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July Flashes

Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 29, 2022

This might seem a little close to the last one but they aren’t related, I just got this idea stuck in my head so used it more than once

“What is the meaning of this?” Spock asked as he stepped into the ship’s rec room. All around him numerous crew members decorated the room with garish green and red decorations. Some crew members stood on ladders to hang fake snowflakes from the ceilings. “Mister Sulu, I command you to answer.”

Sulu, who at the moment wore an outlandish red hat with a green pompom on the end, glanced his way. “Captain’s orders, sir.”

Captain’s orders?” Spock supposed he should have guessed. “What is this supposed to be? Besides clearly a violation of regulations concerning the banning of—”

“Didn’t know we had our own Grinch on board,” Giotto mumbled from the other side of Sulu.

“It’s Christmas in July, Commander,” Sulu explained. “The morale’s been low so the captain thought something like this might cheer everyone up.”

Spock narrowed his eyes and surveyed the room for signs of the Human himself. Across the room near the door on the other side of the rec room stood Kirk. He had the opposite hat of Sulu’s, his being green with a red pompom. He was gesturing wildly to Nyota who stood with him, nodding, and typing into her PADD.

At that moment, Kirk’s yeoman appeared and handed him a PADD, which he took with a smile. She said something to him, shaking her head, and then he looked down at the PADD and his smile disappeared.

“I will go and speak to the captain about this senseless frivolity.”

“You do that, sir,” Sulu said, turning his back on Spock.

As soon as Spock made it across the room, he first stopped to speak with Nyota. “Surely you have not agreed to participate in this.”

She shrugged. “It’s fun. Harmless. Just a bit of entertainment considering the last few months we’ve had. I was just going over the menu for the dinner.”

“The menu…this entire event violates regulations concerning the recognition of non-exclusive—”

“Oh shut up, Spock. No one’s being excluded. And by the way, I’m not with you anymore so I don’t have to listen to this.” She flipped her pony tail and stalked off to talk to Engineer Scott.

Spock turned to the captain. “Captain Kirk, this entire affair is against regulations and you—”

Kirk looked up at him, his blue eyes troubled and haunted looking. “Tear it all down then. I don’t care.”

And he walked away and out of the rec room entirely.

Nyota returned to his side. “What did you just do?”

“I-I did nothing. I just attempted to…” Spock closed his mouth. “Please excuse me.”


After the captain ignored his attempts at his main door, Spock went through their shared bathroom to reach him. He didn’t want to violate Jim’s privacy this way but it seemed necessary in this instance.

Jim stood in the middle of his quarters, PADD clenched so tightly in his hands his knuckles were colorless. He just stared in front of him, though he did finally glace at Spock upon Spock’s approach.

“What do you want, Spock?”

“What has happened?”

Jim shook his head. “Nothing.”

“I can see that is a lie. Perhaps I allowed my irritation at the recreational festivities to get out of hand, but there is surely something more bothering you.”

“It’s just for the crew, Spock. They need something to make them smile even if it’s just for a few hours. There’s been…it’s a lot to deal with.”

“Acknowledged,” Spock said, finally. “I withdraw my objection. Will you tell me what has happened now?”

Jim pursed his lips. “My grandmother died.” He sighed. “I guess she died a-a few months back, but I just got word.”

“I grieve with thee.”

“There was a time when I thought she was the only one who cared about me.”

“I doubt that was true at the time and I know it is not true now.”

Jim gave him his faint little smile. “I spent time with her as a kid. We had a lot of fun together. And love.”

“Was this your mother’s mother or your father’s?”

“Mom’s. Dad’s parents died before he did. I guess at least they were spared that. My grandmother was the first one who celebrated Christmas in July with me. Even then it was just…complete silliness. But we had a blast together.”

Spock nodded. “I can see that I have quite a lot to learn.” He stepped close to Jim. “Most especially about you.”

“Do you really think you will like learning more?”

