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Christmas in July, Post 8

I’d almost forgotten this story when J mentioned it the other day, so with that in mind, I decided to do one of the flashes for this month on Kirk’s Children.

“I love you, Daddy,” M’Rasha declared as Jim scooped his seven-year-old daughter up into his arms.

“I love you more.”


Jim laughed. “Yep.”

She shook her blonde head. Recently, she’d asked Granny to cut her hair, so her long ringlets were gone and replaced by a cute little bob.

“I love you much more!”

Jim scoffed. “I love you much much more.”

She gave him a look that reminded her of Spock. Definitely his influence. “I love you mostest.”

He laughed outright. “Okay, you win. That’s not a word though.”

“Are the two of you finished with your illogical game?”

And speaking of the love of his life. One of them anyway. Two others were M’Rasha and M’Nisarr, his son. His cup runneth over.  

Spock held the remaining love of his life. For now, anyway. A small part Human, part Vulcan boy of two months who had been created with both their DNAs. He had dark hair, pointed ears, and the bluest of eyes.

M’Rasha gazed down at her brother from her height in Jim’s arm. “Saran looks like he’s going potty again, Daddy.”

Spock sighed. “No doubt. I will go and change him.”

“Meet us by the tree in the living room when you’re finished.”

Jim bent down slightly in the kitchen to pick up the mug of hot chocolate. The mug was made out of unbreakable material after one too many messes when his daughter had dropped her mug.

He carried her to the living room where M’Nisarr, Granny, and Grandpa all sat by the Christmas tree.

His mother and Spock’s father now split their time between Earth and New Vulcan. For the Terran holidays, they were here with Spock and Jim in San Francisco. In the summer, they’d been married in a ceremony on New Vulcan. It was weird, yes, but not really in a bad way. His mother was quite happy and Sarek was content.

Starfleet had decided that they weren’t quite ready to allow children on a Starship, so Admiral Kirk sat behind a desk most days and Spock resumed teaching at the Academy. It was a good life. Especially now with the addition of Saran.

Jim set M’Rasha down so she could plop herself in Granny’s lap, one of her favorite places to sit. Spock came up beside Jim, holding a newly changed Saran.

Jim leaned over to place a reasonably chaste kiss on Spock’s lips. “Love you.

“Love you more,” Spock said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Jim grinned. “Love you much—”

“James Tiberius,” his mother admonished.

He laughed. “Well. Anyway. Whose gonna start the first Christmas Carol?”

“You, Daddy!” M’Nisarr yelled.

Since they both called he and Spock Daddy, Jim wasn’t really sure which one they meant, but he met Spock’s gaze.

“Want to start it together?”

Spock arched a brow. “You know that I am not fond of singing Terran Christmas songs.”

“Fine then.” Jim walked over to his son, picked up M’Nisarr as he had previously done his sister, and said, “Come on. We’ll start it together.”

M’Nisarr smiled shyly but he nodded.

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to Our Newborn King!”

Flash Fic, 04/08/2020

It was unlike Spock to be late, though he had tried everything he could not to be, but it hadn’t been able to be helped, and so, consequently, as he rushed home, his anxiety level had, as his husband would say, skyrocketed.

San Francisco had decided to pour rain on his journey home, which only soured Spock’s mood as he made his way, on foot, to the apartment building where the apartment he shared with Jim could be found.

He used hand recognition to access the front doors of the building and then scurried over to the stairs rather than the lift.

When he reached the floor where the apartment was, the fifth, it was as he feared. Jim was stepping out the door, luggage bag clutched in his hands. He turned to look at Spock as Spock approached.

“Thought you weren’t going to make it,” Jim admitted.

“I almost didn’t. One moment.” Spock brushed past Jim and into their apartment, rushing into the bedroom to seize his already packed bag. He returned to Jim, waiting in the hallway.

“You could have caught the next shuttle,” Jim told him. “I left a note. It’s just I had to—”

“Leave, yes. I know. I prefer we travel together.” Spock pursed his lips, trying to keep a most illogical emotional outburst from happening.

“You okay?”

“Affirmative. I just…I prefer we spent all our time together.”

Jim smiled and touched his fingers to Spock’s. “Me too, honey. You ready?”

Feeling illogically relieved Jim had not departed without him, Spock fell into step beside him. Their shoulders touched as they walked in sync.  

Spirk Videos for the Depressed

Feeling down so I turn to my Spirk videos. I am sharing some of my favorites here but you’ve likely seen most or all of them. I have hundreds of times.

