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2021 Christmas in July

Christmas in July, Post 15

And for the final one, these guys are from Would You Rather?

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“Oh my God.”

Spock glanced at his captain. His boyfriend, Spock amended in his mind. Of six months now.

“Could it be any hotter? It’s like two days before Christmas for heaven’s sake.”

Spock acknowledged Jim looked exceedingly hot and uncomfortable. He was sweating profusely, his uniform marked by large wet patches. His face was alarmingly red too.

“I do not believe Dioxie 3 recognizes Christmas.”

Jim ignored him, predictably. “Man if I was back in Riverside it might be snowing.” He leaned against a large tree and panted. Wiped his brow. “How are you not dying?”

“A Vulcan’s temperature—”

Jim suddenly doubled over clenching his stomach. “Damn. Ugh.”

“Jim!” Spock rushed to him. “You do not look good.”

“I feel kind of faint.”

Spock took out his communicator. “Spock to Enterprise. Two to beam up immediately.”


Spock tensed only slightly when Leonard’s hand clasped his shoulder. He had definitely gotten used to the Human need for physical contact. Between his past with Nyota and his present and future with Jim, he’d had to.

“It’s all right, Spock. Just a nasty bout of heat exhaustion. We weren’t prepared enough for those burning temperatures there. Or I wasn’t. If I had been, I could have given Jim a shot to help with it. He just needs rest and hydration. Extra care. I’m going to keep him here in the medbay for another night, maybe two.”

 Spock nodded, his gaze fixed on Jim who was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling.

“And you are sure?”

“I’m sure. Could have been much worse if he’d gone into heat stroke. We got to him in time.” Leonard smiled. “I’ll be in to see him in a bit with some food. You can have a few minutes with him.”

Spock offered Leonard his gratitude, and then went over to Jim’s side.      


Jim’s gaze shifted to Spock and he gave Spock a ghost of his usual smile. “Hey.”

“How do you feel?”

“Okay. A bit weak I guess, but mostly a lot better.”

“The doctor will be bringing you food soon.”


“Are you sad?” Spock asked him, after observing Jim for a moment longer.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s Christmas and I’m in the hospital. It kind of reminds me a bit of the past.”

“How so?”

Jim shrugged. “When…when I got off Tarsus IV, it was this time of year, you know, and for a long time they kept me in the hospital, to get my strength back. This feels like that. Just a little.”

Spock held Jim’s hand. “I understand, but I assure you it is not, and you will be out soon.”

Jim’s smile was more genuine this time. “I know.”


A bit later, and with permission from Leonard and the rest of the medical staff, as well as some necessary crew members, and the admiralty, Spock returned to Jim’s side.

He was sitting up now and looking much better. He’d recently had eggnog ice cream, he’d told Spock.

“Jim, I have something to ask you.”

“Ask me?”

Spock nodded, and took both of Jim’s hands in his. “Would you rather get married right now in the medbay with all of our friends as witnesses or wait until some other time in the future?”

Jim stared, wide-eyed. “Spock?”

Behind him Leonard snorted. He had just come in, followed by Nyota, Sulu, Chekov, Scott, and Keenser.

“Well, kid?” Leonard demanded.

“Uh.” Jim sucked in a breath. “Now?”

“Excellent answer, Cap’n.” Scott said, then he held up a device and pushed the button.

Snow, artificial, of course, began to fall lightly on Jim and Spock.

Jim looked up in wonder. “How…?”

“Mr. Scott’s ingenuity,” Spock explained.

He watched as Jim looked around and saw that the crew, Nyota mostly, had brought with them a decorated Christmas tree. Nyota set it upon a nearby table.

“A Christmas wedding?”

Spock nodded. “If it pleases you.”

Jim grinned. “It does. But who’s going to marry us?”

“Keenser. He is, apparently, authorized in ten galaxies.”

Jim laughed. “Always learning something new about him, I guess.”

Spock leaned down to kiss Jim, eyes shining. “Are you ready then?”

“A thousand times yes.”

And their friends drew near, Keenser stepping closer, and Admiral Barrett onscreen to witness it too. Snow falling and whimsy everywhere.

“One more thing, Jim.”


“Would you rather bond with me now or later in our quarters?”

Our quarters?”

Spock nodded. “They are being set up right now.”

Jim beckoned Spock closer and then as Spock leaned down, Jim whispered, “Later. When you claim me.”

Spock shivered and straightened. “Let us begin.”

And that, my friends, is a wrap on 2021’s Christmas in July….see you in December for more holiday cheer

Christmas in July, Post 14

“How are you feeling, Jim?”

Jim grimaced. “Like anyone would when they were stuck in the hospital on Christmas Eve.”

Bones patted his arm. “I know and I’m sorry. I just think it’s better to keep you here for a few days. Observe you.”

“What exactly is wrong with me? I feel fine now.”

Jim had been fine. Going about his business in San Francisco, headed into HQ when he just…collapsed.

“Looks like…I don’t know. All your vitals are normal now, Jim. But you had some kind of reaction, almost a rejection of Khan’s blood.”

“After all this time? Bones, it’s been years.”

