I’m going with Sam looks quite a bit like Dad

Jim decided to seek his brother out first when he arrived at his family’s home in Napa. He found Sam in one of the vineyards, bent over at the waist, and speaking.

“What are you doing?” Jim asked, frowning with puzzlement.

“Talking to the grapes.”

“Lost it have you?”

Sam snorted and straightened. “Funny. Been at the house yet?”

“No. Wanted to see what you had to say about things. Mom and Dad aren’t as forthcoming as they could be.”

Sam nodded and eyed him. “You’re looking tired, little brother. You didn’t have to come up here this weekend.”

“I think Mom wanted me to and besides I wanted to check on Dad.” Jim pointed to the grapes. “What are you the grape whisperer?”

“I prefer wine whisperer, thank you very much. I just think talking to your plants helps.”

Jim smiled. “Okay. So what’s the situation?”

“They let him leave the hospital last night. He’s doing good. Has to take it easy for a while. Which you know he’ll hate.”

“He’s especially going to hate not being out here with you. The two of you love putzing around these vineyards.”

“Yep. But he’ll be well enough soon. Keeping busy down there in the city?”

The city was always San Francisco for Sam. Jim knew his brother seldom went there, didn’t like it there, couldn’t understand why Jim did.

“Yep. “ Jim smiled. “My physics classes are going well. Teaching a bunch of geniuses keeps me on my toes.”

“Bet none of them are even close to you,  though.” Sam rubbed the top of Jim’s head.

Jim was by no means small, or he didn’t think so, but both his dad and brother were giants and liked to remind everyone around them of their superiority.

“Come to the house then. Oh, and I’m going to ask Aurelan to marry me soon. You remember you met her last time you were up here.”

“I do, yeah. Congratulations.” Jim had liked the pretty petite brunette.     

Sam grinned. “She hasn’t said yes yet.”

“She will.” Jim fell into step beside his brother as they hiked uphill a bit to the house from the vineyards. “I almost brought someone with me this time.”

“Oh?” Sam asked, surprised.

Jim laughed. “You make it sound like no one would want me.”

“Hardly. You’re a brilliant scientist that comes from a great family and you’re not bad looking. You just never seem to settle on someone you want us to meet.”

“Not sure I’m to the point of settling in this case either,” Jim admitted. “Just…a guy moved into the apartment next to mine and he’s pretty cute and I like him.”

Sam nodded. “So why didn’t you bring him?”

“We’ve only seen each other a handful of times. I think he got a little freaked when I made the suggestion he could come with me. Hell, we haven’t even had a first kiss. So I don’t know. Seemed pretty fast.”

“Well, you’ll know when and if it’s right.”

“Like you have with Aurelan?”

“Exactly. “

They reached the back door of the Spanish style villa. Sam opened the door and let Jim go in first.

“Mom? Dad? Look what followed me in!”