders had to take them. “Life” skills aren’t really taught anymore.

But I digress, obviously.

You can expect Totally Modern Jim M-F in April. If it’s not done by May, then I will continue the same pattern into May, but we will see how it goes. Some day when it’s finished I expect to post on A03

Speaking of, they told me to ignore those attempts and resetting my password. They said they had more reports of that but that there really isn’t anything a person can do to reset YOUR password and to ignore it.

I’ve got a couple of works that need updating and that’s what you’ve been seeing with Our So Called Life and The Ghost and Mr. Spock. Expect more updates on other stories as April continues.

Spring Break only has about 4 chapters left so I expect no issues with finishing that in April either.

I promised J a Pinto de Mayo story in May so I will have to get to work on that sometime this month also, though it won’t be uploaded until May.

And I think that’s it. I didn’t do T’hy’la Bang this year and I am so so glad as there simply wasn’t time.(never mind someone wrote a Spirk story with Spock as a black cat… Nine Lives by ME…is out there still but okay whatever). Feel free to ignore that very slight bitter rant. I know, I know.

That’s a full month for me and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as me.