“I know. Doesn’t make any sense. And while you are fine, I don’t trust those findings until I thoroughly check out every last scenario or evidence for what happened. And it sucks I know, but there it is.”

Bones thrust a large cup at him. “To make things a little better, I brought you a pumpkin shake.”

Jim took it and even managed a tiny smile. “Thanks. How about visitors?”



“Your immunity might be compromised, Jim. I don’t want to take any chances.” Bones hesitated. “I may have a surprise for you later.”

“A surprise? Bones, I don’t like surprises.”

“You’ll like this one.”

“Then tell me. Make it my Christmas present.”

“It is your Christmas present, but in case I can’t make it happen, just…wait.”

Jim sighed and fidgeted with his blanket before taking a big sip with his straw of the pumpkin shake. “At least this is good. Bring me some Christmas music or something.”

Bones smirked. “Aye, aye, Captain.”

Luckily for Jim, perhaps for Bones, now that Jim thought about it, not only did Bones supply him with Christmas songs, but also a little tree with decorations and a small handheld screen to watch holiday movies on.

Sure, it still sucked being in the hospital with no real answers as to why he collapsed in the first place, but it could have been much worse, and Jim knew it.

He was fully engrossed in one of his favorite renditions of Ebenezer Scrooge getting his lesson from three spirits when suddenly he felt awareness begin at the top of his head and flow down his body.

Eyes wide, he set aside the little screen after hitting pause.

Then the door to his room opened and in stepped…


“T’hy’la,” Spock greeted him, hurrying over to pull him close. “You gave me quite the scare.”

“Sorry. How-are you my Christmas present from Bones?”

Spock pulled away only slightly. “I am.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and took both of Jim’s hands in his.

“But you said you couldn’t make it back to Earth for the holidays. You were too busy.”

“That was before your somewhat theatrical collapse.”

“It wasn’t intentional, honey, I swear.”

“I know and I am relieved to see you are as well as you are. I had to rearrange many things on New Vulcan, but here I am. And I am not leaving you again for a very long time.”

“If that’s ever, you’ve got yourself a deal.” Jim smiled. He loved the feel of Spock’s hands in his.

“I am concerned for your welfare.”

“I know but Bones is doing tests. We’ll figure it out. I feel good. Great even. Better than ever now that you’re here. Join me on the bed and finish watching my movie with me.”

Spock gave him an indulgent look, but he did as Jim requested and drew Jim close into his arms as Jim restarted A Christmas Carol.

He was right to the part where the Ghost of Christmas said to Scrooge,

“There is never enough time to do or say all the things that we would wish. The thing is to try to do as much as you can in the time you have.”

Jim turned his head to gaze at Spock, Spock felt his gaze and looked at Jim. Jim smiled and kissed him. Maybe being in the hospital was tolerable.  

Christmas in July, Post 13

I suspected I must look particularly hapless and forlorn when my butler, Hartford, offered to stay behind for the holiday season I generally gave the staff time off for. He’d never made the offer before, being eager like all the rest, to spend time with their families rather than look after me.

With a forced smile, I shook my head.

“No, Hartford. You are free to depart with all the others and I will see you the day after the new year.”

Hartford hesitated. “I did set up the kitchen with plenty of provisions as usual.”

“I am sure you did. You are a godsend, as usual. Happy Christmas to you and your family.”

Hartford began to turn away then. But then he looked back at me. “Do you expect your usual guest to visit? Lord Christopher?”

“I do not. But all is well, nevertheless. See you on January second.”

My reluctant butler became less reluctant then and hurried out before, I suspected, I changed my mind. He was wise.

I sighed with a tiny bit of melodramatic melancholy when the house was empty save for myself. I considered heading back to London. While there was no season of social engagements at the moment, I knew there were still my usual haunts that would be open to me. And in many ways, London could be quite festive during the Christmas season.

I decided I’d have a nice meal there at my country estate, perhaps drink far too much sherry after, and give the idea some thought by morning. If I decided it still had merit, I would ride to London.

Lord Christopher, as Hartford had alluded to, would be spending the holidays with his new wife and infant daughter, I imagined. An arranged marriage, of course, as most were. I’d escaped such a thing for along time myself and intended to continue doing so. I didn’t care which of my living relatives would inherit everything upon my death. I’d be past caring, wouldn’t I? But I had no parents left to nudge me into marriage to a female I could barely stomach. In that, I guessed, I was fortunate.

I knew Chris would be expected to tow the line in that direction, but it still hurt, and that was unfair. I had not seen him since the wedding, but I had heard, of course, of the birth of their daughter.


Since his wedding, I had hardly been celibate. I had physical needs, after all. I’d even engaged quite briefly with sex with Shaw, though I’d once vowed I would not. Shaw was blond and handsome and in some ways reminded me of Chris, though he was far more polished and sophisticated than Chris had ever been. Which is why I preferred Chris. Well, many reasons actually.

But whatever satisfaction I got from others it was hollow compared to my times with Chris.

I was on my second sherry, seriously convinced I would leave for London in the morning, when there was a rather loud knocking upon my front door.