Spock kissed him. “I know it.”

And that’s a wrap (Christmas Wrap) on this year’s festivities. Thanks!  

Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 27, 2022

“You know I’ve been thinking.”

“Almost always a bad thing.” His CMO, Leonard “Bones” McCoy didn’t even look up from his usual slouching over his cup of coffee.

“The crew morale took a serious hit recently,” Jim continued, unwilling to pay particular attention to grumpy Bones.

“Generally being attacked by Klingons and Romulans in the same week has that affect.”

“Exactly. So we need a distraction. Scotty can even make snow.”

Bones’ gaze finally rose to Jim’s smiling face. “Snow? For what?”

“Christmas in July. Or you know, a Holiday Extravaganza in July or Winter Wonderland in July. You know for those that don’t celebrate or care about Christmas. We can have snow and all the usual festivities. Eggnog, Rum Punch, Cookies, Presents, Santa. Everything.”

Bones stared hard at him. “What does your FOSO think?”

Jim frowned. “My what?”

His friend smirked. “First Officer Significant Other.”

“Did someone mention me?” Spock took his seat beside Jim, slamming his breakfast tray down on the table so hard that his bowl of goopy looking oatmeal bounced.

“You okay?”

“In fact I am not. I have had a disagreement with my father.”

Jim looked at him warily. “Again? What’s up his…what’s his issue this time?”

“He has expanded the list of who he intends to invite to our bonding ceremony on New Vulcan in October,” Spock explained.

“What you two need is a wedding planner,” Bones butted in. “Or, uh, a bonding ceremony planner. They can run interference between you two and your respective parents.”

Jim grinned. “You volunteering?”

“Not even if I was the last guy in the universe.”

“Nor would we ask you if you were,” Spock added testily. “What did Leonard mean when he asked what I thought?”

“You know you’re my FOSO?”

Spock shrugged. “The meaning was logically easy to figure out.”


“See Jim? Spock thinks I’m logical.”

“Especially if you are an expert at figuring out the nonsensical things the doctor comes up with.”

Jim chuckled. “He wanted to know what you think of Christmas in July.”

“In point of fact I do not think of it at all.”

“Well, start. Because we’re planning on one for the ship.”

Spock grimaced and poked his spoon at his oatmeal.

“Commander?” Jim deliberately used his authority voice.

“Yes, of course, Captain.”

Jim rubbed his hands together. “This is going to be great.”

“Perhaps you would like to speak with Sarek about our bonding ceremony.”

Jim nodded. “Oh, sure sure. I’ll take care of that too. Piece of cake.”

Spock looked away just as Jim caught him rolling his eyes.

It would be easy as he intended to let Sarek invite whoever he wished. He smiled and began to plan Christmas in July for the crew and as he eyed Bones, he knew just who he’d get to be Santa.

Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 22, 2022

Who can resist the guys with a little girl?

“Are you sure you’ll be back for Christmas?”

Jim looked down at the little girl with long golden curls and pointed ears.

“Well. Pretty sure.”

She stuck out her plump bottom lip. “You should promise.”

Jim smiled and crouched down beside her. “I can’t promise, angel. There are far too many variables.”

“You sound like Father”

“How about in the meantime we do something my mom did when I was a kid?”


“Christmas in July.”

She looked at him doubtfully. “In July? That’s not logical!”

“Probably not. But see my mom wasn’t going to be around for Christmas, so she decided to give me and my brother Christmas in the summer when she was there. We decorated a tree, and sang songs, and watched movies, and even had presents.”

“But.” Her lip trembled. “If we do Christmas now, doesn’t that mean you for sure won’t be home for real Christmas?”

“No, it doesn’t mean that.”

“How will Santa know to come now?”

Jim smiled. “He won’t. Santa’s real busy right now getting ready for Christmas in December, so for this little mini Christmas your father and I will handle everything. We don’t want to overwhelm Santa.”

