A little mini flash for your enjoyment…

 “So, what do you think?”

Spock turns his gaze away from the display exploding over the water in the distance.

“It is a dazzling display,” Spock agrees. “Though a waste of resources.”

Jim smiles, moving closer. He puts his hand under Spock’s forearm. Spock continues to stare into his eyes. In Spock’s dark eyes, Jim swears he sees the reflection of the fireworks over the city.

“You’re missing the show,” he murmurs.”

“What I am looking at is far more beautiful than the fireworks.”

“Oh, now you’re trying to get me into bed with you.”

Spock nods which just makes Jim’s smile widen.

He turns to gaze at the explosion of blue, red, yellow, pink. It’s beautiful over the ocean. And weirdly he feels closer to Spock in that moment than he had ever felt before. He is aware Spock continues to watch him. It’s exhilarating to have the Vulcan’s riveted attention.

Jim looks at Spock again, lowering his lashes flirtatiously.

“I’m at your mercy,” he says, softly.

Spock puts a hand, just his fingers, really, on Jim’s jaw, tilting his face upward for Spock’s kiss. Jim has heard Vulcans kiss with their hands, but Spock kisses this way and each time it’s like the renewal of life.   

“Come, a bed awaits us.”

Jim spares a last glance at the fireworks display and allows himself to be led inside. It will be their first time and the anticipation nearly has him undone.

Spock glances around the room. “What is Christmas in July?”

Jim laughs,, tugs him toward the bedroom. “I’ll tell you later.”