For a moment, I waited for Hartford to answer it, then remembered it was me alone. I thought about ignoring it, but then someone had come all the way out to the middle of nowhere to see me.

I struggled out of my chair, placed my glass of sherry aside, and made my way out of the parlor and to the door.

It occurred to me as I unbolted it, that it was likely someone in need during this particular season of which, I knew, there were many. I would give them whatever I could.

But instead of a beggar or poor villager as I expected, Lord Christopher stood upon my doorstep looking almost absurdly fetching with a hat upon his blond head and a scarf wrapped around his neck. An overcoat dotted with the first hint of falling rain.


He smiled. “None other. And it has stared to rain, so…would it be permissible for me to come inside?”


I yanked him inside so fast I was amazed I hadn’t broken anything.

Looking past him for a moment to ensure he was alone, I drew him tightly into my arms, thrilled to hear his hearty laugh.

“I can’t believe you’re here. I didn’t think you were coming.”

“Silly man. Where else would I be?” He drew back just enough to cup my face with his gloved hands and thoroughly kiss me.

“With your wife and daughter, I imagine,” I said, after coming up for air. I wanted to kiss him again. I did as I closed and re-bolted the door.

Chris shook his head as we walked into the parlor arm in arm. “An arranged marriage, Zachary. We have an understanding. She is happy to live her own life behind closed doors.”

“She has a lover?”

“Two or three as far as I know. It matters not at all to me. We are friendly but that is as far as it goes for each of us. We do our duty and nothing more.”

“And your infant daughter?”

“She is with her nursemaid. She will hardly comment on my absence at this age.” He drew me down to sit on the settee and then he sat upon me instead of the sofa and I was gladdened.

“How long can you stay?” I asked after kissing him again.

“How long would you like?”


That was a fool’s dream, so I did not and could not say it.

“As long as you are able.”

Chris nodded. “About a week then.”

It was more than I expected and everything I hoped for.

After some more lengthy kissing, I murmured, “I had planned to leave for London in the morning.”

“Did you?”

“I think I’ll delay that about a week.”

He grinned. “A very wise plan.”

“Are you hungry, my love?”

“Yes, but at the moment, it’s for you. Take me to bed. It’s been far too long.”

It certainly had.

Hours later, we held onto each other in a warm bed, a fire in the hearth, and spoke of our plans for our time together. I was happy he had come. Some day, perhaps, he would not. And I would deal with that.

When he was in my kitchen eating food I had leftover, he gave me a look. “Shaw, Zachary?”

I knew I blushed. “How did you know?’

“I know.”

“It won’t be repeated. I was really quite lonely.”

Chris smiled, his sweetest smile. “I understand what you do when we are not together and accept it. We each have our duties we must tend to, but I hope you know that no matter where we are, when not together, I love you with all my heart and soul.”

“And there is no one in my heart but you, Christopher.”

“Happy Christmas,” he said, kissing me once more.

And indeed, the happiest of Christmases was had.   

Christmas in July, Post 12

“Spock, what are you doing here?”

Spock was surprised by the sharp tone he detected in Nyota’s question. He had just sat down at a table at an outdoor café where Nyota sat with a couple of friends.

“You invited me,” he explained, thinking it was obvious.

She stared at him. “What about…Jim?”

Jim, of course, referred to Spock’s recently acquired boyfriend.  He had mentioned being invited to the café and had even asked Jim if he’d like to come.

“He declined to come. Prior to your invitation, Jim had planned to stay home today to watch holiday movies while eating eggnog ice cream and gingerbread men, and consuming peppermint mochas. When I told him about this invitation he wanted to continue his original plan.”

Now Nyota was bugging her eyes out at him.

“Oh no.” She looked at her friends and smiled. “Would you two, um, go get me a refill on my drink?”

Spock was puzzled as it appeared her drink was full but her friends hurried away so perhaps they knew better than Spock did.

“Spock, you-you don’t…cancel plans your boyfriend was looking forward to in order to go out with your friends.”

“But Jim said he did not mind.”

She laughed. “Honey, he minds.  He was planning on this. With you, right?”

“Well. He did ask me, yes, but he said—”

“Whatever he said, pay that no mind. You have a lot to learn about humans, Spock. Now you go right back to Jim and sit there watching holiday movies with him. Or you’ll definitely be sorry later.”

Spock did begin to feel a bit uneasy. Jim had smiled when he said to go ahead but it was a rather strange smile. He rose.

“And pick him up a present along the way!” Nyota called after him.


When Spock knocked on Jim’s door, there was no immediate answer and he became more worried. But then slowly the door opened and one blue eye peered out at him.


“I have come to watch merriment with you.”

Jim opened the door fully and stared at Spock. He wore his pajamas, Spock noted, and there was a touch of red around his eyes Spock did not like.

“You said—”

“Forget what I said. I was a fool.” Spock held up the giant Santa sugar cookie he had bought at the bakery on the way there. It was covered in glittery red sanding sugar. “I have bought you a cookie. May I come in?”

Jim smiled, grabbed Spock’s hand, and pulled him inside. “Of course you can. I’m just getting started. Come on.” He kissed Spock quite thoroughly. His cheeks were faintly pink. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“As am I, Jim.” He was led to the sofa and as they started the first movie, Spock did not let go of Jim’s hand.  

