I’d almost forgotten this story when J mentioned it the other day, so with that in mind, I decided to do one of the flashes for this month on Kirk’s Children.

“I love you, Daddy,” M’Rasha declared as Jim scooped his seven-year-old daughter up into his arms.

“I love you more.”


Jim laughed. “Yep.”

She shook her blonde head. Recently, she’d asked Granny to cut her hair, so her long ringlets were gone and replaced by a cute little bob.

“I love you much more!”

Jim scoffed. “I love you much much more.”

She gave him a look that reminded her of Spock. Definitely his influence. “I love you mostest.”

He laughed outright. “Okay, you win. That’s not a word though.”

“Are the two of you finished with your illogical game?”

And speaking of the love of his life. One of them anyway. Two others were M’Rasha and M’Nisarr, his son. His cup runneth over.  

Spock held the remaining love of his life. For now, anyway. A small part Human, part Vulcan boy of two months who had been created with both their DNAs. He had dark hair, pointed ears, and the bluest of eyes.

M’Rasha gazed down at her brother from her height in Jim’s arm. “Saran looks like he’s going potty again, Daddy.”

Spock sighed. “No doubt. I will go and change him.”

“Meet us by the tree in the living room when you’re finished.”

Jim bent down slightly in the kitchen to pick up the mug of hot chocolate. The mug was made out of unbreakable material after one too many messes when his daughter had dropped her mug.

He carried her to the living room where M’Nisarr, Granny, and Grandpa all sat by the Christmas tree.

His mother and Spock’s father now split their time between Earth and New Vulcan. For the Terran holidays, they were here with Spock and Jim in San Francisco. In the summer, they’d been married in a ceremony on New Vulcan. It was weird, yes, but not really in a bad way. His mother was quite happy and Sarek was content.

Starfleet had decided that they weren’t quite ready to allow children on a Starship, so Admiral Kirk sat behind a desk most days and Spock resumed teaching at the Academy. It was a good life. Especially now with the addition of Saran.

Jim set M’Rasha down so she could plop herself in Granny’s lap, one of her favorite places to sit. Spock came up beside Jim, holding a newly changed Saran.

Jim leaned over to place a reasonably chaste kiss on Spock’s lips. “Love you.

“Love you more,” Spock said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Jim grinned. “Love you much—”

“James Tiberius,” his mother admonished.

He laughed. “Well. Anyway. Whose gonna start the first Christmas Carol?”

“You, Daddy!” M’Nisarr yelled.

Since they both called he and Spock Daddy, Jim wasn’t really sure which one they meant, but he met Spock’s gaze.

“Want to start it together?”

Spock arched a brow. “You know that I am not fond of singing Terran Christmas songs.”

“Fine then.” Jim walked over to his son, picked up M’Nisarr as he had previously done his sister, and said, “Come on. We’ll start it together.”

M’Nisarr smiled shyly but he nodded.

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to Our Newborn King!”