As requested. this involves the characters from my Trading Places fic.

If you will recall, it inspired three pieces of fan art too

Fan Art 1

Fan Art 2

Fan Art 3

Hope you enjoy this holiday look at Tiberius, Zachary, Jim and Spock

“I’m bored.”

Zachary did not look up from the task he was attending to that afternoon.

“You are always bored, Tiberius” he replied.

Tiberius lounged naked on their bed. He rested on his back and stared at the ceiling while he threw a small rubber ball into the air to then catch it repeatedly.

Less than an hour ago, Zachary spent a great deal of time making sure Tiberius was not bored. But that time had come again, and Zachary actually had work to do assigned to him by the King of Woldron, Tiberius’ father.

“Well…amuse me.”

Zachary snorted. “I think not. Go find something to do. Preferably with clothes on.”

“You’re no fun.” His prince’s tone was petulant.

“That is not the tune you were singing a short time ago,” he said wryly.

Tiberius sat up. “How long do think the talents of your magic cock last?”

Zachary shook his head. He chose not to answer that one.

Tiberius got out of bed then, but to Zachary’s annoyance, he came to stand behind Zachary, and then, lean on his shoulders to see what he was doing.

“Do you mind?”

“Only a little.” Tiberius smirked, kissed Zachary’s neck, and then dramatically took himself off to get dressed.

“Oh, and my darling prince, do try to stay out of trouble.”

A door slammed and Zachary sighed.


Jim Kirk looked at his terminal with a frown. “Lieutenant, did you say the transmission is from Woldron?”

“Yes, Captain. It does not appear to be a distress signal,” Uhura replied. “Should I tell them you aren’t available?”

“Yes,” Spock said coolly from beside him.

Jim gave him a look. “No, Uhura. Patch it through.”

“I do not like the royal family of Woldron.” Spock sniffed.

“Didn’t you almost sleep with Tiberius?”

“I did no such thing.”


Prince Tiberius himself appeared on Jim’s screen. He was dressed all in frilly satin and his bejeweled crown was askew on his head. He held a golden goblet. Really, he looked quite ridiculous.

“To what do we owe this…uh…honor, Tibby?”    

The prince rolled his eyes. “No one calls me that.”

Jim grinned. “I know.”

Tiberius replied, “I’m bored.”


“My husband suggested I find something to do, so…”

“Well, his husband suggests you look elsewhere for entertainment. The captain is busy commanding a starship.”

Tiberius chuckled and then waved. “Hi there, Spock. Long time no see.”

Spock stared stonily at him.

“My my. He’s gotten stuffier over the years, hasn’t he?”

“Well…” Jim looked at Spock. “Why don’t you go, uh, sit over there, Spock?”

“I am fine where I am, Captain.”

Tiberius took a drink and then said, “What’s that tree with lights behind you?”

“A Christmas tree,” Jim replied. “It’s the Christmas season.”

“Christmas? Woldron doesn’t do Christmas.” Tiberius leaned forward eagerly. “Is it fun?”

“Well, sure. You sing carols and have presents and drink peppermint mochas and…”

“Hmm. I would like to try it. Perhaps we should switch again?”

“Over my dead body,” Spock snapped. “Fortunately, the Enterprise is not near enough to your location for such nonsense to take place.”

Tiberius pouted. Jim decided then and there he would never pout again. The prince looked like a spoiled child. Well, he was. Spoiled anyway.

“You used to be a little fun,” the prince said with a sigh. “Still think I’d make a great Starship captain.”

“You make a fine prince, Your Highness,” Spock said, a little more kindly. “Your planet and your husband are indeed lucky to have you.”

“You think so?”

“I do. And we are even more lucky Woldron is so far away. Goodbye, Your Highness.”

Jim laughed as Spock disconnected the transmission. “Where were we?”

“I believe you were about to kiss me under the plant fungus.”

“Mistletoe, Spock. Sheesh.” But he pulled Spock down into his lap, held the mistletoe over their heads and laid one on.


Zachary had been called away by King George, but when he returned to the chambers he shared with Tiberius, he could smell…cookies? He thought they were cookies. Some sort of spiced cookies. And then he heard music.

“Hark the Herald, Angels Sing…”

And Tiberius was singling along at the top of his lungs.

Zachary pushed open the doors.

He was greeted by Tiberius, dressed from head to toe in green and red ribbons, one even discreetly covering his cock. His face sparkled as though it was covered in glitter. In the corner of their bedroom was a giant Earth pine tree decorated with ornaments and garlands. He’d seen pictures of this sort of thing. There was a…

“Tiberius…is that a reindeer?”

Tiberius looked at the animal feeding in another corner of the room. “Yes. Otherwise known as a Caribou, I guess. It’s Christmas!!!”

“That is a live creature. How did you…?”

“Magic, of course. Merry Christmas!”

“We do not celebrate Christmas.”

“We do now.” Tiberius threw his arms around Zachary. “Come on. Unwrap me, I’m your present.”

Zachary smiled and kissed him. “You are indeed my most precious gift.”