Christmas in July, Post 11

This is the companion piece to Post 10

“I wasn’t aware you were that fond of the Terran holiday season, Captain.”

The words startle Jim out of reverie, both because of the actual content and because Spock is calling him captain again.

He’s asked Spock to come with him to Riverside between their five-year missions, because everything has changed between them. Jim never thought it would, but it has, which makes him happier than he thought he could ever be.

Spock asks him this because Jim is currently staring into a picture window of a store in the city proper. It is a Christmas display with Santa and his reindeer and a few other scenes. They are walking back from having dinner at a little restaurant. It’s snowing lightly but it’s nothing to Jim, though he notes that Spock seems a bit cold. He’s probably lingered here longer than he should for Spock’s sake.

He meets Spock’s gaze and smiles. “Sometimes yes and sometimes no.”

“Do you wish to go into the store to purchase celebratory items?”

They haven’t been a thing for long. Just a few months. The first month was just a lot of kissing and frottage and not much else. It was everything now. Literally everything to Jim. There would be no going back from Spock, so if he ever changed his mind, Jim would be alone.

“If you don’t mind?”

It might be fun, Jim thought. A few silly things.

“I do not.”

Jim knows Spock must be cold for he takes Jim’s arm, like a sweetheart would do, and leads him into the store. He never imagined Spock would be openly affectionate, but he is. Small things like this.

Jim chooses an old-fashioned Santa Clause figurine, a sleigh and reindeer to go with it, and some snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. He is surprised when Spock ultimately suggests they get a tree on display in the store, ornaments and lights included. Somehow, they get the whole thing back to the farmhouse without dislodging a single decoration.  

Spock sets up the tree by the fireplace and Jim sets out everything else.

As they stand back together, Jim’s arm around Spock, Spock asks, “What was your favorite Christmas?”

Jim tenses at first because the one he is thinking of, well, he never told anyone about, not even Bones. He’s not sure Spock will understand, but now that he’s being asked, he doesn’t want to lie either.

Jim clears his throat, aware Spock is watching him quite closely.

“It was the Christmas right after Nero,” he says softly. “I had just been given the ship, but in all honesty, I’d never felt so lonely.”

“I’m sorry, Jim.”

He nods. “I hadn’t a single thing to do. Bones went off with a date. You and Uhura were still together, and I thought I wouldn’t see you again, anyway, and so I went to see…” He takes a big breath. “Ambassador Spock.”

“My counterpart?”

He asks the question almost on a whisper and to Jim’s relief, there’s no judgment in his tone, at least not yet.

“Yeah. I was thinking about the meld he’d done with me on Delta Vega and about what some of the things I’d seen there meant, and so I went to his hotel.”

“I did not realize.”

Jim smiles and shakes his head. “No one does. I never told anyone, I don’t think he did either. Anyway, we got all kinds of holiday food and ate and talked, and then he melded with me after I asked.”

“It was my understanding you felt that first meld with him was unpleasant.”

Jim turns in Spock’s arms. Mostly because Spock turns him, arms wrapped firmly around Jim’s waist now and he appreciates the support.

“Kind of, but my curiosity was stronger.”

“What did you see, ashaya?”

Jim loves it when Spock calls him endearments. They mean so much more coming from him than anyone.

“Their relationship. They were lovers, then mates, husbands.”

Spock nods. “I did not realize it back then, but after the objects presented to me after his passing, I surmised that it was quite likely.”

“Yes. Well, after we melded on Christmas Eve, we experienced our own level of intimacy.”

Spock stares at him, but Jim still sees no judgment. “You were lovers?”

“Yes. Just for that night and on Christmas. The day after he left to establish the Vulcan colony. We kept in touch…for a while. But never met in person again.” Jim feels a lump in his throat. “When he passed, I hadn’t been in touch for more than a year. Nor had he, I guess. I think that Christmas we were both what we each needed.”

Spock raised his hand and cupped Jim’s cheek gently. “I am gratified that you could give each other solace, even if it was for a short time. I am aware of my own insensitivities toward your deeper feelings for far too long.”

Jim smiles and leans in to kiss him. “That wasn’t your fault, Spock. You were with someone else. Anyway, I have you now.”

“You very much do,” Spock agrees. “The depth of my love for you takes my breath away, T’hy’la.”

Jim’s smile widens and he turns his face to gaze at the lighted tree. “Anyway, you asked what my favorite Christmas was. And that was it.” He looked back at Spock’s face, gazed into his beautiful dark eyes. “I think this Christmas might be my new favorite.”

As Spock goes to kiss him, he murmurs, “I will ensure it.”

Christmas in July, Post 10

When Jim steps outside of HQ onto the streets of San Francisco, he realizes he has forgotten that it’s the Christmas season. Around him everywhere are decorations. Holly, garland, reindeer, tinsel, red bows. Everything that seems ubiquitous with Christmas.