Classic of course


Short but oh so hurty

A favorite


This one combines both

I have three different versions of Spirk videos with this song!

An oldie but a goodie

Love this one cause she uses so much of their parents

This one is Jim focused but it’s one of my all time favorites. And as we know, I am Jim focused too

In Limbo…

As the title says there, I am sort of in limbo about what’s coming next in the updates. I am working on the next chapter of My Devotion, You are the Light That’s Leading Me, the One-Shot and Young and Beautiful. None are finished. Not sure if I will have anything finished but my goal is to get something finished and updated on Friday.

I’m still working on my Old Married Spirk story but I have all of November to post that, though like I said before I intend to post it sooner rather than later.

I’ll be away all weekend so there won’t be any updates. In fact that’s sort of going to be a pattern going forward through the end of the year. This is my busy time with parties, plans, family, friends, and holidays.Through October I have plans every weekend and into November as well. I expect December to be likewise busy, so just expect me to take most weekends off posting wise.

Because my plate is super full (got one story finished thankfully) and Christmas stories will be coming up soon, I expect THE WINTER STORY not to get going before January. It’s going to have angsty sad elements for sure. I am hoping to get a story or two completed before I get working on that too much.

Because he’s beautiful, I must conclude with a Chris picture. Oh look, Zach got in there too.


My Own Favorites

Chris Pine plays Kirk in Star Trek Beyond from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Robot, Sneaky Shark and Perfect Storm Entertainment

We all have our favorites of work we’ve written. Or maybe that’s just me, but I don’t think so.

I was talking to my dear bff Kris about this and she shared with me her favorites of mine. I started talking about it because I was mentioning a particular story of mine that is popular and the reason why always eludes me. I don’t hate the story but it’s not in my top 5 of what I’ve written. Maybe not even top 10. Yet it has the most Kudos of any story I have out there.

So here is my list of my own favorites in no particular order and I am keeping it at 5

Not in Love

Not an Ordinary Life

Somewhere Else

In Another Life

A Spirky Christmas Carol


It was hard for me to choose A Spirky Christmas Carol over Going Boldly because I adore my longest fic, but A Christmas Carol is my all time favorite story and the tale told from Spock’s angle/POV is particularly poignant for me.

So there you have it, my top 5 COMPLETED works. I have a few favorites in the new stuff.


The Perfect Partner, Conclusion

Seems I managed to finish this after all. 

“Got all your supplies, Bones?” Jim asked, coming up behind his friend as he conducted inventory.

“Looks like they’re here.” Bones straightened from his squat. “You going back to the ship?”

Jim turned his head to view the beaches in the distance. He’d allowed some of the crew to have a few hours shore leave on Tambian 3. They couldn’t afford the time for a lengthy leave but twelve hours was better than nothing.

“I think I’m going to hit the beach for a bit.”

Bones studied him. “Want company?”

Jim hesitated. He didn’t want to hurt Bones’ feeling but he wanted to be alone to think. “Next time,” he told his friend. “I think I need some solitude.”

Bones nodded. “All right then.”

He was grateful Bones didn’t say he could get solitude on the Enterprise. Besides Jim wasn’t even sure that was true.

“Thanks, Bones.”

“And what do I do if Spock asks where you are? Tell him I don’t know?”

Jim shook his head. “No, you can tell Spock. No one else though.”

His friend smirked. “You want to be alone unless it involves Spock.”


“Save it, Jim. You’ve been hung up on that Vulcan since he stood up, tugged down his uniform and walked up to the podium to accuse you of cheating.”

Jim laughed. “Well…maybe not that long.”

“Yes that long.”

Jim smiled. “See you soon?”

“Yeah, go on. Get out of here. Captain.”

It took about half an hour to make it down to the beach from his location. There wasn’t anyone around this particular section of the beach for which Jim was happy. The planet’s sun was already going down and there was a slight chill to the air but Jim didn’t mind.

He took off his boots and socks, he hated socks, but the boots were uncomfortable without them, and rolled up his pants to the knee so he could go wade in the cold ocean water.

He stood there, staring down at the water rushing his feet and the sand between his toes for he didn’t even know how long.

After a while, he turned his head and couldn’t miss the Vulcan coming down the beach toward him. Jim smiled. He should have known Spock would show up. Bones knew it too.


“Hi Spock.”

Jim was torn between making Spock come to him and not making Spock traipse through the water. He was pretty sure Spock wouldn’t want to get his boots wet and there was almost no chance he’d take them off to wade.