She smiled too, her eyes sparkling for the first time that morning. She clapped her hands. “Yay.”

“Want to make gingerbread?”

“With Father too.” She lost her smile just a bit. “You think he’s not busy?”

“Oh, he’s never too busy for that. Let’s go ask him.”

Jim contacted Spock through the bond so that as soon as they reached him, he would know.

“Father, are you—”

Spock’s gaze met Jim’s before going down to their little girl. “Did someone say Christmas?”

Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 15, 2022

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“My T’hy’la is here.” Spock made the announcement as he and his friend, Nyota Uhura, stepped through the doors of Starfleet Academy’s Auditorium.

It was currently set up to look like a Winter Wonderland even though it was 35 degrees Celsius outside. Silvery crystal snowflakes hung from the ceiling. In the corner, students could have their photo taken with the Abominable Snowman. Christmas cookies and peppermint mochas were for sale.   


“I feel him. He is here.”

She glanced at him. “Are you sure, Spock? I’m pretty certain he left for the summer.”

“I am positive.” Spock stopped to glance around the crowded place.

“Even if he is, are you sure you should seek him out? Things did not end well between you last time and—”

“Hello, Spock. Uhura.”

Jim Kirk had suddenly appeared out of seemingly nowhere, though Spock had known he was there. He was dressed from head to toe in some silver and white costume with a crystal crown upon his head.

“What are you supposed to be?” Nyota asked.

“I’m the Snow King for the festival.”

Nyota looked at Spock, then touched the arm of his sleeve. “I’ll, uh, be over there getting some spiked egg nog.”

Jim’s gaze followed her before those eyes blue as the ice that seemed to surround them returned to Spock.


“I…I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I bet.”

“We had heard you left San Francisco for the summer.”


“You have to know she is nothing to me.”

Jim winced. “Ouch.”

“You know what I mean. She is a friend only. You are my everything. And I have…it is unbearable without you.”

Jim smirked. “Unbearable is nice.”

“Jim,” was Spock’s plea.

Jim sighed. “I’m not sure you’ve groveled near enough, but, I’m a sucker for that face. And that body. And those lips. And—”

“I am a sucker for you also.”    

Jim laughed. Grabbed Spock’s hand and pulled him along. “Come, you can be my consort.”

Christmas in July Flash, July 13, 2022

I said I’d do a flash for CIJ on the couple from Aftermath. So here they are. Living a quite happy life I think.

After getting out of bed and seeing to my morning routine, I expected to find my husband in the kitchen preparing our breakfast as he had been doing close to fifteen years now.

But when I came downstairs there was no sign of Spock. I frowned and went into the kitchen looking for evidence he had at least been there. He’d made me a pot of coffee and I spotted a discarded tea bag in the trash.

“Spock? Babe?”

There was no response and with a push at our bond, I decided Spock wasn’t in the house or even anywhere on the farm.


He hadn’t told me he had any plans which wasn’t like Spock.  

I had learned over the years since I had finally agreed to bond with Spock, a good five years into our ordinary Earth marriage, that if Spock were too far away I could only get a sense that he was alive and well and not much more.

With a shrug, I poured myself coffee and then took it out to the front porch to sit and wait to see what my husband might be up to. We’d added cushioned lawn chairs there a few years back.

It was July and already too warm to sit there for long. But I couldn’t deny my curiosity.

It wasn’t like I could contact him on a communicator as we’d given up our Federation devices when we left Starfleet back after the fiasco where they accused me of things I’d never do.

Eventually, I spotted our hover car heading down the dirt road toward the farm, and I relaxed. Not that I really was that concerned. Spock could take care of himself better than anyone I knew and I knew he would never ever leave my side willingly.

Still it was nice to be right and nice to feel that relief at his return.

“Jim,” he greeted me as he stopped the hover car. “You are up a little earlier than I anticipated.”

“It’s after ten. How long did you think I’d sleep?”

“We were up late with…activities.”