It’s strange how he forgot and yet, well, he was busy. Dealing with Nero and the Narada. Saving Earth (but not Vulcan). Getting promoted to Captain. Weird how he goes from hated cheater Cadet to Captain of the Enterprise. Jim doesn’t think anyone else has ever done it. He should be proud of that but…

And it’s not that he has anyone at all to spend it with.

Frank’s gone, thankfully, and hardly missed by anyone, and in a way that’s sad, but Jim supposes had Frank wanted to be missed when he was gone, he should have lived a better life. Sam is…Jim doesn’t know. His mom doesn’t know either and the two of them have come to accept that.


And as for his mom, she’s on the planet, er, Morose, no that’s not it, Montrose 4, something like that. Surveying something.

Jim currently has no significant other. Or insignificant for that matter.

He just manages not to jump when he feels a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it from behind. He turns and offers a smile to Bones.

“Hey. Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas. And congratulations, Captain.”    

Jim’s sure he’s far too sensitive and reading way too much into things but the way Bones says it reminds him of the nasty sarcastic way Uhura had said it on the Enterprise. She was nicer after it all but still…and Bones’ tone smarts somehow.

“Thanks,” he says, softly. He knows not to give any of this turmoil inside him away. “Where are you off to?” Because something in his friend’s stance leads him to believe he’s going somewhere.

Bones smiles. “Got a date. Going to have Christmas Eve dinner over at her place.”

Jim falters for a second, realizing he didn’t even now it was actually the 24th. Hmm.

Bones is watching him now and Jim knows his face has given away too much after all.

“You, uh, want to come with me? I’m sure you’ll be welcome.”

And Jim is sure he’ll be far from welcome no matter what Bones says. He refuses to be that pathetic in any case.

“Oh no. No. I’ve got…somewhere to be myself.”

Bones seems brightened by the lie and doesn’t even question it, so Jim knows he did the right thing. He pats his friend’s arm.

“Have a good time, Bones. See you after the holiday, okay?”

“Sure. You bet. You can’t get rid of me, kid.”

Bones gives him a brief hug before hurrying away, throwing a “Merry Christmas” over his shoulder as he goes.

Behind him the doors to HQ open again and Jim wishes he hadn’t looked, because out comes Spock and Uhura. He withdraws against the building’s shadow, so they don’t seem him. He’s really not in the mood for them.   

Uhura links her arm with Spock’s and they walk in the other direction from where Jim stands.

“Dodged that one,” he murmurs out loud.

Jim doesn’t know why, but he turns and begins walking toward the hotel that generally temporarily houses Federation dignitaries. He’s heard that Ambassador Spock whom he met on Delta Vega is staying there and Jim suddenly finds himself with an urge to go there and see him.

Spock might not even be there, Jim guesses, he’s not sure when the older Vulcan is taking off to do…well, whatever. And if he is there, he may have company. He’s a fascinating person and likely has a million visitors.

Jim manages to sweet talk the hotel clerk to learn the floor and room number for Ambassador Spock. And before he can talk himself out of it, he rides the lift up to the sixth floor and knocks on number 675.

If he got the wrong room, he’s going to be embarrassed. He probably will be anyway because the elder Spock will probably think he’s nuts.

It takes a little long for the door to open and Jim almost leaves, tail metaphorically between his legs, when it finally does.


And he’s actually relieved that it’s the Vulcan himself who opens the door and not…well whoever.

“Hi.” The word is far from brilliant, but he finds himself kind of tongue-tied. The old man looks good, better than he had on Delta Vega. He’s wearing this big fluffy robe, like an Earth bathrobe rather than Vulcan attire, and his steel gray hair looks damp.

Spock looks behind him, like he expects someone other than Jim, and when he doesn’t see anyone, he finally says, “Come in.”

“I don’t want to interrupt anything.” But he absolutely does and anyway he steps inside the hotel room, suite really, anyway.

He’s even more relieved yet when the hotel room seems to be empty save for Spock.

“Clearly you are not. I was in the shower, my apologies for the delay.”

“No, sorry. I mean I came unannounced.”

He can see Spock is a little puzzled as to why he’s here but is too polite to ask.

“I, uh. I had nowhere else to-to be-to go, I mean.” Jim sighs. “It’s Christmas Eve.”


“Though I’m guessing that’s not exactly something you care about.”

Spock inclines his head. “My mother was Jewish, though not really practicing.”

Jim nods, moistens his lips with his tongue. “Sometimes we acknowledged it and sometimes not. Frank thought…”

“Frank thought?”

Jim shakes his head. “It was frivolous and lame. When it was just him with us instead of Mom, he wouldn’t let us do anything for it. He was my stepfather. He’s gone now.”

“And your friends?”

“Gone too. I mean, doing their own thing, I guess. I don’t know. I didn’t really want to bother anyone. And then I thought about you and…the meld you did with me on Delta Vega.”

“Have you eaten?”

“No. I’m kind of…” He almost said starving but that’s not really true, as he knows about that. “Hungry.”

“Sit, Jim. We can order room service.”


Spock smiles slightly. “Yes.”

And so Jim sits on the little sofa in the sitting area of the suite and Spock sits beside him on the little two-seater, and hands him a PADD that has the hotel room service menu.