Finally Jim walked over to where Spock stood, safely away from the water.

“You are unwell?”

“Nah. I’m fine. Just thinking.”

Spock’s gaze went over his head for a moment out to the sea, then it returned to Jim’s face. “If I made you uncomfortable with our earlier activities, I apologize.”

“What…the daddy stuff?”

Spock’s cheeks were dusted slightly green.

“Spock, I don’t care if we fuck while dressed up as a ballerina. It’s all good as far as I’m concerned.”

Spock’s brows furrowed. “Would that be you dressed as a ballerina or me?”

Jim smiled. “Whichever. The point is, sex with you, whatever form it takes, is at the top of my list of really fantastic things.”

“You have a list?”


Spock was silent for a moment and Jim could practically see the wheels turning in his head. “You are pensive. Is there something else I have done to cause you dismay?”


Spock exhaled slowly. “There is something, Jim. I feel your distance when we touch.”

Jim blinked at him in surprise. “With what we just did, you think I’m distant?”

“Not there,” Spock said softly. His hand went to cover Jim’s heart. “Here.”

“Spock,” Jim whispered. “You know I love you, right?”

Spock actually trembled. “I suspected the possibility existed but it is nice to hear confirmation.”

“Can I tell you something?”


“Here’s what I would want in a perfect partner. I’d want a telepath because it’s completely amazing to be so attuned to someone. I’d want him to be fully human, because then he’d completely understand me and my emotions. I’d want him to be completely gorgeous with soulful dark eyes. I’d want him to love me with all that he is. And I’d want him to agree with me 100% of the time. There’d never be disagreements or misunderstandings or confusion. Because he knew I was always right.”

Spock did not respond immediately and Jim could see that he was processing the things Jim had said.



“Of the five things you have mentioned, as I understand them, only three of those apply to me.”

Jim covered the hand that still rested on Jim’s chest with his own. “That’s right. You’re a telepath and you’re completely gorgeous with soulful dark eyes.”

“And I love you with all that I am,” Spock whispered.

Jim had to kiss him after that, leaning in to kiss those totally kissable lips.

“But then I am not the perfect partner for you.”

“Actually, yes, you are.”

“But I am not human nor do I agree with you all the time and in fact there are many times your emotions confuse me.”

“But see, Spock, I don’t really want perfect. I actually love the fact that I confuse you and you can’t figure me out sometimes and it frustrates you. Sure there are times when I wish you gave into your human side more often, but I think your Vulcan side is pretty fucking fantastic and I adore the fuck out of it and you. I can’t imagine anything more boring than someone who always agrees with me and thinks I’m right all the time. Hell, on the surface it sounds great, but the actual execution of it would be beyond freaky. You challenge me in ways no one else does or ever could.”

Spock’s other hand now came up to wrap around Jim’s waist and pull him very close.

“You aren’t perfect, Spock, except you are perfect for me. See?”

“This is because of what I said to you during my compromise under the effects of the pollen, is it not?’

Jim nodded. “It’s what got me thinking about it.”

“Ashayam, I do not wish you to be anything other than what you are.”

“I know,” Jim assured him with a smile. “It’s just…I’ve spent a lifetime trying to be what others want me to be.”

“I am fairly certain you cannot alter yourself to become pregnant or Vulcan.”

“Any more than you can become more human,” Jim agreed. “I love you. And I’m sorry I haven’t said it before. I’ve felt it for a long time.”

Spock’s hand moved from Jim’s chest up to cup Jim’s jaw. “You are my heart. My soul. I would do anything for you. All things. I would die for you. I would kill for you. All for you. And I regret that I ever gave you reason to doubt that you are utterly perfect in my eyes.”

Jim’s eyes got misty. “There go those illogical, confusing emotions on full display.”

“Indeed,” Spock murmured. “We still have some time before we have to leave orbit of Tambian 3.”

“We sure do.” Jim pulled away but then grabbed Spock’s hand. “Come on.”

“Jim? Where are we going?”

“To the water.”

“The water? It is cold and wet.”

“Why, yes, Spock. Yes it is.” He grinned. “You could take off your boots.”

“Then my feet would get colder and wetter.”

“Indeed.” Jim arched a brow like he had seen Spock do so many times. “Come on, Babe. Live a little.”

Spock replied with a long suffering sigh, but he bent down to remove his boots and then his socks. “Very well.”

“Very well…Captain.”

Spock yanked him forward for a kiss. “Very well, Captain.”


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