“Spock, what are you doing here?”

Spock was surprised by the sharp tone he detected in Nyota’s question. He had just sat down at a table at an outdoor café where Nyota sat with a couple of friends.

“You invited me,” he explained, thinking it was obvious.

She stared at him. “What about…Jim?”

Jim, of course, referred to Spock’s recently acquired boyfriend.  He had mentioned being invited to the café and had even asked Jim if he’d like to come.

“He declined to come. Prior to your invitation, Jim had planned to stay home today to watch holiday movies while eating eggnog ice cream and gingerbread men, and consuming peppermint mochas. When I told him about this invitation he wanted to continue his original plan.”

Now Nyota was bugging her eyes out at him.

“Oh no.” She looked at her friends and smiled. “Would you two, um, go get me a refill on my drink?”

Spock was puzzled as it appeared her drink was full but her friends hurried away so perhaps they knew better than Spock did.

“Spock, you-you don’t…cancel plans your boyfriend was looking forward to in order to go out with your friends.”

“But Jim said he did not mind.”

She laughed. “Honey, he minds.  He was planning on this. With you, right?”

“Well. He did ask me, yes, but he said—”

“Whatever he said, pay that no mind. You have a lot to learn about humans, Spock. Now you go right back to Jim and sit there watching holiday movies with him. Or you’ll definitely be sorry later.”

Spock did begin to feel a bit uneasy. Jim had smiled when he said to go ahead but it was a rather strange smile. He rose.

“And pick him up a present along the way!” Nyota called after him.


When Spock knocked on Jim’s door, there was no immediate answer and he became more worried. But then slowly the door opened and one blue eye peered out at him.


“I have come to watch merriment with you.”

Jim opened the door fully and stared at Spock. He wore his pajamas, Spock noted, and there was a touch of red around his eyes Spock did not like.

“You said—”

“Forget what I said. I was a fool.” Spock held up the giant Santa sugar cookie he had bought at the bakery on the way there. It was covered in glittery red sanding sugar. “I have bought you a cookie. May I come in?”

Jim smiled, grabbed Spock’s hand, and pulled him inside. “Of course you can. I’m just getting started. Come on.” He kissed Spock quite thoroughly. His cheeks were faintly pink. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“As am I, Jim.” He was led to the sofa and as they started the first movie, Spock did not let go of Jim’s hand.