Jim smiles at Spock. He smells good, Jim thinks, and for some reason his pulse races. He looks away to the menu.

“Order what you wish. Since it is Christmas Eve perhaps you wish some festive dishes.”

Jim notes they do have some listed. For some reason this excites him. He ends up ordering way too much. Egg nog, cookies, sweet breads, chestnuts, cheeses, crackers, nuts. Just so many things and Spock encourages him.

When it arrives, he laughs. “I’ll never eat all this. What was I thinking?”

“It’s fine, Jim. We will share.”

And they do, in rather companionable silence. It doesn’t feel awkward at all and that makes Jim very happy.

When he’s finally had enough, he turns to Spock with a smile. “Thanks. For this. And for not throwing me out.”

“There is no way I would ever do so. You are always absolutely welcome with me.”

He thinks about the other Spock and how much he hates Jim. 

Spock seems to know what he’s thinking, because he says, “I believe eventually you will form a positive relationship with my counterpart, Jim.”

Jim doesn’t question how Spock knew where his thoughts were. There were plenty of things he doesn’t get about Vulcans.

“I don’t think that will happen. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to see him again.”

“Why do you say that, Jim?”

He shrugs. “I’ve heard through others from the Enterprise he plans to be part of the rebuilding of the Vulcan race. I can’t even blame him for that. So yeah, whatever you had with the me from your universe, that’s not going to happen here.”

Spock places his hand on Jim’s. “We shall see.”

They change the subject then and after sharing tea, Spock brings up what Jim said when he first arrived.

“I was, uh, wondering if we might do another meld. Between us. Or will, will that cause you pain?”

“It will not. But the last one we did, it seemed to cause you discomfort. Are you certain?”

“Maybe some,” Jim admits. “You had a lot of emotional pain.”

“As did you,” Spock tells him, which startles him.

“You – you could get that from me?”

“Yes. A normal meld between us would not necessarily cause you the same discomfort. I am willing to try if you wish. But…I am curious as to why you request it.”

Jim wonders the same, but he remembers seeing other things beside what happened with Romulus.

“When you touched my mind, I…I saw some thing that made me curious.”


Jim laughs. “I think maybe there was more to you and Jim then you’ve admitted to?” He lowers his gaze and blushes a bit. “Or am I wrong?”

“Jim, look at me.”

Jim does.

“You are not wrong.”

Spock places his hand on Jim’s face, spreading out as he had before. He speaks the words and suddenly his mind is joined with Jim’s.

The experience is not like the first meld at all, instead it’s joyful, comforting, warm, and unexpectedly loving. Jim feels euphoric.

He isn’t sure how long the meld lasts, but pretty soon he finds himself in Spock’s lap and they are kissing.

Jim pulls back when he needs to breath, his eyes shining and searching Spock’s, and what he sees convinces himself this is right, this is wanted on both sides and he returns to kissing.


In the morning, Jim wakes up in the older Spock’s bed. It had been an unexpected night of passion, and while Jim suspects Spock viewed him as a substitute for the Jim he really wanted, Jim is okay with that. That Jim could not be around for this Spock anymore. And Jim knew he would never have this with young Spock. He really believed he would never see that Spock again.

Jim can smell coffee and cinnamon rolls. He gets out of the bed and seeks out Spock and the scents.

“Good morning Jim.”

Spock is in his fluffy robe, pouring coffee from an urn and there beside the urn on a tray from room service were the cinnamon rolls.

It’s the best Christmas Jim can ever recall and he knows he will remember it always, no matter what else life brings him.

He accepts the coffee gratefully with a smile.

“Good morning.”

And it is.

Christmas in July, Post 9

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“Do you think we should have a Christmas wedding?”

Leonard eyes Jim. They sit in the 5th floor Officer’s Lunchroom at Starfleet HQ. Normally Jim hates being in the ‘No peons allowed” area, as he calls it, “I used to be a peon, Bones, it’s BS,” but because Jim wants a more private isolated area to talk to Bones, he suggests it.

“You and me?” Leonard jokes.

It earns him the trademark “I loathe you” Kirk look.

“Funny. You know who I mean. Is a Christmas wedding corny?”

Leonard shrugs. “Maybe. But aren’t all ceremonies a bit corny?”

“Well.” Jim takes a swig from his beer. “You are divorced so there’s no huge surprise with that attitude. Was just thinking, I don’t know, white fur and snow. Imitation of course. The fur, I mean, I’d prefer the real snow.”

“Doesn’t snow in San Francisco.”

“I know. I was thinking Riverside. Maybe.”

“Doesn’t always snow there at Christmas either.”

“Yeah. I mean I can figure that out. So snow and fur and like gold and silver. Kind of elegant.” Jim paused. “I think she’d like that.”

“Yep. She probably would.” Leonard scrutinizes his soup. He’d ordered creamy tomato basil but there’s something off about it. Tastes more like Creamy Tomato Rosemary, which he doesn’t care for at all.

“I should want to make her happy with this, right?”

Leonard makes a considering face, doing a mini shrug, more like a face shrug, if that’s possible. “Well, sure, if you can. Most try to, anyway.”