I chuckled. “Sex, Spock. It’s just me, you can use plain language. And you were up just as late as me.”


“Where’d you go?”

“To get a tree.” Spock paused. “Not very easy this time of year.”

“A tree? You mean to plant? Did you go to the garden center?”

“No.” Spock went to the back of the hover car. He opened the trunk and reached in. In a moment he pulled out about a five-foot pine tree in a pot.

I rose and shielded my eyes from the sun. “Is that…it looks like a Christmas tree.”



Spock shrugged as he carried it toward their house. “I thought…once…some years back during a meld you shared with me a time where your family had celebrated Christmas in July.”

I smiled faintly. “Wasn’t that an afterglow meld?”


I thought about it. It had been grandma’s idea. My dad’s mom. We were staying with her that summer, Sam and me, because Mom had just gotten married to the idiot and they were on their honeymoon. Which thinking about that part of it made me want to gag but you know.

I nodded. “Okay. But babe, wasn’t that meld like, I don’t know five years ago?”

“It was. But neither of us are getting any younger and I thought it would be a nice surprise.”

“Are you saying we won’t make it until real Christmas?”

“I certainly am not saying that.”

I snorted and hugged him, kissing his cheek. “I’m teasing. You’re too cute. You just want to keep me on my toes.”

“I simply intend to make every day, every year of our lives together as memorable and loving as I can,” Spock said, simply. “I still have a lot of mistakes to make up for.”

“Spock, babe, I don’t—”


I kissed him. ”I love you.”

“Then help me decorate our Christmas in July tree.”

I laughed and hugged him again. “You’re on!”

Christmas in July, July 08, 2022 Flash

I got a suggestion to use the Jim and Spock from First Impressions.

Jim stood in front the mirror trying to decide if he liked the way he looked.

“What do you think?”


Jim glanced at Spock via the mirror. His husband was sitting at a terminal in their quarters doing God knew what. Reports probably.

Jim smiled faintly, his memory going back several years now.

“Green or red?”

Spock turned around from preparing tea in the kitchen of their apartment. He blinked several times at Jim.

Well, Jim really couldn’t blame him. It wasn’t every day your boyfriend was dressed like a Christmas elf.

“I beg your pardon?”

Jim smiled. “You can beg me later.”


“I know, I know. It’s July, right?”

“It is. You also have green knee trousers on with a red…I confess I am at a loss as to what you are wearing on your upper torso is called.”

“Doublet, I think. Like what royalty would wear in ancient Earth days or whatever. That’s what it reminds me of. But anyway, it’s for the elf costume. That’s why I am wondering. Green elf or red elf?”

“You are as inexplicable as ever.”

Jim laughed. “Now that’s a compliment I can get behind.”

“It is not…Jim, why are you wearing that?”

“The hospital is doing Christmas in July for the sick kids. I promised to dress up like an elf.” Jim shrugged. “It’s fun for them.”

“And you too, I would say.” Spock considered. “I would say green.”

“I do look good with green all over and in me.” Jim grinned.

Spock gave him a stern look. “Red. Go as a red elf.”

“How does this stupid uniform look?” Jim asked, in the present. He wrinkled his nose.

“Being promoted to admiral is not stupid.”

“Come on. First impression.”

That got Spock’s attention and he looked up at once.

“You are…as always…breathtaking.”

Jim snorted. “You didn’t always think so.”

Spock got up from behind the desk and went to where Jim stood, pulling him into his arms.

“That is where you are wrong, T’hy’la. From the very beginning I have acknowledged how absolutely stunning you are.”

“You just thought I was a shit.”

“I never thought that. Such a term is not in my vocabulary.”

“Well. You think it looks all right?”

“You look like a highly regarded, decorated officer who has earned his promotion to admiral.”

“Right, sure.” Jim sighed. “Why do I feel like a fake then?”

“You are not. And I am…in awe of the man you are.”

“You’re going to make me cry.” Jim kissed him.

