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“Do you think we should have a Christmas wedding?”

Leonard eyes Jim. They sit in the 5th floor Officer’s Lunchroom at Starfleet HQ. Normally Jim hates being in the ‘No peons allowed” area, as he calls it, “I used to be a peon, Bones, it’s BS,” but because Jim wants a more private isolated area to talk to Bones, he suggests it.

“You and me?” Leonard jokes.

It earns him the trademark “I loathe you” Kirk look.

“Funny. You know who I mean. Is a Christmas wedding corny?”

Leonard shrugs. “Maybe. But aren’t all ceremonies a bit corny?”

“Well.” Jim takes a swig from his beer. “You are divorced so there’s no huge surprise with that attitude. Was just thinking, I don’t know, white fur and snow. Imitation of course. The fur, I mean, I’d prefer the real snow.”

“Doesn’t snow in San Francisco.”

“I know. I was thinking Riverside. Maybe.”

“Doesn’t always snow there at Christmas either.”

“Yeah. I mean I can figure that out. So snow and fur and like gold and silver. Kind of elegant.” Jim paused. “I think she’d like that.”

“Yep. She probably would.” Leonard scrutinizes his soup. He’d ordered creamy tomato basil but there’s something off about it. Tastes more like Creamy Tomato Rosemary, which he doesn’t care for at all.

“I should want to make her happy with this, right?”

Leonard makes a considering face, doing a mini shrug, more like a face shrug, if that’s possible. “Well, sure, if you can. Most try to, anyway.”

Jim looks mopey. “There’s always eloping. Just, you know, dashing off to Vegas.”

“Instead of dashing through the snow?” Leonard smirks.

“Yeah. Not sure that’s ideal though. Loud and messy and…”

“Sort of sinful.”

“Right. The opposite of elegant.”

“Maybe you just shouldn’t worry so much about what she thinks.”

“Well, but this is for her. I don’t care about any of this. We’re already—”

“Then why all the fuss at all?” Leonard asks.

“Because I agreed to get married on Earth.” Jim holds his face in his hands. “I sure as hell don’t know why now.”

“Twue wove.”

“Oh, sure. Go ahead and mock me, Bones.”

“Why is the doctor mocking you, Captain?”

Jim’s face lights up like the stars itself as Spock joins them. He scoots over to give Spock room to sit beside him even though there’s tons of room next to Leonard.

“What do you think about a Christmas wedding?” Jim asks instead of answering. “I know you don’t do Christmas.”

“True but whatever the two of you plan is fine by me. It is the two of you who want this.”

Jim sighs. “I was thinking snow and white fur.” He glances at Spock. “Fake fur.”


“Sounds festive right? I mean I know desert dweller but—”

“Jim, I have nothing to say. As I said, this is up to the two of you.”

“No opinion at all?”


Leonard sees that Jim is beginning to get annoyed. Wonders if the alarm bells are going off in that Vulcan head.

Danger, Danger

Red Alert, my friend.

“You are going to show up, aren’t you?”

Spock frowns, because, Leonard guesses, he finally notices that he is on thin ice here. “Of course, Jim. I merely meant that you are planning this to please your mother. In my view, we are already husbands due to our ceremony on New Vulcan.”


“Jim, I would marry you in any ceremony you deem necessary. Klingon—”

“Klingon? Do you know what they do in those?”

“As an example,” Spock says. “The point being you are mine and if you need several weddings to  prove that, I am amiable.”

“Okay.” Jim nods. “Christmas Snow Wedding it is then.”

Leonard notices Spock’s shudder. But if Jim does, he ignores it.

Jim leans over instead and kisses his husband. He pulls back and smiles. “I’ll let Mom know.”

Spock inclines his head. “As you wish.”

Leonard knows Spock will be saying that a lot to Jim. The Vulcan is quite wrapped around Jim’s finger. They all are, really. He sighs, shakes his head and smiles.