Jim looks mopey. “There’s always eloping. Just, you know, dashing off to Vegas.”

“Instead of dashing through the snow?” Leonard smirks.

“Yeah. Not sure that’s ideal though. Loud and messy and…”

“Sort of sinful.”

“Right. The opposite of elegant.”

“Maybe you just shouldn’t worry so much about what she thinks.”

“Well, but this is for her. I don’t care about any of this. We’re already—”

“Then why all the fuss at all?” Leonard asks.

“Because I agreed to get married on Earth.” Jim holds his face in his hands. “I sure as hell don’t know why now.”

“Twue wove.”

“Oh, sure. Go ahead and mock me, Bones.”

“Why is the doctor mocking you, Captain?”

Jim’s face lights up like the stars itself as Spock joins them. He scoots over to give Spock room to sit beside him even though there’s tons of room next to Leonard.

“What do you think about a Christmas wedding?” Jim asks instead of answering. “I know you don’t do Christmas.”

“True but whatever the two of you plan is fine by me. It is the two of you who want this.”

Jim sighs. “I was thinking snow and white fur.” He glances at Spock. “Fake fur.”


“Sounds festive right? I mean I know desert dweller but—”

“Jim, I have nothing to say. As I said, this is up to the two of you.”

“No opinion at all?”


Leonard sees that Jim is beginning to get annoyed. Wonders if the alarm bells are going off in that Vulcan head.

Danger, Danger

Red Alert, my friend.

“You are going to show up, aren’t you?”

Spock frowns, because, Leonard guesses, he finally notices that he is on thin ice here. “Of course, Jim. I merely meant that you are planning this to please your mother. In my view, we are already husbands due to our ceremony on New Vulcan.”


“Jim, I would marry you in any ceremony you deem necessary. Klingon—”

“Klingon? Do you know what they do in those?”

“As an example,” Spock says. “The point being you are mine and if you need several weddings to  prove that, I am amiable.”

“Okay.” Jim nods. “Christmas Snow Wedding it is then.”

Leonard notices Spock’s shudder. But if Jim does, he ignores it.

Jim leans over instead and kisses his husband. He pulls back and smiles. “I’ll let Mom know.”

Spock inclines his head. “As you wish.”

Leonard knows Spock will be saying that a lot to Jim. The Vulcan is quite wrapped around Jim’s finger. They all are, really. He sighs, shakes his head and smiles.  

Christmas in July, Post 8

I’d almost forgotten this story when J mentioned it the other day, so with that in mind, I decided to do one of the flashes for this month on Kirk’s Children.

“I love you, Daddy,” M’Rasha declared as Jim scooped his seven-year-old daughter up into his arms.

“I love you more.”


Jim laughed. “Yep.”

She shook her blonde head. Recently, she’d asked Granny to cut her hair, so her long ringlets were gone and replaced by a cute little bob.

“I love you much more!”

Jim scoffed. “I love you much much more.”

She gave him a look that reminded her of Spock. Definitely his influence. “I love you mostest.”

He laughed outright. “Okay, you win. That’s not a word though.”

“Are the two of you finished with your illogical game?”

And speaking of the love of his life. One of them anyway. Two others were M’Rasha and M’Nisarr, his son. His cup runneth over.  

Spock held the remaining love of his life. For now, anyway. A small part Human, part Vulcan boy of two months who had been created with both their DNAs. He had dark hair, pointed ears, and the bluest of eyes.

M’Rasha gazed down at her brother from her height in Jim’s arm. “Saran looks like he’s going potty again, Daddy.”

Spock sighed. “No doubt. I will go and change him.”

“Meet us by the tree in the living room when you’re finished.”

Jim bent down slightly in the kitchen to pick up the mug of hot chocolate. The mug was made out of unbreakable material after one too many messes when his daughter had dropped her mug.

He carried her to the living room where M’Nisarr, Granny, and Grandpa all sat by the Christmas tree.

His mother and Spock’s father now split their time between Earth and New Vulcan. For the Terran holidays, they were here with Spock and Jim in San Francisco. In the summer, they’d been married in a ceremony on New Vulcan. It was weird, yes, but not really in a bad way. His mother was quite happy and Sarek was content.

Starfleet had decided that they weren’t quite ready to allow children on a Starship, so Admiral Kirk sat behind a desk most days and Spock resumed teaching at the Academy. It was a good life. Especially now with the addition of Saran.

Jim set M’Rasha down so she could plop herself in Granny’s lap, one of her favorite places to sit. Spock came up beside Jim, holding a newly changed Saran.

Jim leaned over to place a reasonably chaste kiss on Spock’s lips. “Love you.

“Love you more,” Spock said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Jim grinned. “Love you much—”

“James Tiberius,” his mother admonished.

He laughed. “Well. Anyway. Whose gonna start the first Christmas Carol?”

“You, Daddy!” M’Nisarr yelled.

Since they both called he and Spock Daddy, Jim wasn’t really sure which one they meant, but he met Spock’s gaze.

“Want to start it together?”

Spock arched a brow. “You know that I am not fond of singing Terran Christmas songs.”