Spock looked up at Jim’s fingers raised above them. “Mistletoe, Admiral?”

“Merry Christmas in July, honey.”

Spock shook his head but drew Jim back into another kiss. “Let us see what you look like out of this uniform.”

“Now you’re talking!”

Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 06,2022

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday green, in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.”

“It’s ninety-five degrees, genius.”

Jim smiled and winked at Bones. “Not in here it isn’t. I have the AC set to meat locker.”

Bones snorted. “It might make it freezing in here but it actually won’t snow.” He paused. “Or even form ice crystals.”

Jim shrugged. “Jury’s still out on that one.”

“Anyway, you’re singing it wrong,” his best friend informed him.

Jim sipped from his frosty peppermint mocha shake. “I am?”

“It’s… City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style.”

“Style? Well, that’s stupid.”

“I sure as hell didn’t write it so don’t look at me. It’s to rhyme style with smile from the next line.”

Jim shook his head. “Strings of streetlights, even stop lights, blink a bright red and green, as the shoppers rush home with their treasures.”

“It’s a dumbass song,” Bones muttered. “Why the Christmas stuff anyway. Frozen apartment, dumbass song, and peppermint drinks. And I’m pretty sure I saw mistletoe in the doorway of your bedroom.”

“I’m doing Christmas in July with Spock.”

“Spock know this?”

“He will soon enough. He’s not going to be around for real Christmas since Pike’s taking him out on an exploratory mission for like six months beginning in October to get his feet wet.”

“A Vulcan with wet feet. Wet behind the ears more likely.”

Jim gave him a look. “Shut up, will ya? Since Christmas in July’s a thing—”

“Who says it’s a thing?”

“I just did, didn’t you hear me?”

“Loud and clear unfortunately.”

“May I remind you that you actually asked.”

“You going to be okay all by yourself?”

Jim scowled. “I’m a mature adult. I can handle my boyfriend being gone a few months.”

Bones nodded, sagely. “Course. Since I’m sure you’re expecting the unfortunate object of your July Christmasy celebration at any time, I’m going to beat it.”

“Thank God. I thought you’d never leave.” Jim grinned.

Bones flipped him off and opened the door of the apartment.

Standing there was Spock who arched a brow at Bones’ uncouth display.

“Charming as ever I see, Doctor.”

Bones grumbled something, scooted past Spock and down the hallway.

Jim seized hold of Spock’s arm and pulled him inside.

“Jim, I know it is hot out, but do you not think you have the air conditioning turned up too high?”

“Merry Christmas!” Jim kissed him.


“Yep. There are chocolate thumb print cookies in the oven.”

“I-I see. Then we are…having a night in.”

Jim laughed. “Most definitely. Come here and unwrap me. I’m your present.”

Happy Independence Day 2022

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Here’s a repost of “Independence Day” a flash from July 2020

“I now declare my independence,” Jim said as he walked beside Bones.

Bones smirked. “From Gary?”

“Gary and from all others. No more relationships, Bones. I am footloose and fancy free.” Jim turned around and started walking backwards, doing a little foot work as he did so, laughing at the look Bones was giving him.

He turned around then and walked straight into…

“Oomph.” Jim staggered back and a hand shot out to steady him. He felt himself blushing hot. And staring into the most beautiful pair of dark eyes he’d ever seen. “Uh. Hi. And, um, sorry.”

The guy, a Vulcan, arched a brow. “That was quite a dance.”

“Uh.” Jim laughed uncomfortably. “Yeah. I was…sort of celebrating. Jim Kirk.”

“Spock. What were you celebrating?”

“A, uh.” He moistened his lips. “A break up.”

“How fortunate.”

“It is?”

“For me,” Spock said, matter-of-fact. “Dinner?”

Jim heard Bones coughing nearby.

He ignored him.


“Yeah. Dinner sounds great.”


“Uh. Hang on one second,” Jim said.