“Fine then.” Jim walked over to his son, picked up M’Nisarr as he had previously done his sister, and said, “Come on. We’ll start it together.”

M’Nisarr smiled shyly but he nodded.

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to Our Newborn King!”

Christmas in July, Post 7

Jim opened the farmhouse door to young Vanik.

Jim frowned. “Vanik?” He looked beyond the boy but saw no one else. “Are you alone?”

“I am, Jim,” the boy said. “I came to speak with you about Uncle Spock.”

“How did you get here?”

“By shuttle of course.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Do your parents know you’re here?”


“You’d better come inside. Your ears are probably getting frostbite.” He yanked the young half-Vulcan into the house.

“About my uncle—”

“Forget it.”

“But he is most apologetic and misses you terribly.”

Jim closed the door and gazed down at the boy. “Did he send you?”

“No,” Vanik admitted. “But I know that it is true.”

“Vanik, you’re just a kid, but you’re going to find out in life that sometimes relationships just don’t work out.”

“Perhaps. But that is not true in your case. You are fated mates.”

Jim snorted. “Yeah, whatever. Your uncle is a big jerk.”

Vanik nodded. “That is no doubt true, but I know that nevertheless, he cares for you a great deal. He wishes to apologize.”

“Then why isn’t he here instead of you?” Jim raised both eyebrows expectantly.

“He wants to but he is shy.”

Jim actually laughed at that. “Uh-huh. I’d better contact your parents.”

Vanik bit his lip. “If you like, you can return with me to San Francisco and meet with Uncle Spock.”


“Why not?”

“Because I agreed to spend the Christmas holidays with my mother and she arrives here in two days. I’ll have to get your parents to come get you. I don’t know how in the world they let you travel here alone.”

“I am not a child.”

“You are ten years old. That’s a kid.”

Jim walked further into the house with Vanik following.

“You could contact Spock to come and get me.”

“I think it’s better to contact your parents.”

Vanik stopped and looked at the Christmas tree Jim had been putting up in the living room. “I could help you finish decorating the pine.”

“Well, maybe, while we wait for your folks. It’s probably okay. You sit there while I contact them.”

Vanik sighed and did as he was told. “Very well.”


It was a couple of hours later when Jim heard the doorbell ring. With Vanik’s help, he had finished decorating the tree and had even strung the lights on it, which he’d just turned on. It looked pretty good, he decided. And his mom would be pleased.

He had gotten Vanik a cup of warm cider and a plate of cookies, so he sat on the couch now and munched away.

“That’ll be your folks.”

Jim smiled at the boy and went to the front door to greet Sybok and Anoria.

He blinked into the face of Spock.

His former boyfriend wore a big fluffy navy sweater and he looked unexpectedly pale.

“Jim.” His name was like a soft whisper on Spock’s lips.


“I…miss you.”

Jim’s stomach flipped. “You…aren’t here to collect Vanik?”

Spock frowned. “What?”

“The kid he’s here. I contacted Sybok. I thought maybe he sent you.”

“No.” Spock shook his head. He reached for Jim and pulled him out into the yard. And though it was cold and their breath could be seen, Jim didn’t really mind. “I miss you every moment of every hour of every day. I cannot sleep or eat or do anything, really. I love you more than mere words can convey. If you will forgive me and allow me back into your life, I will spend every moment of every hour of every day convincing you that I am worthy of your affections.”

“Well I…” Jim’s throat clogged and he attempted to swallow. “I think somewhere in there was an apology.”

“A most humble one. I cannot guarantee I will not upset you again, Jim, but please know that I never intentionally hurt you, for you are the most precious being in all the universe to me.”

“Spock,” Jim said, brokenly, throwing himself into Spock’s arms. The Vulcan’s arms came around him, holding him so close he could barely breathe, and he cared not at all.

“Then you forgive me?” Spock asked.

“Yes. Yes, of course.”

“You will return to our home in San Francisco?”

“Yes. Well. No. I mean not yet. Mom’s coming for Christmas and I said I’d stay through the new year.” Jim pulled back to look at him. But Spock barely let him go. “Will you stay here with me?”

“There is no way I am going anywhere without you.”


They turned as one to see Vanik standing in the doorway to the farmhouse clapping.

“Vanik,” Spock said, shaking his head. “When your father comes—”

“Actually.” Vanik cleared his throat. “I contacted my parents and advised them that now that you are here, I wish to stay for the Terran holiday season as Jim’s guest.”

Spock stared. “Vanik—”

Jim chuckled. He felt too happy to do much else. Spock still held on to him. “It’s okay, Spock. He can stay.”

Spock glanced at him. “Are you certain? I can make sure that my brother collects the pest.”

“Really. It’s fine.” Jim kissed him. Spock kissed him back. “Come on. Let’s go inside where it’s warm.”

“That would be most agreeable.”

Jim went to move but Spock kept him there. “You have to let me go so I can walk.”

“Perhaps I should carry you.”


Spock sighed. “Very well.”

And he released Jim but took his hand almost immediately. Together they entered the house, Vanik before them, and went to begin their celebration.

It was very merry indeed.  

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