The Vulcan, Spock, looked past him to Bones. “Your keeper?”

Jim laughed. “Nah. He only thinks so. Give me one minute.”

Jim scurried back to Bones. “Hey, I’m…”

“Yeah, I figured that,” Bones said sarcastically. “What happened to all that talk of Independence with a capital I?”  

“Well, I did say of relationships,” Jim pointed out.

“Uh-huh. So this thing with that guy, who’s a professor at the Academy, by the way, is just gonna be a one-night stand?”

“Or two or three or you know whatever amount it takes.” Jim winked.

“Should I expect you home tonight?”

Jim glanced at Spock who narrowed his eyes. Jim licked his lips, swallowed. “No. No. I don’t think so.” He patted Bones’ arm. “Or maybe for a couple of nights.”

“A couple of nights? Jim…”

“Longer even.”


“See you, Bones.”

He scrambled after Spock who had begun to walk away. He fell into step beside the Vulcan.

“Professor huh?”

“Yes, Cadet. So do…behave.”

Jim stumbled, then blushed. “Yeah. Yeah.”


Jim cleared his throat as he struggled to keep up with Spock’s long strides. “Sir. Yes, sir.”

He could be independent in a day or two. Right.

Christmas in July Flash, July 01, 2022

And so it begins. Wednesdays and Fridays all month. Enjoy!

PS. I know it’s Jay’s birthday but I am sorry to say I just didn’t have time to get a separate fic written, my apologies. Looks like Over Time will be finished in early August, anyway. Happy Birthday Jay!

“This is the first day.”

Jim did not look up from his PADD when Vanik spoke. Jim was sitting in the office area of the apartment he shared with Spock studying for a really important test. He vaguely wondered how Vanik got there. He hadn’t let him in and Spock wasn’t there. He did not need to deal with the pest just then.

“First day of what?” he asked absently.

“Christmas in July.”

Now Jim did look up. “Excuse me?”

“It’s July the first.”

“Right. Uh. Vanik. Wait, how’d you get in?” He shook his head. “Never mind. I don’t want to know. Because then I will be forced to tell Spock.”

“When do the celebrations begin?”

“Celebrations? Look. That’s not really how it works. It’s not really until July the twenty-fourth or so. You know around the real time for Christmas and Christmas Eve five months later. It’s just sort of a wow, it’s only five months until Christmas thing. It’s now less than half a year. It began in a summer camp in 1933. They had fake snow and trees and Santa even.”

Vanik nodded. “Correct. But over the many years since others have expanded on the time to celebrate ‘Christmas in July’. I would like us to be one of them. If you will recall we did something last year.”

“Did we? Well, even if we did, Vanik, I just don’t have time right now. Maybe later in the month, but I have this big test.”

“I am certain you will ace it as usual, Jim.”

“Right. But you know it’s a little hot to be dashing through the snow anyway.”

“Actually, that song originated as a Thanksgiving song.”

Jim rolled his eyes and went back to reading on his PADD. He hoped that would clue Vanik in that he needed to leave.

“Did you know that?”

“Not only is the answer no, I also don’t care.”

“I brought a Santa, a reindeer and a jingle bell.”

Jim looked up at him again. “You what?”

“Cookie cutters. I thought a pleasurable way to begin the month of Christmas in July was for us to engage in Christmas cookie making.”

Jim blinked at the boy, then sighed. He knew defeat when he saw it. So much for not believing in no-win scenarios.

“Tell you what. You go into the living room and sit quietly on the couch for a whole hour and let me study in peace for that time. And when that hour has passed, we’ll make those cookies. Deal?”

Vanik nodded enthusiastically. “Deal.”

Jim looked at him with skepticism. “You think you can be quiet for that long?”

“It will be a challenge but I am up for it. Especially if it means making Christmas cookies with you.”

Jim smiled, patted the boy’s bowl cut, and shooed him away.

It would take a miracle for him to pass this test at this rate.  


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